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The following stories were submitted as part of the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript’s Scary Stories Contest.

Mystery Woman

By: Ella Boyd

Grade 5 JGS

Jackie was all alone after her mom,dad, and little brother George went trick or treating. Jackie thought she was too old to go trick or treating. After she made her dinner and ate it she decided to do her homework, her wretched teacher had given her. Then when Jackie thought about how she was all alone, Jackie got out some cookies to eat while she watched her favorite TV show. Jackie was finally feeling comfortable when suddenly the power went out. Jackie found her way to the candles and lit one with a match. Jackie put the candle on the table and lit another one. The candles were burning and she could see much better. So Jackie lit some more candles and put them all over the house. Jackie was in her room and she was starting to light the last candle, she swiped the match on the match box and no flame came. Then she tried again and just as the flame lit up… the most terrifying thing came to sight. there was woman standing in front of her with a face that anyone would call gross. She had three teeth and only three teeth, a full head of greasy gray hair, white eyes (which is not normal), two moles, a nose that looks like someone pushed it in and then the nose never came back out,her left eyebrow was half shaved off, and her top lip was big and her bottom lip was small. Jackie was thinking, how did she get into my house, who is she and… then she dropped the match and the carpet was on fire. Jackie had fainted and the old woman had disappeared. The walls were collapsing and the ceilings were crashing down on top of everything. Jackie’s mind was blank and she was dying. All the neighbors were coming out of there houses and one called 911!!! It was a disaster. At the end Jackie had died and her family bought a new property close by. The old woman was never to be seen again. But that was the end of Jackie.

The Deadly Fire

By Chance Derosier

Jaffrey Grade School

Grade 4, age 9

On a dark and stormy night I was walking down Uncle    Johns Way, the street to my house. It was 12:01 am on    Friday the 13th 2004. My name is Dustin I wear basketball    shorts and a black T shirt. I was a few houses away from    my house when the wind started to blow. I tried to call my    mom but my phone blew away. It was a code 5 windstorm.

   I tried to get my phone back but the next thing I knew    I was in the air about to float into an abandoned house.

   There were 10 robbers in there. They were wearing black    suits. They all had 5 guns each. Then the wind blew the    house down. The wind picked up a fire and I got trapped in    it. I was so drowsy I fell asleep. When I woke up the fire    had spread and the whole town was on fire. I could not get    out of the free space but there was nowhere to get out. I    tried to jump but I landed in the fire. I stopped dropped and    rolled. I was fine. I fell asleep again and when I woke up I    was on flames. Dustin ended up getting covered in flames,    burnt and he died. His mom was so sad she died 8 years    later. 2 friends of Dustin may still be living…...

Dead silent

By Griffin C Hendrickson

Grade 5 JGS

One night a boy about 11 was in his room reading a book and heard a noise in his mom and dad’s room. So he slowly creeped out of bed and went into the room and saw his mom’s window open and his mom was gone but… his dad was laying there like nothing had happened like something was inside of him. The next day he called to his mom from in the kitchen but no answer from his mom or dad.So he went up stairs but his dad wasn’t up there. Then he heard a noise in the closet, so he went up to it. But then he backed away and slowly went forward. Finally, he opened the closet.

On the floor was a single sheet of paper that said, dead silent. He did not know why it said dead silent. The next night he knew why the paper said dead silent because it was dead silent, there was no sound anywhere, all night and the next morning. The next night was so silent there wasn’t even a car on the road. Then something took him.

The Scary Night

By Christina Roeun

It was an ordinary day when two young girls were walking home from school with a girl named Michelle. So there were actually three girls all together and their names were Michelle which has brown hair, brown eyes, she is a tomboy, and a girly girl, she loves Dunkin Donuts, and Starbucks. She is 18 years old. Then comes Pixy, she is a preschooler she has O’mbre hair, colorful eyes, she is a tomboy and a girly girl, and she loves going on trips. She is 4 years old. Last but not least, ME I have brown hair, brown eyes, I am a tomboy and a girly girl. I love cool and refreshing drinks. I am 9 years old.

When we were walking we heard something. Then I turned around and nothing was there. In about 1 minute Pixy felt a few taps on her shoulder. She stopped then turned. “What is that? Guys I think we are being followed.” Then we all ran into Pixy’s house and got bats and our badminton kit and got a big bucket filled with the birdies that we got for free in downtown. We whacked the mysterious thing with a bat but then it got up and we all ran into the woods to get away from the invincible thing. Then seven killer clowns had a creepy mask a puffy red and their clown suit. Then we ran out of the woods and ran into the white eyed creature thingy. Then two people takeoff their costumes and a boy and a girl appear and the boy says, ” Hi! I’m Mylo and this is my sister Trinity. We are going to wear these costumes for Halloween and we just wanted to test them and see if they would scare anyone and you guys were the closest people to us. When you hit us with a bat, you hit Trinity, and I was the one who got up to pretend we rehealed. But we heard you guys screaming and you guys ran out of the woods. Is there a problem?” We said, ” Um yeah. There are seven killer clown with masks, red hair and clown suits.” Then we all went into get more weapons in Pixy’s house and we all together fought them but right before I hit one killer clown they all took off their masks and together they said, “HI!” Then they all became good friends and they lived pranking, creepy, and scary forever!

The Pumpkin-Eater

By. Lola Hayes

Grade 5 JGS

I don’t think they would EVER go back to that farm. One day there was a pumpkin. This wasn’t just any ordinary pumpkin, This pumpkin could talk and move and do human-like things. This pumpkin was also a SCARY pumpkin. It also had a name. Its name was Pumpkin-eater. People from all over the world want to see this pumpkin. WHY? Well I have no idea because Pumpkin-eater is a little dangerous, or should I say AN EATER!!!! (obviously) Well before we get into that I should probably tell you the story first.

