Scary Story Contest 2019

  • Peterborough Elementary School students in their annual Halloween parade in 2017. Staff photo by Ben Conant

Published: 10/28/2019 6:14:57 PM

Behold, our latest crop of scary Halloween stories written by local students!

Shrieks from the parlor

By Evelyn Townsend, Jaffrey Grade School, Fifth Grade

The year is 1850. It was October 16th when a girl named Josie awoke from a terrifying dream. Josie was the type of girl who didn’t have many friends, or in fact any. She was a tall girl who wore glasses and had blonde hair. Josie’s family was relatively wealthy at the time. Her family could not afford a horse-drawn carriage, however, they could afford school. Josie got out of bed and stretched before putting on her tunic. She did not talk much after her sister, Mary had passed away due to an unknown sickness.

Once Josie had made it down the road a bit, some school bullys approached her. Josie’s eyes widened. These were the kids that made fun of her after her sister had died.

“Hey Josie you can’t come to school today.” Mocked William as he started to run after Josie and stopped.

Josie ran into the forest next to her, the others didn’t even bother following her. A few miles later Josie came across a train station. She went inside, but no one was there. As Josie glanced into the distance, she saw a moor. Josie turned back and sprinted to her house. Something about the station gave off an eerie vibe.

Once she got back home, she helped her mother make dinner, some bean stew. As Josie turned to go to her room, she felt a sudden urge to go to the station. Josie told her mother she was going on a walk, and luckily her mother agreed to let her go.

When Josie finally got back to the station, there were strange people. The people did not speak nor make any sound. Josie walked over the train track rails and glanced over at the moor. She felt as though it was calling her name.

Josie started walking on the moor until it was getting dark.

Josie looked around until she saw a track. Josie followed the track until the only thing guiding her was the moon. Josie soon approached a swamp. Just then she realized how parched she was. Josie leaned over the murky black water, unsure of rather she should drink out of it or not.

Josie decided that it could do no harm, however as she was leaning closer to drink, she heard a shriek and fell in the dark black murky substance.

Josie awoke next to the swamp some time later. As she glanced around she saw dead soldiers lying on the ground blood welling into the grass. She heard gunshots in the distance. Josie got up quickly and glanced around, she saw more bodies, but other than that it was the same as before she fell in the pool. Josie ran towards were the station was and when she arrived a man approached her.

“Hey what are you doing on war grounds missy?”

“Oh sorry sir I-”

“What side are ye on.”

“What side?”

“North or South.”

“I- don’t know.”

The man stared deep into her eyes.

“Are ye sure?”

“I don’t know what’s going on!”

The man stepped back. “Well ye can hop on this here train if you wish.”

Josie didn’t reply, she just waited at the other side of the platform.

Soon the train came by to pick up passengers. Josie emptied her pockets and found two cents. Josie was going to the lady boarding, when the man came back. ”

You think you can get on with that!” The man laughed.

“Yes, I can.” Replied Josie.

The man laughed again. “Those coins are too old to buy anything with. I just so happen to collect coins though, so I could give you something for them.”

“I- think they will work just fine.”

“You could try!” Laughed the old man again.

Josie went up to the boarding lady

“Can-I go a few miles with these?”

“Is that a joke smiled the lady?” Josie was escorted to the back of the train. She could not afford to sit in the train, so she stood in the back.

As the train started to move, she started hearing whispers. Josie glanced at the rails where the train had just been and saw a dead girl for a split second, and then nothing. When the train had gone a few miles she got off and started walking in the direction of her house. Josie had been the only person who had got off at that stop. As Josie entered the woods, she started seeing things. As she glanced up in the treeline she saw a dead corpse lying limp in the tree. Josie’s heart stopped. She instantly had a feeling someone- or something was behind her. She turned around quickly to see a heap of bodies, blood welling out. Josie was done, she turned around and ran to the moor, maybe if she could find that swamp again, she could go back.

As josie approached the swamp, she quickly leaned over and fell in. Josie expected something to happen, but all that happened was that she sank.

