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Updated daily: A quick flip. Finally someone cracked the code on digital jigsaw puzzles.

If the #OddlySatisfying TikTok trend became a puzzle, it would be Flipart. In our new game, you rotate colorful, differently shaped tiles until they all fit perfectly within the space with no overlaps. Like sliding your carry-on in the last open spot in the overhead bin or fitting all the plates perfectly in the dishwasher, Flipart activates the same part of your brain when every tile clicks into place. Very satisfying.

To play today's crossword puzzle and all other games, earn streaks, and to save your progress, sign up on our page at Puzzmo.

How to play Flipart:

Rotate the pieces to fit them within the frame. No overlaps allowed! To rotate pieces, tap their pivots (the 4 dots). Tapping on a non-pivot tile will show you what pivots affect it. Use two fingers to pinch and zoom on larger puzzles.


At the end of the puzzle each piece is scored based on when it was last rotated. As time elapses pieces are worth less and less. As always, there are many ways to play Flipart! If speed isn't your thing, consider trying to solve the puzzle with the fewest rotations.

Keyboard controls

You can use the arrow keys to navigate and spacebar or return to rotate.

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