The Pumpkin-Eater

(true story)

One day long, l o n g, l o n g ago the Star family went to get some pumpkins to carve. Of course it was around Halloween. When they got to Devil Farm, there was a pumpkin for sale that was HUGE!! The pumpkin was only $12.00!! The Star family was like “We’re getting this huge pumpkin!” So they bought it. It was so big they couldn’t even fit it IN their car! Oh well guess what? I forgot to tell you there was a sign that said: BUY IF YOU DARE!!! But the Star family thought it was just some trick for Halloween, but they didn’t know the TRUTH! They noticed on the way home that the pumpkin moved a little bit every few minutes, AND they also noticed that the pumpkin made weird noises every few minutes. When the Star family got home they were going to carve the HUGE pumpkin. But when the dad poked the knife into the pumpkin, it grew LARGE teeth and bit the dads arm off!! The dad screamed and ran away. On the other hand, the pumpkin was laughing HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! By now the dad was somewhere while the mom was “trying” to pick up the pumpkin. (why would she do that?) And guess what? The pumpkin THIS time bit her head OFF! Then the pumpkin scarfed down the rest of her. NEXT UP KIDS!!!!!! The pumpkin ran over to them like they were juicy little hotdogs and ate them in one gulp!!!!!!!!! “YUMMY!!” said the pumpkin-eater. Then he ate EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD!!!!!

; THE END! ;

So do you understand? Well anyways good luck because…


The reaper

By Jared Dugan

It was a day like any other young cedric was having his afternoon snack. His father on a business trip. He was with his mother helping packing a lunch for him and his mother for a picnic. They were ready to go out but there was a change of events. It was was now stormy and foggy. Instead they sat and watched a movie. They both liked scary movies and the time was perfect. After a while they fell asleep. Cedric was having a dream there he was in the middle of the woods standing there motionless. He was looking there at the forest his eyes focused on one thing. There it was the ruler of death the reaper. His huge scythe towering a thousand stories his his ragged hood his shadow was darker than night itself watching him quietly. He walked backed into the forest. Cedric Screamed so loud his neighbors heard him. He was traumatized couldn’t move just laid there screaming. Night after night he would have this dream but one night he wasn’t in front of him but beside him. They starred feeling like years gone by. the reaper grasped him and brought him somewhere It was cedric’s grandma but the thing is she’s dead. she was sitting watching tv then bam his ears screeched it felt like a darkness filled inside him. His eyes couldn’t move he tried looking away but couldn’t his grandma laying on the ground her arm twitch gasping for last breath of air. He woke up feeling like hed been in that horror movie. he thought was it all a dream or was the Reaper trying to tell him something. Day after day going to different members but one day it was his dad at a meeting going over the payments of his company. His dad kept looking in his direction cedric screaming run to his dad and then he left as soon as he left the room he bursted out the building and booked a flight back to his house. He then awoke he wasn’t there or sleeping but in his kitchen helping his mom making lunch for a picnic. Fin

Scarecrow Horror


Evan Kellogg

Now, what if a scarecrow could come to life? Well, we’ll have to see with our friend Henry, a thirteen year old, skinny, brown haired, friend, sneak out.

Henry set his alarm clock to 4:28 A.M., a time when he’s going to sneak to farm about a mile away. He’s going to cause a lot of trouble!

Henry hops into bed, and falls asleep. The next morning his alarm goes off, and Henry swiftly gets his clothes on. He goes out the door, opens the garage, gets his bike, and rides off to the farm! Henry gets to the farm, and jumps the fence. He walks over to the barn, hoping to let some animals out to cause some trouble. He sees corn on the other side of the barn, with a scarecrow to right of the corn. He goes over to the corn. He stares at the rather scary scarecrow, then goes over to corn. He looks back towards the scarecrow, it was gone!

Henry panics, he looks behind him seeing a large figure, quickly identifying it as the scarecrow, and he runs to the barn. He turns a corner seeing the scarecrow. He falls down out of shock, as the scarecrow walks over to him. Henry quickly gets up and runs away. But that doesn’t stop the scarecrow from catching up to him! Over, and over again, and knocking Henry down, but he kept on running.

Henry ran, ran, ran hoping he’d lost the scarecrow for good, and then he turned a corner, and BAM! There the scarecrow was, towering over him, like a giant. The scarecrow leaned down readying its fists. But then all of a sudden Henry heard a rooster from the top of the barn! It was 5:15! That’s when all the crows come to take the corn! The scarecrow rushed back to its post, just before the crows came!

Henry lived, he was scared, he. survived.

Henry ran helping the farmer, and his wife didn’t see him. He jumped the fence, grabbed his bike, and headed home. Then he went to sleep hoping it was all a dream.


Stuck in the mirror

By Emily Battisti

Grade 5 JGS​​​​​​

Once there were two little girls named Bry and Lilly they were really close friends the go to school together and everything but they can’t do everything together. One day bry and lilly had one successful game of softball and they are soon going to be in the playoffs there teem is the top team out of all the teams. One day they decided they wanted to have a sleepover together at Bry[s house. They were going to have so much fun together in the attack and they were even going to sleep up there to it was like there own play house up there. When they got to Bry[s house for the sleep over they decided to play ding dong ditch. It was super fun especially when they decided to do it on Bry[s older brother. When they headed back up to the attack they found something in the back corner they found a mirror that was talking to them it said touch the green crystal.They did not know what it meant but they leaned out to touch the crystal but Bry[s mom said to come down to dinner then you need to go to bed so they did what they were told to do and then they touched the green crystal and they got stuck in a mirror they wanted to get out but all kinds of monsters were chasing them for one whole year Bry[s mom was very scared she did not now what to do so she called the police so they investigated and they noticed that they were stuck in a magical mirror and the police officer grabbed them out and they grabbed the mirror and smashed it to pieces and nobody saw it again.

