The scariest stories from our annual Scary Story contest

  • The PES Halloween parade in 2017. Staff photo by Ben Conant

Published: 10/26/2018 1:06:03 PM

The following stories were submitted for the Ledger-Transcript's annual Scary Stories contest.


Oliver Conley, 9, 4th Grade, Peterborough Elementary School

It all started in the year of 1825 October, 31st. The day of Halloween. There was this normal black cat. One day he was running down the street and a witch grabbed him! “Help!” he cried, which sounded like “meow”. The witches grabbed him and electrocuted him and put something inside the cat called “bad luck”. This did not mean that the cat had bad luck but that’s what it would give to other people.

Now, you must have heard the legend, “If a cat crosses your path its bad luck”.

“Well that’s enough for today people, pack up, it’s time for you to leave school”. Of course now it isn’t 1825 Halloween night. It’s 2017 Halloween night. Totally different things. Anyways, that story you just heard was from a person named Bob’s teacher and a whole other class but that’s not important.

Bob’s friend Bobby asked him, “Do you believe in that story?” “Nah, that Halloween stuff isn’t true,” Bob said. “But that doesn’t mean that Halloween isn’t my favorite night of the year! Imagine all the candy we are gonna get!” While Bob was riding home a black cat ran in front of his dad’s car. “Oh no” said his dad.

“That’s bad luck,” “Pfffffffffffffft that’s just a myth that never really happens” said Bob. The night of Halloween Bob could not stop thinking about that black cat. “What if it actually IS bad luck?” was all he could say or think. And as it turns out… it was. Right after he was about to get some candy something grabbed him. Bob was gone. Bobby was worried but then he stopped, “Bob is probably fine” he told himself. And guess what? Bob wasn’t fine. The thing that captured him was nothing he had ever heard of before. It was called bad luck. He was the one who made the cat have bad luck. He could never capture anybody unless a black cat crossed their path. Halloween night is the only night he can capture you and once your captured you never come back. Ever. Nobody knows what happens up there but they know it’s not good. And Halloween night 2018 is coming up so, watch out for black cats.

Ivy Carole Slater, 12, 7th Grade, Pine Hill Waldorf School

Emma Senten’s last day on earth ended at precisely 11:59 AM on a misty night in a small town’s crumbling graveyard. Black blood pooled from where her eyes should have been.


The shadows crept in slowly, darkening the edges of Emma’s vision. She shivered. The night was cold and her hallucinations had been getting worse. Her long pale fingers tightened on the knife hilt. The body of Emma’s fourth victim was lying broken at her feet. A child.

His soul didn’t satisfy. The little voice whispered inside. The girl glanced at her watch. 11:40. 20 minutes till this madness was over. She couldn’t wait. But if it went wrong-no, Emma wouldn’t think of such things. All she needed was a sacrifice. Someone she loved. Her sister would work perfectly. Emma’s sister’s bedroom was dark and the 12 year old girls heavy breathing filled the room. She had brain cancer so she would die soon anyway. Emma was doing her a favor really. Blood pooled on the floor. Careful not to stain her white nightgown Emma nelt to collect the crimson liquid in a bottle. Only her deepest secret and and the grave dirt of her mother now. The town graveyard was small and her mother was easily found. Emma knelt before it. She dug her fingers into the frozen ground and ripped out chunks of earth. Careful now. She sprinkled the dust in the bottle and using the mixture as ink wrote her secret on a piece of ghostly paper.

I killed them. All of them.

Emma pulled the lighter out of her pocket and slipped her finger down the flint. She checked her watch. 11:59. She had to time this just right. The paper caught fire. The deranged girl screamed as whatever was inside her fled. Through her eyes, melting them to black oil which dripped down her pretty pale cheeks like tears. What ever had made her think possession would be an easy thing to deal with? She fell sideways onto the frosty ground. The ghost of death swept away from her, disgusted, ready to find a new host. Who would it be? Not even he knows. It could be anyone. Timing was everything. What can you do when you have a fast watch? The last of the fire curled around the paper, leaving only three words visible.

All of them.

Roger Weinrech, Keene Halloween in the Cemetery It was Halloween and my two sons were fast asleep. We had gone “Trick or Treating” earlier in the evening and returned home with several pounds of candy.

With the boys snug in bed, I decided to take a short stroll outside and look at the stars.

Our family is blessed to live at the end of a long dirt road, in the middle of a thousand acres of undisturbed woodland. Behind our farmhouse, there is a field with a stone wall. Just beyond this wall, there is an old cemetery that had not been used since the late 1800’s.

Tonight, I grabbed my jacket and stepped out into the night. Under the black sky, I walked across our backyard and into the field. As I approached the cemetery entrance, I found myself stopping just short of the opening in the wall.

I had visited the cemetery many times before, but never on Halloween. What could be different tonight, I thought? Go ahead, I told myself. There is nothing to be afraid of. So I stepped into the cemetery.

The moment my foot came down in the burial ground, all hell broke loose. In front of me and without warning, a huge creature rose up from the earth. I was frozen in place and watched it come right out of the ground. It grew larger and larger, until it towered over me.

A single thought shattered my mind. All of the evil horror stories were true. All of the demons and dark forces that I did not believe existed, were in fact real. And this was the end. This was the end of my life.

The beast had now risen to its full height and was at least three feet taller than me.

His head was filled with a vast cluster of gnarled, spiked horns. They looked hideous and pointed in all directions. Suddenly, the creature began moving towards me. The space between us closed quickly. And then, just before running into me, the monster moved slightly left. I felt his body brush against my side as a musty smell filled my nostrils.

For several seconds my body refused to move. And then my heart began to beat wildly. Somewhere behind me, I could hear the sound of a large buck running through the field. And I knew that his heart must have been pounding, too.

The Presidential Suite

By Kylee Daniels JGS

Grade 5 JGS

On this hill there was a mansion that got passed down from generation to generation. No one lived there for more than two month.s One unusual day, we moved in to the house. We had no idea that it was the presidential suite or haunted but I did the research. When we found this house on the market mom and dad said right away we would want it so they bought it. Not even checking it out so they we never saw inside the house. When all of us kids were in school and the twins Mary and Cody were being watched by the baby siter, Ashly the mom and Cory the father were moving into the house.

By the time they drove into the driveway things started to get weird. The Jeep was locking mom and dad in but then the Jeep just stopped. When dad got out of the jeep and checked the engine he saw a letter and he pulled it out then he red “Hope that was fun but do you want to end it well there are 7 clues to break the curse you have 70 hours to break the curse and if you do….. The same day after school all the kids finally didn’t have to walk any more because they go on the bus now. So know all the kids were moved in so they had to start clean the house. All of the family met in the very dusty living room and they talked about the letter and all the kids said that is on halloween.