Josie tried to stay up, but the water pulled her under. She thought to herself, I’m gone now, to join Mary. However at the last moment she found herself back at the swamp, covered in the black substance.

Then her mind started racing. When was I, and when was there a war?

When Josie got back to the road where the kids had chased her, she felt like she was different. When she arrived back at her house , it was starting to lighten up. As she wandered to her mother’s workshop, where her mother made her dresses, the door slammed behind her,catching a bit of her bloomers. She decided that that was not weird compared to what she had seen earlier that week, and went over to the table. As Josie glanced over her shoulder seconds later, she saw a black hooded figure holding some needles her mother often used for sewing. A muffled chuckle came out of the figure, as Josie screamed so loud, she thought she would break the windows.

The man faded as Josie fell over dazed. She could hear shrieks and screams of what sounded like a little girl. When Josie awoke she was in the train station.

No not this again! As Josie got up from where she had appeared she heard men yelling and gunshots firing. As Josie ran outside to see what was happening, she felt as though someone had grabbed her soul. When Josie opened her eyes it was a though she was seeing things from a third person. She saw a little girl lying on the tracks, limp. As soon as she realized it was her she tried to scream, but no sound came out. As Josie started to freak out, she felt a hand on her shoulder. As Josie glanced over she saw Mary, except Mary was not in her hospital gown, or in the awful state Josie had seen her in.

“Come little sister.”

“What- I Mary?” Said Josie.

“Yes dear come.” Replied Mary

“I- no!” Screamed Josie.

And that is the end folks.

The Great Potato

By Adeline Regis, Great Brook School, 6th Grade





Once in the middle of the night 3 kids, Joe, Alia, and TJ were out in the darkness carefully stalking the proud owner of McCray’s Farm to make mayhem in the farm. As soon as Mr. McCray was out of site, Joe, TJ, and Alia crept quietly over to the cows to tip them.

“I can’t wait to finally tip those delicious cows!” Joe cried. ” Well let’s assign jobs already!” TJ chirped.

” Okay, so I will be the Cow Tipper, TJ can be the…” ” Oh Oh!” Joe had rudely interrupted. ” Can I be the Cow tickler!?”

” Fine.” Alia sighed. ” And as I WAS saying, TJ will be the Watchman.”

” All right!” TJ said. ” Let’s go tip some cows!” They all chanted. While Alia and Joe were tipping the cows, TJ sees a dark figure across the field holding a shiny gun. ” Guys! I see something!” TJ exclaimed.

” Everybody stop making noise.” Alia said nervously. Everybody was quiet except for Joe who was bursting out in laughter.

” There is nobody here!” He cried. ” Right?” Just then behind Alia a dark shadow or figure said, ” I see you.”

” It’s Mr.McCray!” They cried.

Screaming, the three kids run for their life and into the barn. Each kid jumps harshly into a big sack filled with vegetables.

Suddenly, the door slammed open. There was some sort of raspy breathing. ” Oh you darn kids. I’m gonna get ya’ for tipping my cows.”

Each kid shuddered in fear. Mr. McCray said, ” Are ya’ in here?”. ” Meow” said Alia.

” Oh it’s the barn cat,” Mr.McCray said petting the brown sack. ” Good kitty.” “Purr?” Alia said happily.

Mr.McCray moved to the next sack. ” Woof.” TJ said trying to be a dog. ” Oh, it’s the barn dog. Good boy.” Mr.McCray stupidly replied, he had pet the sack too. ” Grrr…” TJ growled, he did not like being pet.

Thud! Thud was the sound of Mr.MCray’s big feet walking across the barn. ” Now who’s in here?” he thundered. ” POTATOE!!!” Joe said trying to be funny.

Bang went the gun, luckily he missed Joe. Joe had fainted on the floor and stayed there ‘till the next day. For Alia and TJ, they waited there with Joe, it felt like forever and then dragged him home. The Cops found out about the shooting the next day, Mr.MCray went to jail, and was later murdered.