The end

The Night

By Chloe Gallagher

Jaffrey Grade School

Grade 4, age 10

There was a girl named Rulaya. She has

beautiful gray eyes and luscious black hair. She

left her family back in Illinois to go to L.A. to

pursue her dreams of being an actress. But she

never became an actress. She is 19 and she has

a dog named Scrunchie and she is a Great

Pyrenees. She and scrunchie were taking a walk

on Turkway Trail. Rulaya loved that trail, no one

knew why.

It was 10:00 at night, about halfway through,

she heard a really eerie noise. She thought it

was a wolf howling or deer walking. She wasn't

scared because she was used to it. At 10:28 she

got a call from a 326 number. She thought it was

her BFF Zoeanna because she thought she

changed her number. she answered but heard

nothing but breathing. she thought it was a

Zoeanna playing a prank so she yelled “Quit it!”

They hung up.

Rulaya got scared so she ran home. When

she got home she locked all the doors and

windows. Scrunchie Started barking at the glass

door. There was a man coming towards her! She

went straight to bed. The next night the same

thing happened, the walk, the noise, the call,


It happened the next night and the next

night and the next night until Halloween. She

thought she was safe because she had a mask

on for Halloween. She dressed Scrunchie up as

Scooby-Doo. Everyone was trick or treating. she

went down a street called Elias Street. It was

like a ghost town, no lights, no people, nothing.

She came across this really scary house that

had broken windows and a torn up roof. She went

in because she thought it was a haunted house.

she brought Scrunchie with her. The door

slammed shut. There was a long hallway. Out of

nowhere the man from the night start coming…


The Undead Horror

A Walking Dead Story by Skyler


One day in the Seattle Scientific lab

Jacob Hathee and Caleb delenero had

Orletta Talone as their test subject. Caleb

is 28 years old. They were testing a potion

that was supposed to cure cellular cancer

which Orletta had.

As they gave it to him, he fell on the

ground. Jacob went over and Orletta bit

him on the arm. He started screaming.

Caleb pressed the security alarm. Security

started to open the door but then Jacob got

up and started biting security. Caleb ran

and ran to no end. But finally Caleb made it

outside. He got in his car and drove to his

friend’s house. His friend’s house is 20

miles away from the lab and it is 2:40 pm.

“Darryl!” “Open up!” “Please you have to

help me!” Caleb screamed, “What do you

want?” Darryl asked. “Come on let me

I…”Then a loud groan reached all of San

Francisco. “Walkers” “What's a walker?”

Darryl asked. 5 minutes later. (Darryl lives

in San Francisco). “So that’s what a walker

is” Caleb said. “Oh so there zomb…” “No!

Only they get to say the Z word!” Caleb

yelled lightly.

(5 years later there are now to known groups of

people) one of the groups is in Seattle and the other

one is in San Francisco. Caleb and Darryl are

messengers and there's Caleb's friend Jackson,

Jacob’s son.

One day on the way there hundreds of walkers

surrounded them and one of them looked like Jacob!

Then Darryl ran to no end. Then the walker that

looked like Jacob killed Jackson and Caleb! Then

Darryl found a motorcycle and the keys and gas

were still in it. Then he went to go looking for the

government in Washington, D.C

The end or is it?

Dun! Dun! Dun!


Imaginary Typer

Chapter 1 the talk

Hi my name is lucy and I have two brothers. One of them is named Charlie, he’s the oldest and doesn’t like to hang out much.The other one is named Shane, he is the youngest and I am in the middle. ”Hey Shane what’s up” i said, “the sky” Shane said” “you’re funny” I said. “So what’s up with this lola girl do you like here.” “WHAT NO are you insane.” Maybe? But you can’t hold it in anymore shain. That’s when Charlie walked in. “What’s going out here.” chaley said. We didn’t answer him.”If you can behave you can come to my friends party that he’s having.”we were quiet for a second. Then Shane made a joke and said “ya shire get the chips and dip.” We both laughed.

Chapter 2 getting ready

Me, charley, and shain were getting for the party, when suddenly I heard a voice in the bedroom say come. I thought it was to me but my brother was in the room with me. I don’t think he heard it what I heard. I went to the voice.When I got closer to it, it got louder and louder. When I was at the door it stopped. I went in the room and the light was off so I turned it on and the picture of me and my brothers was turned upside down. I asked my brothers if they did that to scar me, but they said no. we all got scared.

Chapter 3 the ghost

We saw something in the bed, it was glowing.charley said to run out of the house so we did.We got in the car and drove away. We were never going back in that house again. We stopped at the junkyard for the night.That morning we were searching for a new house we found one it was wonderful. The end. To be continued...

sincerely ,kimmy


Zombies Rise

By Jared Dugan

Grade 5 JGS

The day before it all happened feels like it’s was yesterday. Enough of talk let’s get right into the story. Day 1 I was sleeping my dad watching Tv I remember vividly my dad waking me up there were sirens louder then his voice he ushered me out of bed. My pajamas still on i ran out of bed confused half asleep but also aware. We ran to the tv the news guy was kind of shaking you knew it was serious by the sound of his voice stuttering a little. He said That there was an outbreak at the nuclear plant. A Human has mutated into a flesh eating beast infecting anyone it bites. I was frightened mostly because the disease can spread through bite. The military was aware but was already getting overrun at the capital. They assured everyone to stay in their homes and keep calm and stick to their daily routine. They sent the coordinates of the drop zone for where they pick up people. We followed their rules until are neighbors screamed for help my dad thought fast he got his rifle gave me a baseball bat and he kept me safe behind him. My dad finally realized the whole neighborhood was infested with the mutated people. We got the car my dad hit 7 of them getting more attention from the zombies. We headed to the fallout shelter which is the high school we were greeted by more than 200 people that were mutated my dad got out tried getting in but failed getting bitten he raised as a pale figure out of a horror movie blood everywhere. I ran and ran until I reached a small store i hid. I started searching for supplies. When i realized this place was a gun store I searched for guns I actually used one a desert eagle. The other one was for supplies like I’ll trade them for a blanket perhaps. When i was finished I stumbled upon a safe I thought it would be money but that’s useless now. I found a key while I was searching in an office so i tried it out perfect fit I found money 200 bucks and also a bag it had a huge barrel sticking out. I almost yelled but i held it in it was a barret 50 cal. I thought i could get at least A place to hide and keep safe. I stayed there the night planning on what I could do or the route I would take to get to a safe place or the dropzone. I figured it would be wise to get my uncle Ben he prepared his life for apocalypse. I took the back door and found a car it had a key so why not. I got in turned the key then hit the gas. I bolted right out of there. I remember going to my uncle’s a thousand times so it would be an easy ride getting there. I drove for hours until i reached Lake road. It was house 32