The next day we started to clean the living room we painted it with four layers then we moved on to the twins room they rally ever sleep in there room the whole night. We had to go to gramma’s so mom and dad were cleaning the house. When we got back mom and dad said that they found another letter it said “Dear the Abalky family you have found the second letter if you would like to go somewhere in the house where would I be. So we all got scared then took a breath and went down in 5the seler and saw something that was tall and had something attached to it……. We decided not to sleep there that night so we rented an hotel sweet. Later that day we did research on this mystery house We found out that the house that we lived in for know 7 months that it was haunted and that at one time it was a hotel to a president with 10 kids and all of them passed away. We also found out that every person that bought that house lived in there for a couple of weeks and then they moved into another house. My question is why do we still live here? Another day has passed and know we started to hear thing when we went to bed and so we got so scared every night we would stay in are bed rooms. The next day we found a note that said ‘’YOU HAVE NOT LOCKED ANY WEAR EXCEPT THE SELLER AND YOUR ROOMS,WE WERE BEING NICE AND KNOW WE ARE GOING TO BE MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and my sisters and brothers were so scared because he or she sounds really mean and know what are they going to do to us! So since we got that letter we have not tolled our parents or any one. Mom and Dad you home know one ancerd and so I went downstairs to see if someone was there no one was but I felt a cool thing near me and all of a sudden I heard something up stairs and so I rushed up stairs to see if my brothers were awake they were so I had to carry them and so I ran outside with the twins and I couldn’t because something was blocking it so we went out the window then something lifted me and the twins and forced us to go bake in the house but I held on to something and it saved us. Mom and Dad never come home that day so I called my gramma to pick us up and she did we had a lot of fun until……...

To The Day

The thing


Grade 5 JGS

When I woke up it was 5:00 so I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn’t. So I went downstairs and got some cereal, then I went to put on the TV. It wouldn’t turn on so I went to unplug the TV and then plug it back in. The cord was cut like someone didn’t want us to watch TV.So then I remembered that I had to go to school! But when I got to school the doors were blocked. The doors said “Stay out!” So I walked back home and went to the TV with some tape. I felt a force push me back away from the TV. That night I stayed in the woods because, I was to scared to sleep in my own bed.The next thing I know there’s a light in my face and there was two men. They called themselves the helpers.The next day when I woke up,I was in the hospital and then did some poking around.Then I heard a man say “they would have gotten him before we saved him”. Then a lady said “why are you referring to it as what they call themselves by their names the” then the lady saw me and she came running after me but for some reason it looked like she was going to kill me. The next thing I know i’m in a lab witch is pretty weird to have a lab in a hospital. Then I wasn’t paying attention and, I bumped into a cage and one blood thirsty beast came out. So now I was trying to find a hiding place and then I see that lady again, and she looked really mad! Then I juked the lady out then I hid from the beast and the lady. The lady gave the beast a toy but then beast eat the lady. I tried run and find an exit but when I got to a door it was locked and before I knew it that was it for me. Wait I saw a window small enough so the beast can’t get out but big enough so I can get out then I climbed out the window. Then I was watching the beast from the window. The beast with its cheery red eyes, teeth like candy canes from eating the lady , black fur, horns like the devil, claws as sharp as a knife. Then it saw me and it shrunk so it could fit through the window. I saw a car nearby and drove away to the police station to report this to the police. But the police weren’t there so I went to the middle of town to see if anyone was there but they were all beast to. It must’ve spread like a virus. Jimmy had no choice but to blow the town up. Twenty years later scientist found the bones and extracted the DNA from the bones. then got loose. Then the beasts were brought back. But this time all of the world was affected.

The End


By: Chloe gallagher

Many years ago on Halloween night, four 13 year old girls decided to skip trick or treating. Instead, they had a big sleepover. The girls’ names were Evie, Daisy, Rosie, and, Luna.. Evie was hosting the whole sleepover. One day Evie’s parents left for the evening, the girls watched “Halloween”. They all loved the horror movie. About an hour after the movie, Evie told all the girls to go in the basement with her. They played a game of truth or dare and then Evie raced upstairs to get something.

All the girls were shocked at what they saw. Evie had gotten the Ouija Board. Rosie gasped, and told her they shouldn’t do that because it lets out demons and spirits of the undead. Evie didn’t listen to them. Evie took out the board and got the planchette. All the girls put two fingers on the planchette. They all said ” As friends we’ve gathered, hearts are true, spirits near we call to you.” Then they waited about a minute. Daisy asked it “What’s your name?” The room was silent and a cold breeze flew through the air. The planchette moved to the M then the I and then the A. Rosie said “Stop playing you guys! It’s not funny!” Everyone was silent. Luna asked it “Are you a girl?” It moved to YES.Everyone took their fingers off and went upstairs. The girls went to Evie’s bedroom, Watched some TV, and then went to bed.

At 12:56am Daisy got up and used the bathroom. She remembered that her water bottle was in the basement. So, Daisy went down there to get it. When she tried to turn on the lights, the lights wouldn’t work.. She found a flashlight and used it. Daisy looked around and she found it. She also saw.. The ouija board. She got so scared that she raced up the stairs. Two steps from the top, she tripped and fell down 8 steps and screamed. All the other girls heard it and raced down the stairs into the basement. They found Daisy crying and screaming. Luna said “ARE YOU OKAY??” Daisy said “NO! I THINK I BROKE MY BACK!” Evie went upstairs to look for her parents. She looked everywhere. But she didn’t find them, so she called them. They didn’t pick up. Evie went back downstairs and told the girls the bad news. Daisy then explained what had happened. All the girls helped Daisy up. They went over to the neighbor’s house to go to the hospital. Evie’s neighbor’s asked “Where are your parents?” Evie told them “That’s what i’m wondering. I tried to call them about Daisy’s back and they didn’t pick up.” The neighbors were shocked, but they brought Daisy to the hospital. In the morning, they brought Daisy home. She was lucky that she didn’t break anything.

The girls went back to Evie’s house and went in the basement. They saw the Ouija board and they immediately broke it in half. They threw it away. About two hours later, Evie’s parents returned. Evie, Luna and Rosie were so happy to see them. They all explained what had happened that night. 30 minutes later, Rosie and Luna’s parents were at the house. They both went home. 1 month later, Evie and her parents moved out to a new house. Evie never experienced any trauma after that. 4 months after they moved, A new family moved in. There was a young couple and a 12 year old girl. The girl was exploring the house. She went in the basement ...and she was very scared at what she saw. She saw the Ouija Board.

The Fun House

By Dominic Gnoza

Grade 5 JGS

Max is a kid that lives with his mom, dad, and his dog Jack “hey can you go get the Halloween decorations please Max” said dad “ok” said Max “there down in the basement!” yelled mom she was cleaning the bathroom “ok i know” said Max. He went down stairs “found them” whispered Max “bark!!” yelled Jack “what Jack what do you want” said Max. “Bark!!” “stop barking Jack” said Max then Jack growled “what Jack what do you see” said Max then Max went up the stairs but then the door

closed “whoa what the?” said Max.