By Felix Hannah, Boynton Middle School, Fifth Grade

For 3 years, Jared and Melanie had been on the move, going from house to house, and state to state. Their parents were scientists, studying different supernatural events and stories. They had now moved to a quiet town called Tamueta, in Florida. The myth was that strange creatures in a nearby swamp, would abduct anyone who travelled to the swampy area they live in at night . “Ugh, when are we gonna get there?” Jared complained, “We’re all ready here actually.” Jared’s and Melony’s Father said, “We rented a house and everything, so don’t worry your little heads about anything.” It took a few days to unpack everything, each night strange noises of the lush jungle like land filled the sleep of the family.

One early morning, Melony and Jared were taking a walk, getting familiar with their new home. “Why are there so many gosh darn bugs around here!?” Melony said “I think its because were in Florida, and because we’re near a swamp.”, “Um… what is that thing?” Melony said “What is what?” Jared exclaimed “Its, its… gone, it was, like a weird skinny, shadowy… thing. Definity not human, way too tall.” Melony said, “It’s probably probably a trick of the light.” Jared said, but Melony could hear the nervousness in his voice, “let’s just get back to the, urk!” In a swift motion a giant hand with seven spindly, long, fury, and bony clawed fingers grappled around Jared’s throat, swiping him away into the shady darkness of the jungle. “Jared!!!” Melony screamed, she then felt droplets of water fall onto her head, no not water, Melony slowly looked up, to see a large fury head with long rows of spiky teeth and a long black tendril like tongue drooping down towards her dripping saliva onto her head.

She screamed as it pulled a long bag over her, it slung the bag over its shoulder and disappeared into the jungle. After four more hours, the children’s parents gathered the locals of the town to begin a search for the missing children. They brought flashlights, guns, and ammunition, they searched and searched for Jared and Melony, but no luck. Then at about two A.M., the search party heard gunfire, in an instant hundreds of creatures like the ones that stole the children streamed through the treeline. Gunfire filled the air. The searchers had brought themselves to the slaughter.



The Haunted Car

By RJ Smith, Jaffrey Grade School, Fifth Grade


There was a haunted 1978 chevy camaro In my driveway it looked HAUNTED. REALLY Haunted! it really scared me. it did see grim reaper and ghost face that night on halloween night at first it scared me but was he real? Aka He was real!!!!!!! You know grim reaper comes after you DIE!!!! I hope he does not come after I DIE any way my name is travis pastrana i am 10 and I dream of being a rally racer pro. When i grow up but my dad bought the camaro yesterday it is so cool it is gloss black it makes it look a lot scarier in person you might think it is not i mean come on guys im only 10. But the grim reaper is only in everybody who reads this he will appear in your house house mwaw haw haw haw haw any way grim reaper will haunt your house even if you don’t read this it is the truth. Five seconds aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Grim reaper killed someone. Now im going to run away from this story the end


Scary Story

By Patricia Laura, Jaffrey-Rindge Middle School

The wind howled outside sending leaves soaring through the night sky. I was home. So far I have been terrified. But tonight I hated it even more, it is halloween. I stand in the kitchen making some food, with all the lights on.When my food is done, I take it out. And get a fork, and walk to the living room. I sit on the couch, the power flickers on and off, but then comes back on. I continue eating. When there is a loud knock on the front door. Funny no one trick or treats here. I think.

I close it and lock it up. But when I turn around I feel eyes on the back of my head. I slowly walk up to my room, thinking it is really nothing. I walk into the room change and crawl into bed. I go to shut off the lamp but the power does it again, it flickers on and off. I think nothing of it, and shut it off. I lay in bed for a couple of minutes, when I hear the loud creaking of the front door. I lean up, and climb out of bed. Walking downstairs. I see nothing so I walk back to bed. After a couple of minutes I hear a little boy laughing. I open my eyes and look around. It almost sounds like a basketball is being bounced. “Come play with me.” A voice says. I get up and step into a puddle of blood. Screaming. For dear life. I fall down seeing the dead bird under the bed.

I jump up running out. But I feel sick to my stomach, And throw up, but it is black feathers. I start crying, when the voice starts again. “Won’t you play with me?” I look around, have I gone crazy? I think. I look into the window, my face covered with blood. My teeth black as night. I scream. The sound of the ball on the floor keeps getting louder and louder. I cover my ears, crying blood tears. The next thing I remember was falling on the ground.

