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Peterborough dental practice nearing completion of expansion

  • Dental assistant Samantha Blood sterilizes dental instruments in the recent addition to the Raynor Dental Peterborough office. Staff photo by Tim Goodwin—

  • Raynor dental assistant Renee Stone gets instruments ready in one of the Peterborough office’s new operatory rooms. Staff photo by Tim Goodwin—

  • Raynor Dental in Peterborough is approaching completion of the expansion of its office that will double the size of the former Nieskens & Yoe practice and include 15 operatory rooms. Staff photo by Tim Goodwin—

  • Raynor Dental in Peterborough is approaching completion of the expansion of its office that will double the size of the former Nieskens & Yoe practice and include 15 operatory rooms. Staff photo by Tim Goodwin—

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Published: 10/28/2019 11:32:09 AM

Since Raynor Dental bought the dental practice of Nieskens & Yoe Family Dentistry in Peterborough last August, the changes have been noticeable.

Last fall, Raynor Dental, which also has a practice in Keene and an office at Monadnock Community Hospital, began the process of doubling the size of the Route 202 building almost immediately. Before the longtime Peterborough dentists moved their practice there in 1995, it was a bank. Since it wasn’t built for a dentist office, it had its limitations but with the construction nearing completion any issues with the layout will be alleviated. The project began in February and has been done in two phases.

The first phase was the new construction and was completed during the summer. The old space has been undergoing its facelift for the last few months, allowing the practice to use the new portion of the building and will be done soon. Raynor Dental plans to hold an open house Nov. 14 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. for the community to see the results of the project.

The original facility that Jack Nieskens and Bill Yoe renovated when they purchased the building was a 2,500 square foot facility that housed six operatory rooms. For more than two decades, the practice thrived in the space and about 10 years ago the longtime partners even considered an expansion project, said Yoe, who still practices at the office. When Stephanie and Jay Raynor entered an agreement to take over the practice last August, it became apparent that adding on to the building was a necessity to better serve their more than 4,000 patients and would allow them to absorb the three operatory office at the hospital.

“We are really growing quite quickly,” Jay Raynor said. “And they had such a vibrant practice.”

The end result of the project will transform the building into a 5,000 square foot facility that will feature 15 operatory rooms as well as expanded space to serve their patients in the best way possible. The addition of six patient rooms will allow the practice to enhance its ability to see emergency patients the same day.

“Having the extra space really helps,” Raynor said. “The problem we ran into is when we had a sick patient and couldn’t see them because of the space.”

In addition to the expanded number of rooms, the check-in/check-out area has been enlarged and will have a better flow to it, there will be two consult rooms so patients can discuss options in a private space and with the ever-changing technology surrounding dentistry, the staff will have all the latest equipment – and the adequate space in which to work in.

“There’s a lot of special equipment that goes into this,” Raynor said. “And we didn’t have the space here for all of it.”

For Raynor, it’s all about being able to care for his patients in the best way possible. Taking on a project of this magnitude is a big undertaking, but one he and his wife felt was best for not only the future of the practice, but the people who come to them for all their dental needs and concerns.

“There is definitely a need in the area for dental care,” Raynor said.

Raynor Dental sees patients from their first checkup as a small child all the way through adulthood.

Jacqueline Velez joined the practice in June and has seen how the new space makes a big difference.

“By having a bigger space, we can see the patients more efficiently and quicker,” Velez said. “We’re able to better meet their needs.”

Raynor went to Nieskens & Yoe throughout his youth and worked at the practice for a year before going to dental school. Growing up in Harrisville, he has seen firsthand how important a local dental practice is to a community and wants to continue to provide that personal experience to not only the patients transitioning from the hospital practice, but the ones who stayed on from Nieskens & Yoe and all new clients who trust them for their dental care.

“This practice and the Keene practice, those patients are my friends and family,” Raynor said. “And my heart has always been with Dr. Nieskens and Dr. Yoe. They really gave a lot to this community.”

Since joining the practice at Monadnock Community Hospital, which was under the direction of Peter Cerroni until his retirement in March after 30 years, there has been a steady growth. Now being able to move those patients to the Route 202 facility allows them to house everything under one roof.

“Within six months, we realized we were too busy,” Raynor said of the hospital office.

For the last eight months, Raynor said his patients and staff have navigated the construction process as best as possible. It hasn’t always been easy, but the end result was worth the sounds that come with a project like this.

“It’s got a lot of new things that make it up to date,” Yoe said.

Yoe said it would have been nice to add Raynor to the practice right out of dental school, having worked with him before.

“We didn’t have room to stick him in,” Yoe said.

This month, Raynor Dental will also offer its third annual Free Dental Day on Nov. 22 in Peterborough. According to Raynor Dental, Free Dental Day is for individuals and families without insurance, who currently have difficulty affording regular dental care. Services, including cleanings, fillings, x-rays, and extractions, will be provided at no cost to the patient. Treatment will be limited to a single exam and procedure per person. All free dental care will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. Participants do not have to be current patients of Raynor Dental. Valid identification or other ID will be required. No prior registration available or necessary.

For more information about participating in the open house, the renovated Peterborough office or Free Dental Day, call Raynor Dental at (603) 924-3350 or email

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