He banged on the door “let me in!!!” Yelled Max “open the door!!!” yelled Max again “oh no” “what’s going to happen” said Max then the lights went off “uh hello!!” yelled Max then there was a laugh the laugh sounded like a clown laugh “ha ha” said someone “ah who was that?” said Max next no one answered then Max went down the stairs.

He looked closely he tried to turn on the light but it did not work there was also no one down there he looked and looked but he could not see anyone down there with him then he saw hair it was blood red hair so he quietly walked over to it then he pulled it and what jumped up was a clown Max fell to the grown.

Then the clown took him by the hood of his sweatshirt and then the clown walked to a deep deep hole “ahhh don’t throw me in the hole please im begging you” then the clown twitched and then the clown disappeared Max then fell into the hole “ahhh help me!!!” yelled Max. Then he fell into a fun house so he hit the ground “ouch” said Max then he saw mirrors all around him so then he looked in the mirror and he looked like a clown and then when he looked in the mirror he saw blood dripping off his nose “ahhh blood!!!” yelled Max then Max backed up fast and he hit something it was the clown again “ahhh!!!!” yelled Max. Then the clown laughed and twitched “oh no!!” hollered Max then he stepped on a trap door and it opened “ahhh!!!!” yelled Max falling down then he hit

a floor a hard floor “ouch that hurt” said Max. then he slowly got up said Max then he saw a gate and behind the gate was a long long road “hmm where am i?” said Max then he heard a sound “umm hello?” “is anyone there?” said Max then heard the sound again it sounded like a sighing sound from some thing then he went to the gate and then he saw. Zombies “oh my!!” hollered Max then he screamed “AHHH!!!” then he backed up again into the clown there was a wall of clowns that looked the same the clowns were twitching “i don’t like this!!” yelled Max then the gate blew away “no not the gate!!” said Max then the clowns and the zombies were getting closer “AHHHH!!!” screamed Max “NOOO!!!” screamed Max again they got closer and closer and closer “AHHHH!!!” and then he ate him head to toe and he died.

Him missing from the basement was all over the newspaper, news and it was all over social media so then his family was sad that he died then they got out of the house so no one went close to the house ever again or the basement. So then Max’s parents bought a new house took Jack and brought him to the new house and when they got to the new house Jack was really sad he was whimpering all the way home. So they lived happily ever after.

The End

The Haunted House

By: Isabella Demmons

JGS Grade 5

One dark and stormy night there was two girls named Jenna and Abby and one cat named Shaggy. (Shaggy can understand human language by the way.) They were trick or treating. They went to a lot of houses and got a lot of candy but at one house there was a lot of dead trees and the house was falling apart. Abby said “Um guys… I don’t think this is a very good idea to go to this house.” “Why not?” said Jenna.

Then Abby said “Because its to creepy!” “It’s fine!” said Jenna. So then they started to walk slowly to the house. Then they knocked on the door… The door slowly started to open. Abby said“Um what just happened…” Jenna said I don’t know…” So then when they were in the creepy house, a doll was on the ground and it had a creepy face. The doll said “hello there…” Shaggy started to hiss at the doll. Jenna and Abby said “um hi…” Then the doll said “Please walk up the stairs hehe…” Jenna and Abby said “ok…” So then they started to walk up the stairs… The stairs were creaking whenever they would walk up a step. Shaggy started to hiss again. Jenna and Abby were terrified. When they got upstairs the doll popped up again and said “Hello there again I see you have got upstairs…” Jenna and Abby said “yeah now what…” The doll disappeared” Jenna and Abby said “WE JUST WANTED SOME CANDY!” Next the doll appeared again and said “hehehe well you don’t deserve candy…” Jenna said “Okay you know what I’m out of here because this is just creepy and this doll is very rude!” Abby said “Wait…” Jenna said “What?” Abby said “Look down!” Everyone looked down and there was a sparkly ring on the ground. Jenna picked up the ring and said “Whose ring could this be?” Abby shrugged. Then Abby said “wait I think it might be the dolls!” Then the doll appeared and said “Hey! Why do you have my ring” Jenna and Abby said “Well you were being rude so we took your ring” The doll slapped Jenna and Abby and they both said “OW!” WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!” “Finally Shaggy scratched the doll and hissed at her. Finally the doll started to chase everybody out of the of the house. Then everybody screamed and ran as fast as they could! Jenna and Abby said “Well that was a creepy house!” Jenna said “Maybe it was haunted…” Abby said “No I don’t think so…” Jenna said “Maybe there was a ghost there… Shaggey meowed. (When he meowed it means yeah) Abby said “Guys let’s just start heading home.. I am not going to be able to sleep tonight…” Abby said “Yeah same…” Shaggy meowed (Which means yeah me too) So then they headed home and they never went back to that haunted house EVER again!

The End

The haunted necklace

By:Scarlett Griffitt

JGS Grade 5

One cold and stormy night far into the woods, there was a mansion. Inside the mansion there was a little girl named Scarlett and her mom. They were putting up halloween decorations when Scarlett found a necklace. “Mom what is this” Scarlett asked, “don’t touch that” Screamed the mom, “but why” replied the girl, “because it’s haunted’ said the mom “yeah right” replied Scarlett. So she put the necklace on. “Wow this necklace is so pretty” exclaimed Scarlett. “I love how its so blood red in color” said Scarlett. Then out of nowhere a doll appeared, it had a black dress with black shoes and blood red lips. Scarlett screamed and ran downstairs to find her mom, but her mom was nowhere to be found. She checked the whole house and yard and couldn’t find her mom anywhere. Scarlett started to panic with fear, when she heard a voice coming from upstairs. “Mom is that you” she said as running up the stairs. But it was not her mom it was the doll. “Where is my mom!” Scarlett screamed. “I have trapped her,” said the doll with an evil laugh. “Why?” Scarlett said half crying, The doll replied, “that necklace of yours brought me here that means my mom was right the necklace is haunted”. “How do I get my mom back” cried Scarlett I’m haunted” explained the doll. “You can’t” laughed the doll.

“Noo!!!!” screamed Scarlett while crying. “There has to be some way i can get my mom back” Said Scarlett, “there is one way said the doll but it costs” “”costs how much” replied Scarlett

“It costs your necklace” said the doll “here” said scarlett “here’s my necklace” “ok” said the doll. Then the doll disappeared and everything was back to normal, Scarlett’s mom said hello Scarlett time for bed” “ok mom” said Scarlett said happily because everything was back to normal. and the doll was never seen from or heard from again...

The End

Scarlett Griffett

Happy Halloween!

The Test

By :Amelia hill

Grade 5 jgs

One afternoon,after school, Dave was talking on the

phone with his lawyer because his farm burned down. Bobby had just come home from school. When his father got off the phone he called Bobby into the kitchen. “Bobby tell me about your day,” his father said. “I did my SAT prep test today daddy,” Bobby said. ” Let me see it then,” said Dave. Bobby handed his father the paper that had the test score on it, Dave had one look and had his surprise face on. Bobby had gotten a 98% instead of 100%. Dave screamed,“Go up in your room, now!”