I wake up in a hospital bed, my family around me. They all look at me. Drowning me with hugs and kisses. My parents ask me so many questions. When a black crow flies into the window. My brother says “Cool” I start to panic.


The Murder Mystery of the Odds

By Aaliyah White, Jaffrey Grade School, Fifth Grade

This is the story of the Odd family and let me give you a heads up, this family really is odd. Their family contains triplets and 2 older sisters a mother named Danielle and a father named Austin the triplets names are Kalany,August,MIla the older sisters are Amelia and Kiley. They all have the same dream that is creepy and they try to figure out why they all had that same dream… THIS IS THE ODD FAMILY

Chapter 1: The Airport Nightmare

It was the night of Halloween and the triplets were getting ready for Trick-or-Treat they are going to be minions they are all really excited. They went Trick-or-Treating. The triplets have 2 older sisters named Amelia Mila and Kiley Alayah, their mom is Danielle and the dad is Austin they live in Houston in Texas. They love Texas but the Odd family want a vacation so they go to the big city NYC they have never been,now this is where it gets interesting the family goes to the airport they see this really creepy guy. They didn’t think anything they went about their day until the creepy guy took Amelia and Kiley they screamed the parents didn’t notice anything different until they got on the plane “Amelia and Kiley are GONE ohh noo” the mother said “WHAT” said the dad. ” I want you to say where you are from you got it” said the kidnapper Amelia and Kiley responded ” Texas” the guy looked at them and Amelia said ” Can I get something to eat” the guy replied “I will starve you before I give you any food you understand” Kiley started to cry the never spread so many tears in their lives the guy heard them crying like babies he yelled, ” Stop crying like babies.”

The girls yelled no they never felt that scared in their lives.





Two boys known as Brad and Chad,are going trick or treating but little do they know it will be a curse.

The two boys were getting ready for Halloween. Brad dressed up as a vampire Chad dressed as a zombie. “It is a good thing we are going soon because we are always are late for Halloween.” Brad says. “I know Brad if we leave at 6:00 the candy will be gone so it’s lucky we did our chores at 2:00.” Chad says. “So get your butt off of the couch!” Brad screams! So after that they left the house and went to 666 Avenue. “Wow totally not convincing, the 666 Avenue.” The Devil says. “This is so weird did I just see the Devil?” Chad asks. “You need hearing aids! the Devil is not here!” Brad chuckles. “Also Brad more like a brat!” The Devil says. “Don’t call me a brat Chad!” Brad screams! They got so mad at each other they fainted. “This year they are going to miss Halloween hahaha!” The Devil laughs!