I got there he was yelling on top of his roof can’t touch this while the song X gonna give to you was playing I laughed so loud it got the walker’s attention. He noticed me and jumped into my car he was pretty calm actually smiling it kind of creeped me out because the situation we’re in. We bunkered down at a small laundry matt. Day 2 Today was the day the drop zone. It was only a mile away we took the shorter route because it was less time consuming when we reached the dropzone it was exploded with thousands of zombies. They surrounding us we were trapped. I guess this is the end of my tale but not without a fight I came out guns blazing shooting everything in my sight non stop. I ran out of bullets. Instead of giving up I used my fist punching anything until one bit me. I soon realized what was gonna happen they stopped biting. I woke to realize my Dad was waking me up out of bed to the TV.

The end


The tale of the Halloween trickster

by:Alexander Humphrey

On a dark and stormy halloween night three friends were walking past a foreboding house. Crack! a stick snapped right behind them, but when they looked behind all they saw was a statue next to a broken stick. The statue was in the graveyard, it seemed to be crying. then the wind rolled by and the statue looked up with a hungry expression on its stone face. it said, “come here, I dont bite... he he he.” then a man with a hat stepped out of the statue’s back with its long arms and narle clawed hands and its legs were as tall as a horse and they looked to be jackal legs with a snake for a tale. The kids ran to the house, but they got blocked by a big metal fence. they thought that they were goners but then they remembered that they brought the adventure pack, which they brought in case anything out of the ordinary happened. They looked inside and grabbed the climbing rope and a grapple (because that is not a weird thing to have.) and tied the grapple to the rope and hooked the metal fence and climbed over. they had not seen the sign that said ” beware the haunted mister bill’s barn” . They did not realize it but they had forgot that they were being chased and stopped to take a breath. The caretaker saw them and ushered them inside because the thing that was chasing them was catching up to them. so they ran as fast as they could possibly go and almost made it when snap, they fell threw the trap door in the floor and onto a stone floor with five corridors in front of them.

Chapter 2

The catacombs

The five kids have been in the stone chamber for ten minutes and they have decided to move to the first corridor. after a long walk they came across a wooden door and what lies behind it was a metal box with a hole on it. After they creeped to the box it groned and snapped at them and then they were never heard from again. We never seen the man in the hat ever again.

A Night to remember

By Neve Mormando

Grade 5 JGS

Wow! Halloween! Who could miss it? Almost everyone likes getting candy, getting jumped scared, and pranked. This story is about one girl who had to miss Halloween. You’re probably thinking, what a bummer! Yeah sure is, she still has a lot of adventures though. Wait till you hear what she gets into! I’ll give you a slight hint, MONSTER MOM! Anyway you might want to hear the story right this second, so here it is! Enjoy!

It was Halloween night. The air was cold and damp. Halloween is a scary night that will surely make everyone’s heart racing with excitement.

A girl named Sophie absolutely loved Halloween night. She did not only love the candy, but adored getting scared and scaring others! Sophie wanted it to be a night to remember. With a smile Sophie ran down her stairs with her heart pumping with excitement. Her mother noticed that she was stomping downstairs, so she followed after to tell her some news. “Sophie before you go running out of the door can you sit down for a moment, I need to tell you something…” the mother said with a frown. Sophie stared at her and noticed it was probably bad news. Her face usually didn’t frown if it was good news . So Sophie sat down a little confused and listened to see what she had to say. “Now, it’s not good news and I know, I know you love Halloween and it’s your favorite holiday, but you can’t go Trick-Or-Treating tonight… I’m sorry!!!” Dramatic Mom! JEEZ! The mother said hiding her eyes with her hands. “MOM! No! This is not fair at all. This happens once every year and I want to have fun tonight! Mom tell me why I can’t go…” Sophie said in a very disappointed voice. “Sophie listen I am very sorry, me and Catherine’s mom are going to a party.” Sophie thought how to make this night fun because her dad can’t let her go Trick-Or-Treating he is at work. Then Sophie suddenly thought of a great idea. “Hey mom? May I have Catherine over because she is just sitting home alone and bored too!” Catherine was her best friend. “Uh well I don’t see why not… alright give her a call, I’m leaving in a couple minutes so make it fast!” Mom said fixing up her hair. Well Sophie’s plan worked, and she ran off to call her friend. She exclaimed everything and of course Catherine came a few moments later.

The Mom kissed and hugged Sophie goodbye. “I’m not going to be home till like 5a.m, so don’t stay up late or use the oven or anything, also… Over protected Mom! “Ok OK mom I get it” Sophie said laughing. “Bye!” “YES!” screamed Catherine giving Sophie a big hug. “What do you want to do?” questioned Sophie. “Lets watch erie movies and eat candy ALL night long!” Catherine was very energetic.

Sophie smiled and nodded fast.

When the two girls were getting everything set up the lights suddenly flickered and in a flash the power was out! “No! Come on the power is out!!!”

“Our night is ruined Catherine we should just go to bed Im sorry.” So just like that the two girls got into their sleeping bags and fell asleep fast. OK hold up, having the power out doesn’t ruin their nights! What are they thinking?