Bobby went up in his room like his father said but, then jumped out the window. He just needed to take a deep breath and relax. He ran like the wind. He went into the woods and got lost, he didn’t know where he was. He yelled but nobody could hear him.

All of a sudden a big bat as black as a witches cauldron popped out of nowhere. Bobby ran as fast as he could until he looked back and heard, ” STOP!” He stopped because he thought it was his dad. “Hel-lo,” Bobby stammered. He was shaking like an earthquake. “Hi there,” squawked a bat. Bobby looked at the ground and saw a dug up hole. Before Bobby could say anything he froze. “What the heck is he doing?” said one bat ” “I have no… idea,” chirped another. The bats knew he wasn’t asleep because… well… who sleeps at 4:30 in the afternoon and on a Friday. I thought kids like staying up late on Friday. Bobby was remembering what his father said before he yelled at Bobby. “You are so brave taking your test early, you probably got 100%, I love you so much” his father kept saying. The bats on the other hand were still wondering what was going on with him. “Should we tell him?” “I don’t know.” The bats were still blabbering about this and that.

Bobby got out of his looking back into the past. He noticed he was so close to being in the hole. He ran back a couple steps and saw a big green blob. “What is that” Bobby said under his breath. He saw it come closer. It looked a lot like his father. “Daddy? Is that you?” Bobby kept saying. The bats were still talking about telling Bobby about what he was seeing. When the bat named Carl yelled out “it is not your father it is a ZOMBIE!” “Dude,why did you do that?” said the other bat, named Susan. “I don’t know I just heard them talking and I had to yell it out.” said Carl. Bobby didn’t hear him and just stood there. The zombie looked like this. He was a big grayish blob with his arms out. His eyes were bloodshot. He was very tall. Bobby got scared seeing this creature and ran with his head looking back straight into the hole. He fell for what seemed like forever. When he hit the bottom he realized he was in his own bed. Was it a dream? We’ll never know for sure. However, when Bobby got up from his bed he noticed that he his shoes were muddy and he had a note in his pocket from someone named Carl...

The Orphanage

By : Addison Howard

JGS Grade 5

One day in Columbus, Ohio there was a girl named Sarah and she had 2 older sisters and they were in high school. So when Sarah went to school one day she had to go to the bathroom, so she went then she looked in the mirror to check to see if there was anything in her teeth. Then she saw a little girl, maybe 5 or 6 years old. Anyway Sarah went home that day and she heard singing, ‘’ ring around the rosie pockets full of posies ashes, ashes, we all fall down.’’ Sarah got scared so then there was the little girl again and kept singing to Sarah like she was a baby, ” ring around the rosie pockets full of posies ashes, ashes, we all fall down.’’ The little girl kept getting closer and closer and closer than a knife appeared in her hand and then her sisters came in the room they had come from the orphanage downtown...

To be continued...

The Person

By:Anthony Kolodka

JGS Grade 5

One foggy night before Halloween I got out of my bed to go get me something to drink. As I walked to the kitchen, I tripped over my dog, then she barked at me and put her head back down. As I was getting a drink I saw a person at my back door. I ran back to my room and dropped my glass of water on the ground. I went back out and peeked around the corner and the person was gone! I wondered if the guy would come back? I cleaned up the shattered glass on the ground then I got another glass and I filled it up with some water. I went back to bed because it was only 1:29 in the morning and I had to go to school at 6:25. When I got to school we had a lock down and it was not a drill. I saw the guy that I saw out on my back porch out the window and then he disappeared. Then someone knocked on the door everyone was scared then the teacher looked out and it was just a teacher telling us that we were good and the person was gone. So we went back to what we were doing. Then I walked home and I went down to the river and under the bridge that usually stay for about half an hour or so. While I was there I was skipping rocks and I didnt see the guy behind me but I thought I heard something but then I thought I didn’t so I looked behind me and I. WHAM. He punched me across the face. I woke up in a straw bag. I thought I was in the trunk of a car and I was. The guy took me out and I hit my head on the ground. After I turned out back at my house. I said to myself “well I guess it was a dream.” But then I found a note on my table I saw a note. It said “pay me two million dollars of you will never be heard of again you have two weeks.” so I tried to get the money but I didn’t get all the money I need. So the next day he was in my room and I told him “I don’t have the money.” And his deep dark voice he said “I will let you slide this one but I will be back.”

The end.

The Mask

By Connor lajoie

Grade 5 JGS

A long time ago in 1937 there was a man named Jacob. he owned a campground and a house in the woods. one day, he made a mask out of wood. The night Jacob made that mask he heard noises coming from the direction of it. That morning he invited friends for camping and then he heard more noises from the mask. Jacob said to himself, “maybe i should try the mask on.” That second he tried it on he got possessed by an evil spirit that told him to make a sword. But he didn’t want to make the sword so the mask stabbed Jacob from the inside of his body and then he made the sword and all of a sudden the mask jumped off his face. Later that evening the mask made Jacob put itself on him. Then one of Jacob’s friends Eva walked into the kitchen and Jacob touched the sword and Eva said, “what are you doing Jacob.” then he took the sword and cut Eva’s head. Then the mask popped off and he dropped the sword and he didn’t realise what happened. The next morning after everyone woke up Jacob’s friends walked in the house and went to the kitchen then they saw Eva on the on the floor. Then they waited for a moment to try and think it was real but as soon as they realised they ran away from the house through the the woods to there cars and drove off. Jacob never heard from them again and he was forever alone but the mask still lives.

The Crooked Forest

By: Nick Marson and Noah Short

JGS Grade 5

One Night Mike and Amy went to explore the crooked forest. They went to go check it out because they just moved in their house yesterday.They moved to a house that was in the same town. It was in their backyard and their friends told them that it was a cool forest that everybody went to it. They thought that there was a party. They heard music and people laughing and talking in the forest in their yard. There were signs saying BE AWARE OF THE WILD ANIMALS but they could not see the signs. it had moss on it. As they entered the forest the music got louder and louder then they could no longer see their house and it

was almost dark. They stopped and they looked around for the house. “Where’s the house?!” said Amy “Lets keep going then if we can’t find it we’ll just go back.” said Mike. They kept walking and then Mike heard people whisper, Turn back, turn back!” Then the music stopped and Mike and Amy could no longer hear the people talking and laughing. “Amy stop,” Mike yelled. “What,” said Amy startled. “Where is everyone,” Hhmm hhmm, Mike’s phone vibrated. “Hey my phone!” said Mike. “Why is someone texting you in the middle of nowhere?” said Amy. “What does it say?” The text said, I’m Coming for You “Um..” said Mike scared out of his mind

“Something popped up on my phone?” said Mike, trying not to get scared. “What is it?” said Amy. “Look!”