The Disappearance of Sara Jeffreys


Kiaja Hendrickson, Jaffrey Grade School, Fifth Grade

It was Halloween night and Sara Jeffreys had to work an overnight shift at the asylum. This job was the only good paying job that her boyfriend mentioned. Her boyfriend had just stopped and had given her some of her favorite treats, they were these little muffins. She always had noticed that the box was always easy to open but she thought less of it. She loved her favorite treats and she ate them all up. After her boyfriend left she sat down and waited if anyone needed help. Then she heard her phone go off. She took it out of her pocket and saw that it was a text message. She opened it up and it said no caller ID, again she thought nothing of it and read the text. The text message read, “Hey Sara it’s me Austin, your childhood friend.” Sara remembered having a childhood friend named Austin. So she started to text him. She said, “Oh, hi Austin, it’s so good to talk to you, I haven’t heard from you in a while after you moved.” He replied, “Oh right I’m really sorry about that.” Sara didn’t reply for a few minutes. She stopped texting because she heard moaning and laughs like a maniac’s. She was shaken to her core. She was so scared that she just stayed in her seat. She told Austin, “I just heard moaning and laughs that did not sound like a normal laugh. It sounded like a maniac’s laugh.” Austin replied, “Oh yeah that’s me!” “What?!” “Yes I am subject 49, you are subject 50.” “Subject 49 and 50?” “You know how your boyfriend brings you those donuts.” “Yeah, what about it?” “Well he puts this serum in it that makes you feel a tiny bit dizzy.” Sara accidentally threw her phone on the floor. She ran over and picked it up, went into messages and clicked on her boyfriend’s column, (His name is Peter.) She started to text Peter. She said, “WHY WOULD YOU PUT LITERAL POISON IN MY MUFFINS!?!?” A couple seconds had passed no answer. A few minutes had past still no answer. She had started talking to Austin again. She said he wouldn’t answer. Austin replied with, “Of course he isn’t going to reply. No male of female wants to be in a state of guilt or be accused of anything.” Sara thought about that for a minute. She realised Austin was right. She was going to leave and go to Peter’s house when she heard knocking on the door. She opened the door but suspiciously no one was there. She closed the door and went to get her phone. She walked over to the door, she twisted the knob. The door opened a little bit but then slammed shut. She then could hear doors opening from down the hallway and moaning. She had just gotten a text message from Austin. It read, “Haha you actually thought I was Austin? My name is James. I have been stalking you for years.” “WHAT!? OMG!?!?” She heard the moaning and their footsteps getting closer and closer. She had to think quick. She ran and turned the light on. Then Sara remembered that once she read an article that stated that a zombie can live up to about 20 days without feeding on the human brain. Sara quickly ran into one of the asylee applicants room and grabbed one of the fake brains. Mind you this is no ordinary asylum. They have fake brains in the asylee applicant room. She threw it towards them. Sara heard them pulling it apart. She then ran to the door to get away but something was blocking it. She saw that it was a man. The man said in a shaky, low voice like Morgan Freeman “Hello Sara… Tis I James your STALKER!!!!” Sara was horrified. She didn’t know what to do. She ran up the stairs to the second floor. She hid in the other asylee applicant room. She quickly grabbed a syringe full of this drug that knocks people out. Sara has only used it once on a patient, but they informed her that if you don’t use it on a patient seeking mental help the person you use it on might die. Sara had remembered but she didn’t care at that moment. It was for her own safety. When James walked through the door, she got up very slowly. She walked over towards him, and stabbed him with the syringe. She then dashed towards the door and flung it open. She got in her car and then drove so fast, that she missed the speed limit by 60 miles. She drove to Peter’s house. She knocked on the door so hard her hand was bleeding. Peter opened the door, she pushed him and practically yelled, “I ALMOST JUST DIED!!!” Peter without hesitation, said “Why James. Why did you screw up my plan.” Sara was mortified. She got in her car and drove to the asylum. She opened the door Walked inside and sat down. She started to text James. She wrote, “James, what will happen to me?” A minute later she heard the door open. She got up and waited to see who it was. It was James. James responded with, “Sara, come with me and we can live happily ever after.” Sara asked, “What about Peter.” “Forget him my love. Leave him!” Sara then walked into a room in the asylum with James and they disappeared .

I bet you’re wondering, “what happens next?” Well that is for another story.


Haunted Halloween


By Kamryn Castricone, Jaffrey Grade School, Fifth Grade

It was finally Halloween night. Jake was so happy it was one of his favorite holidays. His favorite part about it was scaring people when they came to his driveway. It was an hour in and he had to go to the bathroom. After he was done he washed his hands and he saw a shadow in the corner of his eye. The bathroom door got slammed shut. Then he looked behind him it was a girl without a face! she had black straight hair. He quickly ran and opened the door. He dashed to the driveway then he went back inside because halloween was over. He thought of what he saw before. Was his brain playing tricks on him?

It was midnight he was still thinking about what he saw in the bathroom. Then a voice in his head said, “Happy knockout day!” The girl without a face was behind him! She knocked Jake out with a frying pan. Quickly, she grabbed a trash bag and threw him into a deep lake. He drifted away. Finally Jake woke up. He said to himself, “who shut off the lights!’’ Then he felt himself in a bag. He wondered why he was wet, then he realized he was in the water. He heard his friend Austin, screaming across the lake, to get out of that bag. Jake’s nails are still sharp, he tore open the bag and got out. He swam to the bank where Austin was. Austin asked him if he was ok. Jake said, “Yeah, let’s get out of here before she comes back.” Austin said, “Before who comes back?”.Jake said “Forget about it.” So they ran back. On the way they found a dusty crumpled book that was under leaves. Austin and Jake brought it to Jake’s House.