Two Hours Later…

BANG. A loud noise awakened the girls. They jumped in fear and were immediately awake. “What is down there…” “Sophie I’m scared!” said Catherine shaking in fear. Calm down Catherine it was probley just a tree banging against the window! Sophie didn’t reply and just shrugged her shoulders. They were scared, home all alone, and confused. “I need to see what that noise was to make sure we are safe! You are my bestfriend and I want to make sure it was just some teens pranking us or something, you know how they are…” Sophie was kind of stalling you would agree. “No! Please don’t Sophie!!! Just stay up here and we will be fine!” Sophie knew Catherine was giving her a heads up because there may be something down there that could hurt her. Sophie grabbed Catherine’s shoulders and laughed a little fake laugh and said “It’s going to be ok!”

Creeping down the creaky stairs scared, but confident, sweaty hands slipping down the railing…. AHHHHHH!!!! There was a tree banging against the window making big cracks. Uh HUH! I was right it really was just a tree! Catherine worryingly was now sprinting down the stairs to come across a tree branch that has broken the window. “Catherine!!! It was just a window!” Sophie said laughing in relief.

“But my MOM IS GOING TO LITERALLY KILL ME BECAUSE THERE IS A MESS OF GLASS EVERYWHERE FROM THIS SHATTERS WINDOW! Ugh stupid branch!” Sophie said pointing at shattered glass spread all over the floor. Catherine looked at Sophie. “Hm would you rather get cut by glass, die from a wild animal getting in the house from the shattered window, some stranger getting in, or your mom LITERALLY killing you?” They looked at each other. Sophie really messed up tonight and felt bad for herself. ” Let’s go!” said Sophie. “Where?” “Trick-Or-Treating!”

“WHAT now?! No way am I going to get in more trouble Sophie! You know our Moms will freak, our Dads will too! Please think of how mad our Moms will be? So you now know I’m not going anywhere!” “Stop your mouth from running for ONE moment!” said Sophie throwing her hands up in the air. Catherine just rolled her eyes and headed to the candy bowl. “AW COME ONNNN!” “What now Catherine?” “Guess what Sophie, there is NO candy left!” You got to have candy! Sophie picked up the empty candy bowl “Your right for once there is no candy!” The both girls really wanted to go trick or treating, but they knew their moms would freak and they would get into more trouble! Wait! But how could their Moms and Dads find out if they are gone all night? Sophie suddenly had a bright idea. “Hey Catherine? Don’t you know your mom and my mom our out at a party till 3a.m?” said Sophie rubbing her hands together like some mad scientist. “yeah… so?” “So we can just go Trick-Or-Treating without them finding out!” “Hm well, that is a good idea. Well they will surely find out we went Trick-Or-Treating by ourselves if she sees piles of candy! Nice thinking genius!” “Well we could just eat all of the candy before they get home.” “What! Sophie! We will get sick and we can’t miss that test tomorrow at school…” *groaning*

“Ok miss responsible we can just hide the candy then ok?” Sophie said plopping herself on the couch. “Come on Catherine it will work. I know it! Don’t worry you won’t be the one getting in trouble if they find out somehow.” “Ok! Ok! Fine. I’m only going because

I just can’t live without candy.”

So without costume they headed out the door making sure to lock it tight, which is really no point because there is a shattered window right next to the door.

”YAY! My plan worked” Sophie said skipping around.”Yay! said Catherine following after. Each house had a candy bowl left out, and there was a sign next to it that said (TAKE ONE THANK YOU =D)The girls just looked at each other and shrugged taking the bowl dumping all the candy into their bags. “We should head back.” The girls then head back and notice they made a huge mistake… Can you guess what their mistake was? Keep reading to find out.

Sophie pushed and pulled but the door just wouldn’t budge! Just climb through the window! Wow i just want to jump in and scream at them to tell them what to do! “Uh Ehhh Catherine remember when I locked the door?” Catherine nodded. ”Wellll…..” “Spit it out already!” “Ok! Ok! I think I locked ourselves out…” Sophie said looking at the door feeling stupid. “...!!!!SOPHIE!? Nooo! Ok well we are now locked outside in the cold, damp air all alone for the REST of the night! When your Mom comes back you HAVE to confess everything you did!” Sophie’s head lead to the ground feeling so, so annoyed and just disappointed in herself , like she just wanted to go back in time and fix everything. The two girls looked at the house and it looked pretty cringey, it was just messed up, with the window smashed and candy everywhere you could imagine! “Wait so we have to wait out here the hole night?” “Hm let me think Sophie…. if the door is locked and the window is shattered glass, so that makes it too risky to climb through that way THEN YES OBVIOUSLY SOPHIE!” Catherine proudly exclaimed pointing at the door. So they just sat on the cold, wet grass and their eyes started to get heavy and sooner or later they fell asleep.

*angry aggressive yelling* “Huh? What?” Sophie said covering her eyes from the sun. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE????” Said the Mom/monster screaming. Sophie looked up squinting her eyes and saw Catherine and her Mom getting in the car yelling at each other. Sophie didn’t want to talk, or get in trouble, so her response came out like this… ”Uhhh hey Mom good morning… Um whatever you’re r talking about, which I have no clue what you’re r talking about, it wasn’t me!” Sophie said getting up stepping back from the Mom monster. “Then who did it huh? Catherine cracked the window, went Trick-Or-Treating alone, made a huge mess around the hole house, and lied?” Oh so she was the one who caused this whole mess?” Mom monster is getting mad! “You know you could have gone missing going Trick-Or-Treating all alone! Look at our house just look at the mess!!!” Mom monster said still screaming. Sophie looked and saw broken glass everywhere, candy scattered all over the yard, oh you name it! “You also lied to me!” Mom monster added ferociously. “Ok! I add it Catherine was trying to stop me from miss behaving! I’m so sorry monster mom… I mean a Mom. I mean it I really am!” ” hm well you should know that Catherine’s Mom doesn’t even want you over! Now that’s just embarrassing for you and me!” Sophie looked at the ground with guilt. “Your grounded too missy! For a longggg time!” Without complaining, or arguing Sophie ran to her bed and she knew it would be a night to remember!