“AAAHHHH!!!” screamed Amy. Then they heard heavy footsteps on the crackling leaves. “WHAT WAS THAT!?” said Mike now actually scare. Then the footsteps stopped. Mike screamed for Amy. She yelled back, terrified. They ran as fast as they could through the woods and kept running back the way they came from and then saw the lights from there house. Mike saw the lights from his house. He was almost there, he was so scared that he didn’t hear Amy cry for him. She tripped over a root. Mike kept running. “Amy we made it!” said Mike yelling. “Amy?” “Help me!” said Amy. “Ok I am coming!” said Mike running towards the woods.”

looked over and saw Amy was gone. “Amy? Where’s Amy?” then Amy screamed “AHHH” Amy was getting dragged into the woods mike yelled amy where are you still here amy in the background mike follows the noise into the woods then he saw her “AMY I AM COMING!!” yelled Mike “Mike help!” ”

o no no noooo.” “AMY!” Amy was dragged into the woods by the monster and was killed “Mike was shocked and was so sad he jumped out in front of a car after she died. Mike was killed and was with Amy in heaven.

Your next!

The end

The Lock Down

By: Andrew Pelkey

Fifth Grade - JGS

It was Halloween and that day there was school.There was a kid named Alex.He transferred from Woodall Elementary.At the beginning of school he was told that the school was haunted, and that a unknown girl was killed during a lockdown on Halloween. Alex was a little creeped out, but as everyone says, don’t believe what everyone tells you. At least for some cases, not all of them.

During Halloween, Alex kept hearing noises out in the hall.At first he thought it was other children but then he got sick of it.He also didn’t know why other people couldn’t hear it.He wanted to see what it was, but he didn’t want to make it obvious to the teacher.He thought for a second.Then he came up with a solution.So he raised his hand. The teacher called on Alex. He said, “Can I to bathroom?”. The teacher responded, “Yes you may.” He quietly walked over to the chalkboard and wrote his name under the boys column.He walked out into the hallway, looked around, then he looked the other way and saw a teacher.He yelled, “Ahhhhhhhh!” After that he thought to himself, that was stupid, it was just a teacher.It was strange when he walked out into the hallway.The noise stopped once he was out for a couple seconds.

He was tempted to go back, then he felt a cold breeze and then he hears footsteps.He looked on the ground and saw footprints dazzled with shiny red blood. Alex was confused he didn’t know what to do so he rushed toward his classroom he tried to open the door, but it was locked.He looked in the door window and everyone was gone. He yelled for help, no one came.So he made a decision quickly and he ran in to the bathroom. For a moment he felt safe, but suddenly the announcement came on. It said, “Go into lock down this is not a drill.” Alex remembered that the teacher told the class that if you’re in the bathroom hide in a stall.The memory started fading for some reason.He ran into a stall, and closed his mouth so he wouldn’t make noise.He started to hear footsteps again. He was more scared than ever.The footsteps stopped. He heard someone behind him. He turned around.He saw the girl. He couldn’t explain what he saw, he was paralyzed with fear. He ran out as fast as possible.Right before he got out the girl grabbed his shirt.She pulled him back in to the bathroom…

… From then on every Halloween you can hear Alex’s screams in the bathroom.Now, you might be wondering what happened to the class. Well a couple seconds after Alex went in to the hallway, the announcements said, “Go into lockdown this is not a drill.” His class bundled up in a corner. They heard footsteps run towards the door, a girl in his class started crying.The footsteps grew louder and louder and then, stopped....

The Night Of Halloween

By:Ava Rollins

JGS Grade 5

One Halloween night, there was a mom, dad, and a daughter, the dad had a dream... They were getting ready for trick or treating. The mom was dressed as a flower, the dad was a wolf, and the baby was a baby bottle. It was 8:00pm so the mom said “It’s time to go trick or treating.” Dad said coming ” At the same time they said let’s go.”

They headed out to start trick or treating. They went to tons of places and collected lots of candy. When they were home, they ate a lot of their candy! After they ate their candy they went to bed.

Three hours later the dad woke up because the baby was crying. He rushed out of bed and went to go see her. When he got to her room, he gasped! The baby had turned into a real baby bottle with her baby’s face! He ran back into his room to tell his wife. When he got there he was surprised to find her turned into an actual rose! He ran into the bathroom to splash water on his face and he noticed his reflection. He had noticed how hairy his body was, so he grabbed his raser and started shaving himself but every time he did his hair would grow back, longer. He had bloodshot eyes that were huge.A cherry red tongue and blood stained teeth. He had turned into a wolf! He went to get the cell phone to call his mother but she didn’t pick up. He went in his car and drove over to his mother’s house and he found out that she was a scarecrow with a pitch fork. He fainted and now he has awoken from his dream. He realized it was just a dream. He immediately ran to the bathroom and realized he was himself. He went to go see their daughter, that was not a baby bottle and she was fine. He thought everything was fine so he drove to his mother’s house and she was found in the corner of her room holding a pitchfork! The End!

The Mirror

By : Riley Vitello

JGS Grade 5

I woke up this morning super excited for Halloween, but remembering what had happened last year, with my mirror. The look of the mirror, something didn’t seem right. The silent figure still and pale, showing my reflection like it would, but on one night. Halloween night, it’s not me in the mirror. It’s something else, someone else. I tried telling my parents but they didn’t listen, they thought it was all in my head. I came home from school that day noticing that my older brother Jon was home. What a relief, but we spent the whole afternoon being couch potatoes and watching Gilmore Girls our favorite show.

When mom and dad got home they said “It’s time to go!” At the same time we both said “Can we skip out this year?” They both looked at each other and nodded their heads. “Yes you can skip this year.” Mom said. Dad added ” We will take your baby brother, leave at six O’clock and be back at eight, okay?” We nodded back, the clock striked six and mom and dad left. It got dark quickly, I told Jon I would be upstairs doing homework. He just sat there watching T.V.

I stared at the mirror too afraid to let it leave my sight. Fog clouded the mirror. It was pitch black when the women came! She was horrifying her bloodshot eyes her wrinkled face, hair like a rats nest, a big gust of wind blew my window open, branches scratching at the window sill! The moon was as white as snow. The power went out, I screamed! Jon came up in a hurry noticing the mirror, he lit a candle and set it where the mirror was. Something was creeping out of the mirror and grabbed hold of me! Knocking down the candle my bed caught on fire! Jon told the hideous figure to let go of me and take him. I yelled “No Jon you can’t!” He came and yelled “Get out of here!” My whole room was on fire! He had disappeared into the foggy mirror. I got out just in time for the fire department came.

Two minutes later mom and dad were home. They both said “Where’s Jon?” I said ” Somebody took him!” After everything was under control, I saw someone running towards the crooked forest. It looked back at me it was the women! She glared at me then smiled mischievously? The house was burnt to ashes but the mirror was as pale as ever and silent. To my horror, I saw Jon in the mirror. He was smiling. I told mom and dad that I wanted to keep the mirror as long as a I can. And I had never loved that mirror more than ever. Even though we moved away, I would still talk to Jon every day and he would help me with my homework.I bet you’re wondering what happened to the woman. Well, that’s for another story.

