Letter: It’s a matter of choice

Published: 04-16-2024 9:24 AM

Some years ago, back in the late seventies, my daughter, a high school graduate, moved out of our home to be “on my own.” We honored her decision. Then one day she called. She was pregnant.

Honestly, and sadly, I wasn’t surprised. What little I knew, I had a feeling she was making some poor choices. I was pretty sure she was sexually active. I had encouraged her to go to Planned Parenthood but wasn’t sure if she had. She seemed to understand that neither she or her boyfriend was financially or emotionally able to do “the parenthood thing.” That was something we agreed upon. After some pretty good conversation, we decided that abortion was the safest and best choice for terminating the pregnancy.

She made the appointment. We drove together to the clinic. We were not confronted in any way She received the care she needed by competent, empathetic professionals. We were and remain eternally grateful.

The tragic Dobbs decision from the Supreme Court has resulted in conversations about our experience – so humane in contrast to what is happening and could happen in our state. 

You and I cannot buy influence, but we can vote, we can read, we can question candidates. A woman’s right to determine her reproductive life, along with other choices she will make must be between her and those she trusts – not legislators, not jurists.

Kathleen Rooney


The writer is a former Jaffrey resident.

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