THe Pumpkin

Carter Hillock

Grade 5 JGS

Once there was a kid named Jeffy and Jeff. they are best friends. they met in 1st grade and now they’re in FiFTH grade. now they can’t wait after school because there going pumpkin picking after school.Then Jeffy and Jeff went pumpkin picking so when they got there they saw a funny looking pumpkin they both said that they were not getting that one.Then the pumpkin came alive then took Jeff and Jeffy.Jeffs and jeffy’s mom said where are the kids so they look all over for them but jeff and jeffy got kidnap by a pumpkin but jeffy had a plan jeffy said to jeff that the pumpkin was its head so jeffy said that he will slipe his arm out and hit the pumpkin head off so jeffy did and jeff jeffy ran to their moms and said that they got kidnap by a pumpkin but jeffs mom and jeffys mom said dont do that again.

Scary story

Olivia Bernier

Once there was a middle school girl her father got home very late some nights. She does not why he came home so late. One night her little brother came into her room because he heard someone scream. He came into her room crying she was very confused at first. She asked him why he came into her room and not dad’s room he said dad is not home. She let him sleep in her room. A door opened then closed, he got scared but then he realized it was dad. He ran over to him and dad took him away. The next morning when he went to school everything was so fun for him until he got off the bus. Once he got off the bus he took a secret path up to his house. half way up the path he found his sister’s backpack then drag marks. He followed the the marks then he found his sister dead with blood gushing out of her chest. He tried running up the hill but it was too late for him. he saw a figure suddenly it came running at him at full speed. Then he saw its face it was his dad. Then the past few night flashed through his eyes. The reason why he got home so late was because he is the killer….the screams he was hearing, were people that didn’t do anything wrong. Then he woke up screaming then he realized it was all a nightmare.

The Gang war By Julian wilson

There was a Gang in crestview heights and they were the strongest gang in the Gang wars (If you what to know what Gang Wars are it is a competition to see what Gang is the strongest Gang). But they were the strongest gang until a gang from somewhere in Arizona transferred from there gang wars because the were losing. They wanted to win so the gang transferred to the gang wars here. Also know we are losing to 2nd place and they were losing by 8,000,000 points and they were tempted to win so the gang went harder than they were going before and now they were down by 4,000 points and then they went there hardest and then the were still down by 200 points and then they did something that they call hacking. ( It is technically doing something to hurt a gang mate from another gang. After hacking the gang member a final war to see witch gang is the strongest the gang from crestview heights won the war and at the end the two teams had a certain amount of points. crestview heights: 1,000,000,000 points. Arizona fighters:9,999,999,999. At the end the Arizona Fighters went back to their taratory and they decided if they start to lose points just play it even harder and that was their new modo and for the crestview heights gang the got a guard dog because the got robbed by the Arizona fighters and so on. Now all the gang members had sons and the gang went on for generations and the gang wars were the new live for your life thing and that is pretty weird? But, life was good for all of them and (F.Y.I they are not real gangs.) And after gang wars for the crestview heights gang the went to arizona to see how hard they went and they were not hard on us at all. We won the first war we had there. For the heck of it we went our hardest and they still lost there place in the top 3, top 5, top 10, the even lost their spot in the top 15.

Fear the Dead


Connor Lajoie

Hi! My name is Darryll and I have brown hair, brown eyes, I am 37, and I work for the government. I have a friend Rick, who also works for the government, and because I am the government! He wears a tuxedo, and has brown hair, blue eyes.

I am Carlos, and I am a friend of Rick, and I have blonde hair, multi colored eyes.

One regular day in Washington D.C. Darryll was going to work in his car when he was stuck in traffic. Suddenly there was an explosion, then Darryll went to the D.C. Hospital because of the explosion, flipping the car! Then Rick came, also known as the government, and said “Are you okey? I would like to talk to you about making a team with me, and my friend Carlos. We have to go to Concord, New Hampshire to make a cure turning the infected zombies,also known as walkers, and turn them back to normal. Will you help Carlos, and I cure all the walkers?” Then Darryll said “Yes I’ll join you.”

A few hours later Darryll, Carlos, and Rick started their trip to Concord New Hampshire! After 46 miles in the car, they popped a tire because it was worn down. A dozen walkers were coming over to them, so they tried to get the tire replaced fast, and they got the tire on just in time before the walkers came. Next they got through the walkers.

Then when they got to their lab in Concord, they made the zombie cure.

Then they kidnapped a walker from outside, and injected the cure into the walker, and let it outside. Then Carlos, Rick, and I peeked out the window, hoping the cure would work. Then the walker started biting more walkers! It had worked! It was like a chain reaction! After the war was done they lived another happy life. The end

Midnights at School

By Eliza Malia 4th grader

It was an ordinary first day of school or was it? Jake and his friends walked into school together. Jake wears red , black , or white t-shirts. He also wears blue or brown jeans. He also wears red or black Nikes. His hair is blond and it’s buzzed off. Jake is fifteen years old. Jake goes to his locker and a note falls out. It said “Tonight meet me in the science room.” Jake had no idea who it was from. He went to his first class, science. Jake’s friend Bill yelled over to him. ” Hey Jake sit over here next me.” Bill wears round glasses. He also wears shirts with stripes. He wears any kind of Jeans. He wears white Skechers. His hair is brown and curly. Bill is fifteen years old. So Jake went over to Bill.