Bye Mom

It was my favorite part of the year when everyone rises from the dead and we have a party in my backyard, which is a cemetery. Hi my name is Jason. I live on Bone Rd in Jaffrey, NH. The name of the road describes my driveway to my house a lot. It is made out of all human bones from head skulls to toes. I was just taking an ordinary walk down to the town store, but it closed 4 hours early. So, I had no food for the party. This year I invited my mom to the party. She is the only person left in my family. When it was time for the party I welcomed all of the dead souls that used to be in my family. My mom was the only one not to show up. The party started with everyone trying to find my Mom. We spread out around town. We found my mom’s pocketbook but not her. But around the corner was another person. She was walking back from the town store. Then she suddenly stopped and said, “Do you want to see the one that just passed or never see her again?” Then she walked away. From that night on I kept on getting flashbacks of my Mom. One day I was wondering about my mom and then it came to me. She must have not have gotten the invite. So I didn’t care and just went to work. Then my boss said “Sorry” before I left work. Then I realized what has been happening, I can see the DEAD!!!!!!

The End

Chance Derosier

5 Harris

Reuniting with Grandma

By Christina Roeun

On a spooky halloween night, after trick or treating, my family and I, we watched a movie. It is called “YBWO” which stands for “You Better Watch Out.” It announced, “Only one family can be watching this movie at once. If there is more than one family watching this movie at once, only one family will live.” I was terrified, because I didn’t know if my family was the only family watching this. Turns out there was 2 more families watching the same movie as us.

Nothing happened to us, happily, for 2 months, and then I knew my family was the family that survived! But then I thought to myself, “Whose family could that have been?” Then later I forgot about the whole movie thing about death, and suddenly, I heard noises from my kitchen, but then it stopped, so I put a tiny camera (which was a Go-Pro) in the kitchen so I could see if anything was going on.

The next day, I checked the footage, and nothing happened. I was confused, so I put Go-Pros all around my house, even in the darkest place. The basement! When I went to put the Go-Pro in the basement I set it in a nice place, and I ran upstairs. I waited a few hours, then checked the footage again. I decided to check the basement footage last, and finally when I checked it I heard noises (scratch, screech). I hardly saw anything from the footage, but I recognized a dark black shadow. I decided to go down to the basement to see what was really going on. I went down to the basement, and I looked around, suddenly, I heard footsteps, I looked back, there was someone behind me, that I didn’t know and I saw a knife that was coming towards me!......

I woke up from my nightmare, but then I realized, I was back trick or treating. I went to many houses, and I was with my big sister Jessica and my little brother Justin. We made it to our last house, the house that gives out full sized candy bars and when I rang the doorbell, the door opened by itself! My siblings screamed, ” Don’t go in there!” I look back and forth to my siblings and the strange house. When I looked back someone was there! I still don’t know to this day if it was someone I knew, but he or she pulled me inside! I saw my siblings running to get me, but the person shut the door behind me! When he or she turned on the lights I saw my siblings already in this person’s house! It looked like they were already dead! When I got free, I ran to my house leaving my siblings in that person’s house and told my parents what happened but I realized I wasn’t talking to anyone! Suddenly, people with guns were surrounding me in a circle, and they were coming closer and closer! Then everything turned black...

I woke up from another nightmare and I woke up in a cemetery! Turns out I was not dreaming anymore. I was alone, stones everywhere, but then I saw a sign that said someone was missing, and that person’s stone was here! I knew my life would be over, and if I survived, my life would be terrible. Then, I heard a voice “Slates, slates everywhere, you’re almost dead but I don’t care, try your hardest to hide, because I know I’ll find you inside.” Then I heard many more voices repeating that same poem. But only one voice stood above the rest, “Run run run run, faster faster faster faster, you are not safe here!” That voice was familiar, it was my grandma that passed away! I listened to her and ran for my life. When I got out of the cemetery which was HUGE I made it back to my house. I decided to get a snack. Then, I went to go wake up my family, and when I got into my room, I was so happy! I reunited with my dead grandma! I thought the rest of my life, wouldn’t be that bad after all.

The Abandoned Mansion

By Emma Norris

Nobody would know what happened to me that night. I was walking home from a friends house when I say an abandoned mansion that was built in the late 18 hundreds. The owner died in 1942 when he choked on a piece of candy corn on Halloween night. When I was walking to my house I go by the mansion and it creeped me out. But, one night I was alone walking from my friend’s house, and when I was walking past the mansion my body stopped and started to walk into the mansion. Like somebody was forcing me into the mansion. I was resisting but something was pulling me.

When I got inside it was creepy. Everything was covered in brown dusty wallpaper and cobwebs, and there was a creepy basement, and ripped up furniture. Then….. it stopped. The thing that was pulling me stopped pulling me. When I realized it stopped pulling me I ran to my house and told my parents the next day because they were away. When I told them the story, I started to act weird. I started to act like somebody was, taking over me. My parents realized that I started to act weird. They got concerned and took me to a doctor but they couldn’t find anything wrong so the doctor suggested to take me to a person who helps people with their actions.

When they examined me they said that I was possessed. I was so scared. But they said it was easy to get rid of the person thats possessing you. When they talked to me about that I was possessed I screamed and turned into the dead. Everybody rushed out of the building. Then, since I was possessed nobody came around me because I was dead from the ghost who was possessing me, except for Halloween, everybody thought I was in a costume but I wasn’t.

But one day somebody cured me but, a couple of years later one of my friends dared me to go back into the abandoned mansion. On Halloween night. I did. When I got inside I remembered everything that happened to me that night a couple of years and I begged them to let me out but instead they thought it would be funny to leave me and check on me the next day. When they checked on me they didn’t see me because the same guy who possessed me was possessing me again and I was on one of the old beams in the house waiting for them to arrive so I could scare them to death. The End.

The Evil Tomato

One dark Halloween I was sitting at my broken table that had many webs. I was with some friends at my house. Their names are Andy, Tanner, Zach, Isabella, and Sarah. My name is Henry. I thought to myself that I’m to old for Halloween. My friend Zach said, “We are to old for Halloween. I thought to myself again, and I changed my mind “What a coincidence.You’re never too old for trick or treating.”We should go adventure the haunted forest!”. So then the whole group agreed to go into the haunted forest.

Walking through the haunted forest. Andy said confidently, “There is no such thing as haunted forest.” They kept walking and walking. Then they saw three paths. I told the group, “We should split into three groups of two.” The groups were Andy and Tanner, Zach and Sarah, and Isabella and I. We took the middle path. We started to walk. It seemed like hours walking in the deep dark forest before we heard a loud AHHH TOm-a-t-o! We ran toward the screaming. Oddly it was sunny but it was only 12:58. Then we saw Sarah sitting next to a tomato. Isabella asked, “Where is Zach!” Sarah looked at the two of us then the tomato. “The tomato swallowed Zach whole!” Sarah said worried. “You’re being ridiculous!” Isabella yelled. Then the tomato ate Isabella. After that the tomato spit them up they were covered in ketchup and curly fries. The the small tomato turned into a huge tomato and ate something huge.

