Pop up art shops invite in the public to peruse

  • Monique Stanway and Sue McLeish of Rindge show off their tie-dye collection at the Shed Boutique, a pop-up farmstand store selling various crafts from local artists. Staff photo by Ashley Saari

  • Artist Bob Marrone of Peterborough has installed a weekend pop-up gallery at his Pine Street home to display and sell his collection of oil landscapes. Staff photo by Ashley Saari

  • Artist Bob Marrone of Peterborough has installed a weekend pop-up gallery at his Pine Street home to display and sell his collection of oil landscapes. Staff photo by Ashley Saari—

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Published: 10/13/2021 4:22:51 PM

“Art, if it’s not seen, doesn’t do anyone any good.”

Bob Marrone of Peterborough said that was his main motivation when he started to set up a weekly pop-up gallery on his front lawn, displaying his oil landscapes and stoneware sculptures.

For several weeks now, Marrone has been setting up shop on his lawn at 47 Pine St., in Peterborough. While he’s made a few sales over the past month, he said the important thing to him is that his art is seen.

“The first piece of making art is being able to see someone engage with it,” Marrone said. “That’s the satisfaction.”

Marrone’s oil paintings, of various sizes, are mostly landscapes painted from New England scenes, and particularly mountains. Some are realistic, and some more abstract or impressionist, including a series he did by using dripped and splattered paint, rather than brushstrokes.

Soosan Dunholter of Peterborough, a fellow artist who lives a few streets from Marrone on Lookout Hill, said his display has inspired her to craft her own outdoor gallery, and join Marrone either a few weekends this fall, or next summer.

“It’s a great idea,” Dunholter said. “This is an idea for another local ‘art tour’, just specific to Peterborough. I’ll definitely join him in the warmer weather.”

Dunholter said if she puts up her art this fall, it will likely be a “spur-of-the-moment” decision driven by a particularly nice day, with a yard sale sign or two directing traffic from Route 101.

“People are always looking for things to do as they drive by,” Dunholter said.

Similarly to Marrone, a new venture by Sue McLeish and Monique Stanway of Rindge, is also meant to expose people to various female artists within their community, with a mix of laser-cut objects, hand-sewn, knit or crochet materials, and a wide variety of tie-dye patterns on T-shirts, bags and scarves.

“It’s not so much about making money, as creating a space for people to come in and enjoy, and see the work,” Stanway said.

Stanway said a few years ago, she was working a third-shift job at a local manufacturer, and while she made a good living, she wasn’t happy. After a fall left her with a head injury that made reading difficult for her, she decided to leave that position and focus on her family, and her creative side, using YouTube videos to learn to use a laser cutter and starting to make jewelry.

McLeish’s mother and grandmother, Stanway and McLeish made the tie-dye products, using techniques Stanway picked up while selling tie-dye shirts as a young woman while following the Grateful Dead on tour. Using a 1950s washer and dryer, named Thelma and Louise, the two recently created a large collection of patterns to open up The Shed Boutique at McLeish’s home at 108 E. Main St., in Rindge.

Along with works from several other artists and crafters, including McLeish’s mother and grandmother, the two opened up the McLeishs’ former farm stand during a Saturday in September as a small but homey roadside stall for crafting products.

The Shed Boutique is scheduled to be open Saturdays at 108 E. Main St., in Rindge, with potential for additional scheduled days this fall. Visit The Shed Boutique Facebook Page for potential open hours. Marrone’s gallery will be on display at 47 Pine St., in Peterborough on Saturday and Sunday while the weather holds.

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