Hours passed it seemed to Jake. Science was finally over. “Ring” went the bell. ” Wait it’s already lunch?” Jake Questioned. Duh have you been in science all this time?” Bill asked. “Oh my goodness. I have but you were too? Questioned Jake. “No I was at my other classes!” Bill angrily yelled. Bill stormed off to lunch. Jake saw a new girl walk passed him but then she stopped. She walked over to Jake. “Hi My name is Lizzy where is the lunch room.” The girl asked. Lizzy has really light blonde, curly hair. She wears a blue and pink dress with yellow sandals. She is fifteen years old.“Oh um my name is Jake follow me and I will show you where lunch is.” Jake mumbled.

They both walked into the lunchroom. Jake’s friends yelled. “Jake come sit with us I paid for ya. But you still have to pay me back.” Jake laughed a little. “I’m coming guys!” Jake yelled. Jake walked over to their table. They ate lunch for a while then “RING”, the bell rang.

Time to get to my last class. “Hey Jake we both have math!” exclaimed Nate. Nate has brown spiky hair and he wears a shirt with words on it. With black Nikes. He is fifteen year old. “Cool Nate” Jake replied. “Let’s go Nate!” They walked to math class. “Oh no its Bill” Jake whispered to Nate. “What’s the matter?” Nate questioned. “Bill yelled at me for telling him we were both there until lunch!” Jake angrily said. “Well I’m sorry.” Nate sadly said. They were in math for a little while and then “Ring!” The bell rang, school was over.

Jake and his friends all walked home together. Surprisingly Bill joined like nothing happened between Jake and Bill! When they stopped at Jake’s house they all said “See you tomorrow!”

Jake waited at his house until it got to midnight. It got to eleven forty nine. Jake got dressed in different kind of clothes. He put on black jeans, a white t-shirt and a gray sweatshirt. Since Jake was on the bottom floor he went out of his window. After he got away from his house he ran to school.

He heard a piano. Then the light shut off. They turned back on and a pink bunny was standing in front of him.

So Jake ran into the science room. He saw the new girl Lizzy. He asked, “Did you do all the stuff out there Lizzy?” Lizzy replied, “What are you talking about?” Jake didn’t answer. They did experiments.

Then they left. It wasn’t until the next day Jake was happy. Today he wore black jeans, a white t-shirt, and red and white sneakers. He meets his friends at the school parking lot. “Hey Jake you’re in a happy mood!” commented Bill. “Is there any reason Jake?” asked Allen. Allen had long brown hair, he was tall and he wore all camouflage and bright yellow sneakers. He is fifteen years old. “No guys, I’m just happy okay?” Jake replied.

“Let’s drop our things off then get to class!” Nate happily said. “Sure, hey we all have the same class cool!” Bill said. Bill loves math and that’s what they had. Jake saw Lizzy and sat next to her. They talked for the whole class. Then “Ring” the bell went.

“Oh no.” Jake weirdly said. “What’s the matter Jake?” Lizzy questioned. “It is lunch and we were in for that long again!” Jake yelled. “Well let’s go to lunch.” Lizzy said. They went to lunch. They ate together. ” Hey Jake can you come to school tonight at midnight? At the cafeteria?” Lizzy asked. “Sure Lizzy!” Jake happily said.

After school he walked Lizzy home. Then he went to his house. He waited for hours. It was finally elven thirty. He dressed in different clothes. He wore black jeans. he also wore a black shirt. He also wore black Nikes. He went out the window and ran to school.

He ran inside to the cafeteria. He saw Lizzy but then the pink bunny came and stole her. The bunny ran to the Janitor’s Closet and locked Lizzy up in chains. Jake waited until the bunny left. He went to Lizzy. ” Jake there’s a key in the science lab.” Lizzy told him. Jake ran to the science lab. “Where is the key?” Jake wondered. Jake found the key on his desk. He ran back to Lizzy. “Hey Lizzy I have it” Jake shouted. “Quiet he might hear you.” Lizzy whispered. Jake got her out. “Thanks Jake.” Lizzy told him. “You’re welcome Lizzy.” Jake replied. Lizzy was doing something odd she was floating in the air. “Lizzy what’s happening?” Jake shouted. Lizzy turned blue. Then something happened. “Jake I’m sorry but I have to do this.” Lizzy shouted. “What do you have to do?” Jake asked. Then Lizzy opened up a portal. “Lizzy answer me!” Jake shouted. “I’m sorry but your time is up!” Lizzy said. “What do you mean?” Jake asked. Then Lizzy grabbed Jake and throw him in a portal. Jake was gone forever. Now Lizzy will strike again!

My Terrible Vacation

It was 6:30 am. The taxi driver and I were driving to Camp Winepakaka for a party that my friends invited me to. I was really tired from the ride. “Hey um? How much longer till we get there?” I said ” 20 miles away oh and what’s your name?” “My name is James and my family all died of old age a year ago and it’s now just me and I am 26 years old” .

Then the taxi started to make funny noises like “put, put, put, cough, put, put, sizzzzllleee noise. It felt like the taxi had run out of gas. I stayed in the taxi while the driver tried to fix it. When the driver opened the hood I could not see out of the windshield. The hood slammed shut so hard that the windshield cracked. Then I jumped out of the taxi and ran to the camp. The camp was 20 miles away but I saw a 24 hour gas stop straight ahead. All I had to do was push the taxi to the gas station and that’s what I did.I filled the car up With gas and took off to camp winepakaka. When I got there was now one there then Jeff Came running out of the woods saying “go go go go run hurry!” the taxi went faster and faster than we could not see camp Winepakaka I asked Jeff “what happened?!”.

He said “there was a huge fire king!!” I said “whats a fire king?”. Jeff said “a fire king is a giant that’s on fire and basicly like fire” .I said “oh sooooooo I don’t know how to kill him”.