Written by Eliza Malia

It was one Halloween night, and I was already done with trick or treating. I ate most of my candy. My parents went to a party so, I was all alone. We just moved into this town. It was weird how we lived near a cemetery. Nobody really lived in this neighborhood. I don’t know why. My dad said that my Aunt and Uncle would come over to stay with me until my parents came home.

It had been a while and they finally came. I was watching TV. A few minutes later, they came. All of a sudden my TV started screeching. There were black, red and white dots on the screen. This had never happened before. It suddenly got louder and louder. I heard creaky footsteps, and it was my Aunt and Uncle waving. They didn’t even say a thing. They didn’t even notice the TV screeching very loudly. They didn’t even blink while waving. I turned off my TV and decided to go downstairs. There were not many lights on in the house. Then the lights started flickering. It felt like the next level Halloween. Then, my Aunt told me to come eat. It was late at night, so I don’t know why she asked. When we were eating, they started whispering to each other. There I was, sitting in a chair in front of a hall that lead to the upstairs, it was full of black. They said that they would be right back. A few minutes later they brought me into a dark, dark room. “Who’s next?” They both said, then my heart stopped. I wasn’t ready for what they were going to say next.

By Allies Sisombath

The Girl

By Trinity Seppala

I saw it. It was like it wanted me… only me nobody else but me. I was terrified I ran but It didn’t follow. My friends and I were in a house outside of town and they thought it would be funny to run away. So there I was in that house all alone. Then I saw it. A little girl with a white gown and blood red roses in her hand. I didn’t dare move. I think it wanted me to follow it. So I did. It brought me to a room down the hall. In the hall there hung old light fixtures with gems on them.

When we got to the room there was a picture of a girl on it. She was wearing a dress with bright daisies on it. The girl was holding a rose like the girl in the gown. I looked at the picture again, and the picture had changed. Everything was the same except her hand. The thorns from the roses pierced into her hand and suddenly something dripped on the old wood floor. It was blood. And then the painting disappeared. A light that was off turned on and flickered. The girl was gone. I headed for the door but when I walked in the kitchen I was probably six feet away from the door and then she appeared out of nowhere. I was feeling brave so I walked around the girl and when I got to the door I looked back at her while wiggling the old door. It was not locked when I came in with my friends. Then I knew the girl didn’t want me to leav.e I was not brave anymore - my stomach felt empty I was thirsty, cold, and terrified. I felt like she was staring at me. The door opened a little and I ran home. I never told anyone what happen to me in that house and I never came back again.

The Girl in the woods

By Makayla

Grade 5 jgs

Once upon a time on a very cold night four women walked into the woods and their names were Makayla,Colleen,Amy and Kelly. They were playing a game to see who could get scared the easiest. They downloaded a ghost finder app to hear and see the ghosts. So when Makayla looked at her mom Colleen she had a pale face and she looked like she was about to cry.

So Makayla said,”ok Colleen is scared and she lost the game.”

When they looked at the phone it said,”RUN.”

So all the girls screamed and heard a voice say,”you better leave before I get you”.

Then Makayla said,”ok we have to go”.

So Colleen said,”no way that was real I mean the ghost app was a fake.” Then everybody heard something shatter and they all screamed. Amy started freaking out so she took the fork that Makayla had in her room and took it to go see what happend.

Then Colleen said,”ok grab the ouija board and let’s go back to the woods”. So Amy went to the back storage closet and grabbed the board and then they went to the woods.

Colleen said,”if there is a demon here say yes or no” the handle moved to yes and they all screamed.

Kelly said,”if u are an evil spirit than say yes or no”the handle moved to yes again

than Makayla said”are u a boy or a girl” it spelled girl.

Than Makayla siad,”what is your name” the ghost spelled Helan.

Colleen said,”Im gonna look up her name and see what pops up”when Colleen searched her name it said that Helen lived in 1973 and died in 1983 she died cuz of her dad he was pushing her on her bike on friday the 13 1983 and this night was Friday the 13 said Makayla. Colleen read the rest of the paragraph and it said her dad noticed a truck and pushes Helan out in the middle of the road into the truck. She died all because of her father so she came back after she was hit by the truck two years ago and scared her dad until the day he died. She was happy when he died because of what her father did to her when she was little. But when ever she looks at the woods that’s where her home used to be on northbound road,

makayla said,”hey so we are on there house right now cuz we are on northbound road”when Colleen got to the last sentence is scared her to death it said but whenever she looks for new victims. She follows them and when its a light foggy night the people who she followed will see her and they will get surprised and die of fright.

Than makayla said,”oh my god that is scary”.

Colleen said,”oh come on guys thats not scary if it was scary we would see her and than colleen looks around, I don’t see her it’s stupid come on let’s go home”. They all go home they try to fall asleep but they cant so Colleen and Makayla go to walk in the woods alone but when colleen looks over she sees Helan and

Colleen falls to the ground and says,”NO I CAN’T MOVE YOU HAVE TO LEAVE ME BEFORE I LEAVE YOU”


Colleen said,”THAN YOU NEED TO LEAVE” Colleen looks at Makayla and Makayla calls kelly and amy but they dont awunser until she remembers that when she left amy and kelly where gone so makayla carries Colleen to the house and gives her medicine but it was too late she had already disappeared with Helan somewhere and someplace Makayla will never know

Makayla starts to cry and sees her mom as an angle but when she looks next to her there was Helen the girl who did all of this

Colleen says,”makayla my sweet first born daughter i love u so much”. Than Coleen disappears and makayla looks at Kelly and Amy

Makayla siad,”GUYS WAKE UP THIS IS NOT FUNNY” Makayla doesn’t realize that she was being watched by Helen’s father Daniel

Daniel:hello my wife well my new wife”

Makayla said,”wife what do u mean wife i’m just a normal teenage girl”. Makayla runs away and hides from Daniel.

Daniel said,”u can run but u cant hide remember in a ghost so i can go threw anything and i know you’re somewhere i can smell ur perfume.” So makayla started to cry and she looks over her shoulders and sees Daniel she turns away and crawls out of the house and right when she looks inside she see that daniel is nowhere to be found untill she looks behind her to find Amy,Kelly,Helan and Daniel holding Colleen by her arms and dragging her with chains all over her.

Makayla said,”WHAT ARE U DOING WITH MY MOTHER LET HER GO” they just stared at her like they did not know where she is or why she was talking to them.