Then we went to the fire dept to get a fire truck we told the fire men and they said ” yup lets Go and hurry!” 3 hours later there it is shoot with the water “shhhhhhhhh” the water

Is cooling down.”shhhhhhpommmmmmmmmm splash! spash ! splash!” yea we hit him!

Omg he melting he he he ha ha ha ha now what” home?” “oh yea let’s go home”


By Nick Marson :)

The Vampire Teacher

By Analiese Deaton

It was a cold day but was it was a stormy day and not yet the last day of winter. It was the first day of 10th grade and Zoey got Mrs. Marry, also known as a vampire, who was disguised as a teacher. The teacher is 30 years old. Zoey is 16 years has a German Shepherd named Sophia. Zoey was happy to see Mrs. Marry, the Spanish teacher. Her best friend’s name is Eliza. She was a vampire too

When the clock hit 2:50 pm, it was lunch time for the vampires. I was frightened because the vampires eat children. At 3:30 it was math time. Everyone called me the smartest kid in Mrs. Marry’s class and kind

I did know were turned into vampires. At 6:30 Zoey had to go to the principal’s office because she tried to kill Mrs. Marry with fire And then Zoey got detention and suspended for 5 days! This is what Happened before Zoey tried to kill Mrs. Marry because Eliza tolled Zoey to kill

Mrs. Marry because she was also a vampire too! Zoey was scared

When the teacher was not looking Zoey put garlic in Mrs Allen’s coffee in steed of mrs Marry’s coffee and then Eliza blamed it all on a different but that’s not all Zoey was Ashley the vampire queen…...dun dun dunnnnnnn.

The Attack of the 31st

By Anthony Kolodka

One morning at 6:35 am I woke up and got dressed. Next I went to get my bike but then I saw a new and better bike in the garage. My dad bought me a new one because my other bike was getting old and wouldn’t work well. The new bike was a black mountain bike with golden pegs. Then I went off to James’ house.

I knocked on his door. He opened the door and he was wearing a blue shirt and white shorts. I was wearing a Celtics shirt and gray shorts. We both had purple,black and white shoes on. I said “Go grab your bike and three hockey sticks and a puck so we can play hockey” .

So we went to play hockey but then when we got there it wasn’t there anymore. It had been torn down. So we left to play in James’ backyard but first we went to see if Sam wanted to play. So we rang his doorbell. The door opened and we walked in. The door slammed shut and locked us in. Then we saw a red shadow with green eyes. IT went up the carpet stairs. We followed him up the carpet stairs. It led us to a creepy door.

We went in and inside the room was even creepier. There were spiders cobwebs,skulls,creepy toys and a mirror along the whole other side of the room. We walked over to the mirror but then we saw Sam in the mirror. But then before we could even speak, the mirror pulled us in. Sam was in a cage and a clown was guarding him. We ran over there and pushed him in a deep hole. We saved Sam and got him out of the mirror and his house. Then they sold his house and broke the mirror. Then Sam moved next to my house and James moved on the other side of me. We had to deal with other stuff like that but we were prepared.

The End

Monsters In The Maze

By Sophia Battisti

It was an ordinary day at Conant Apple Farm. There is a corn maze at the farm. Two friends Sophia and Caroline are in the maze at 9:00 pm. They cannot find their way out in time. So they had to stay there for the night. Sophia heard a noise [grrr] Sophia asked “Caroline did you hear that?” Caroline whispered “yes,” in a very fearful voice. Sophia felt somebody breathing over her shoulder; she asked “was that you Caroline?” But Caroline wasn’t there. Sophia got up and ran as fast as she could, to find Caroline. Sophia found Caroline she was so excited to see Caroline But there was two Caroline’s. Sophia mutter to herself “oh brother.” Sophia walks straight but it was Caroline! Sophia sighed with a breath of relief. After, they ran as fast as they could. It was a dead end. All the monsters were behind them they hugged each other. Caroline yelled “this is the end of us being friends.” Sophia yelled “maybe not, can you climb?” Caroline yelled “yes why?” Sophia whispered because “we can climb the bush.”

Sophia and Caroline started to climb the bush but then something grabbed Sophia’s leg. Sophia yelled and screamed as loud as she could. Caroline yelled “grab my hand I will pull you to safety.” Sophia kicked the zombie in the face and climbed up the bush with Caroline. They jumped off the bush and ran. Then they found Analiese a vampire but she was a nice vampire. Analiese was a nice vampire. Analiese cried “the monsters kicked me out of their crew so I ran away and I got lost so I stayed where I was but every time somebody saw me they ran away.” Sophia and Caroline whispered “wait if you were in their crew then you know the way out. Right?” Analiese whispered “oh right the other thing I want to tell you about is why they kicked me out because I didn’t scare anyone, let’s get out before they find us.” After they all found their way out of the maze. Analiese also became sister’s with Sophia.

The End


Sophia battisti

One week at fox wood camp

By Caroline Rockhill

My name is Lilly Margin and I’m an only child, with brown hair and blue eyes. It was the first day of camp, or was it going to be the last. My parents are making me go to Fox Wood. All the newspapers I’ve been getting have been on vampires and ghosts at Fox Wood, and I’ve begged my parents no but they said no. and all my friends are going to FUN camps well I getting shipped to the woods where poor kids make friendship bracelets and sing songs.

We got to the girls cabin and so far all the names of the girls I know is Lucy, Plum, and Amelia. Crash! “What was that!” Amelia screamed. I picked it up it was a bloody stick “It must of came through the window,” I said. Most of the girls were crying but I wasn’t. I ran to the door but it was locked I screamed for one of the counselors but nobody answered. The doorknob jiggled it jiggled some more than it fell of now I was crying but I had to be strong the door creaked open and a doll was standing there in the doorway it was a small doll with a tiny doll all wooden and had red blush on and a red wooden dress painted on.. Her mouth started cracking open and then it fell of. In place of the mouth was sharp slobbery teeth there were orange.

I never knew I would die at the age 9 2001.