Makayla said,”hello im talking to u”

Amy said,”makayla save me and kelly please”. So Makayla ran over to Amy,Kelly and freed them by staring at them. Amy, Kelly and Makayla looked at Daniel and Helan and than turn away and run inside and call the cops and the weird thing is that they were humans even though it said that Helen and her dad died. So when Makayal called 911

The dispatcher said,”911 what’s your emergency”

Makayla said,”hello so this is a long story so we went into the woods and played a little game to see who could get scared the easiest ”Makayla tells the dispatcher all about what happened.

Dispatcher,”ok i need u to do something for me ok i need u to go down to the basement or up to your attic and stay there until the police arrive and take the phone with you ok and stay on the blind because what u just told me that they are just standing outside your house means they are trying to find you are they standing still as a rock.” Makayla said,”yes why”

Dispatcher,”ok u need to get out of the house now DO U HEAR ME GET OUT OF THE HOUSE NOW”


Dispatcher,”wait there are three of you and they are and the people who are outside are gone”.


Dispatcher,”the police are on there way just stay with me until they show up can u do that for me sweetheart”

Makayla said,”yes sir OMG SOMEONE IS BANGING ON THE DOOR,”

Dispatcher,”ok move far away from the door and stay silent just breath in and out ok”

Makayla,” i hear sirens”

Dispatcher,”young lady how old are you”

Makayla,”i’m 19 how old are you”

Dispatcher,”i’m 20 and call me anytime something goes wrong ok”

Makayla,”ok thank u”

Dispatcher,”your welcome” Makayla hangs up. Makayla,Amy and Kelly run outside and they all fall to the ground.

Police,”hello girls are u ok who was the one who was the one who called 911.”

Makayla,”me why”

Police,”it’s because whenever u call 911 the Dispatcher always comes with the police and i brought jack the guy who awunserd ur call.” makayla ran over too jack and hugged him so tight and she started to cry.

Jack,”hey don’t cry i’m here ok and i know you miss your mom” makayla looks up at jack and turns too her house.

Makayla ,”i can’t stay here”

Jack,”i can bring u too my parents house u cant sleep in my 18 year old sisters room if u want”

Makayla,”no it’s fine but thank you some much for everything”

Jack,”you still have my number right”

Makayla,”yes jack.”

Police,”ok there are more police officers coming im gonna go look inside ok”

Amy,”ok that’s fine” *after the 24 hours of waiting Outside jack left so did the officers and makayla looked up at her attic and saw DANIEL looking down at her makayla calls jack.

Makayla,jack daniel is back


Makayla,”he is at the attic window watching me you need to come quick”

Jack,”is he standing there again”

Makayla,”yes you need to come quick and i’m mean now”

Jack hangs up and speeds to Makayla’s house.


Makayla looks at jack in tears

Makayla,”take me to your house please i don’t want to stay here”

Jack,”ok sweetheart.” Jack takes makayla to his parents house and asks his sister if she can sleep in her room with her.

Jack,”abby can she sleep in your room with you you guys could be best friends”

Abby,”yeah that’s fine bring her up here”


Makayla goes up stairs and looks at abby and looks at jack and says,”wow you guys could be twins”

Jack and abby,”thanks.”

Makayla and Abby go to her room and hang out until Makayla gets a call from an unknown number makayla picks up the phone

Daniel,”hey do u remember me”


Abby,”who is that”

Jack,”MAKAYLA HANG UP” makayla hangs up and shuts off her phone and starts to cry and looks at jack.

Jack,”huni dont cry please im here for u and i always will be”

Makayla,”im glad your here” Jack,Abby and Makayla all go to bed. The next morning makayla wakes up to hearing noise from down stairs so makayla looks out a small crack in the door too see jack cooking breakfast Makayla goes down stairs and hugs jack without him knowing.

Jack,”oh hey Makayla how did u sleep?”

Makayla,”not so good i got a call from Daniel last night and knows where i am he said ur address and he said make sure when u wake up make sure java is really jack and not me,” makala looks up and jack with a scared face and

he says,”makayla i am me not Daniel i can even prove it does daneil call u sweetheart and huni and hugs you everyday”


Jack,”ok than” a few years later jack and makayla are dating and when they were taking a walk jack got down on one knee and pulled out a ring and said

jack,”Makayla will you marry me”

Makayla,”yes yes i would” jack put the ring on Makayla’s ring finger and she hugged after 3 years later Makayla and jack had a baby girl named Christina.

When Christina was 10 Makayal looked out her window too see Daniel again and what she didn’t know was that jack was gone and Daniel aperd.

Christina,”mom who is that!?”

Makayla,”huni go upstairs and lock urself in ur bedroom ok can u do that for mommy i’ll come with you JACK COME HERE” jack runs to makayla and goes upstairs with them And Hid under the bed and all they heard was someone coming up the stairs and

makayla looked at jack and said,”are we gonna die”

Jack,”no sweetheart we are gonna make it”

Christina,”mom dad i love u so so so much” they all hear silence until jack looked at Makayla and christina and said,”stay strong ok girls i need both of u too run down stairs to the car can u do that”

Christina,”yes dad” Makayla and Christina run out of the house and hide in the car. Than makayla looks to see jack running out of the house and into the car

Jack,”huni are you ok”

Makayla,”yes we need to go now” so they go to a hotel and when makayla went to take a shower she didn’t know that blood was coming out of her hair. But when she looked out of the shower to see christina on the floor dead and blood stains until she blinked and she was no more blood and she started to calm down and she got out of the shower got dressed and they went out for dinner and makayla got Macaroni and cheese with fruit and jack had chicken pot pie and christina was eating soup. Christina looks over to see a little girl sitting all alone until she looked at makayla and she screamed.

Makayla,”we need to go HELAN’S back jack runs and grabs christina and they leave and makayla looks at jack

Makayla,”so christina i have a superize for both of you” makayla hangs jack a shirts that says your gonna be a dad of two and she gave christina a shirt that said u are gonna be a big sister. A few years later makayla has two kids at jack and hera still married and daniel and Helen are still following them. Christina is 13 and her new born baby is 3 years old and his name is alex and they lived happily until one day alex was playing on the train tracks by the house and didn’t notice the train coming and it struck him and on that day daniel and helen got what they wanted to have one out of three avery’s killed.

The Girl in the woods part 2

The day alex died was the most saddest days of makaylas life it has been 4 years since it happened but whenever makayla goes to the old house she feels his presents and she cries every night to get her to sleep one night she was looking for his baby clothes and when she found a picture of him on the train tracks playing she looked behind her too see jack crying because he saw the picture and

makayla said,”jack i’m so so sorry you had to see that” jack looked away and went up stairs.

Christina,”mom can we go shopping and have a girls day”

Makayla,’of course huni let’s go” until makayla saw jack looking upstairs and he had a very scared face.

Makayla,”jack are u ok”

Jack,”we need to go now” jack grabs Makayla and Christina and they put them in the car. When they got in the car jack drove super fast and he looked in the rear view mirror and saw Helen waving and laughing until jack looked in front of him too see Daniel and jack crashes the car.



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