When they got home they opened the book. They went through all the pages and found nothing but blank pages. Austin went over to Jake’s fish tank. He took the light and put it on the setting of a black light. He shined it over a page and the ink showed up. They read it and it was a spell breaker it said ” This book will break the girl with the blank face curse”. The black haired girl came up behind the boys. Now, the curse and the girl was gone forever.

The Halloween prankster

By Lily Mormando, Jaffrey Grade School, Fifth Grade

Hi my name is Jay. I’m an 11 year old boy with a Halloween mission. My plan is to scare every person in my class. Its pay back to Jack. Every year he scares me. And this year, I will not only scare him but the whole class! This will be sweet!! I’m going to scare them either in the bathroom or at the Halloween parade

Ok so im about to pull my first prank, and it’s on jack. Now everyone thinks that i’m being “DARTH VADER” so nobody will know its me in the creepy ghost costume!! I’m pulling this prank in the bathroom. Jack told me that he had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad so I quickly went over to my teacher and asked if I could use the bathroom. Jack asked like right when I walked out the door and I ran to the bathroom hid behind the door and when he came speed walking in saying under his breath, “gotta pee!! Gotta pee!!” I i giggled a bit. Then he was done he was about to walk out and i screamed, “BOO!!” Jack stared to scream and I started to crack up laughing and pulled off the costume and said, “Jack it’s me!!” He looked at me for like 30 seconds and then he stared to laugh. We kept laughing and going like, “Ahhh!!” I guess me and Jack are fine with getting pranked. He said he will also help me prank!!

We went in the class Super quietly and we turned off the lights and put on ghost costumes and everyone was confused and scared. We giggled. Then we said , “We are the school’s ghost’s. We were here way back in day. We got killed,Now it’s time for revenge!!” We chased a lot of people and they were yelling saying, “No please!!” It was so funny. Then we turned on the lights and said, “It’s just us!!” Me and Jack said. Some people laughed while others got mad. The teacher laughed and said, “Okay boys. That was pretty funny. But no more.” , “Ok Ms. Talla” Me and Jack said. As the day went by it was getting more and more exciting. But, at the end of the day when I was getting my bag and heading into the class someone said my name, it was a creepy voice. Then I turned around and saw two ghosts. They said, “We are the ghost of the school. And we are here to get revenge of you imitating us!!” The ghosts pounced at me and then I realised that it was jack and his brother. We laughed. Now every year, it’s a tradition to do the “School’s Ghost” Prank.



1 Day 2 Nights 3 Kids

By Kamille Gadso, Jaffrey Grade School, Fifth Grade

There was a happy family until… she came.

“Here I am on the floor so sad and heart is torn”. Ashlyn Said. Her sister Katelyn was right next to her she’d look so bored that she could almost fall asleep. “Hey are you even awake”? Aslhyn asked. Katelyn snored and pretended to be asleep they both laugh until they heard a scream a ghost. The ghost screamed out Katelyn’s name then another screamed happened the ghost screamed Ashlyn’s name! “She’s here!” Katelyn said in fear they both ran faster and faster the screams get louder and louder! Everything went black… the lights were flickering then the power went on.”Katelyn are you ok?” Ashlyn asked Katelyn had a huge scratch on her eye. “what happened?” Katelyn asked. “Idk but we need to get out of here fast!” Ashlyn said in a hurry. They both ran as fast as they can. “Look a house!” Katleyn said! They both ran up to the house. When they got to the house Ashlyn kicked the door down “Hiyya! I guess those karate lessons paid off huh.” Ashlyn said proudly Katelyn rolled her eyes and opened up the door “woah look at all this cool stuff!” Ashlyn said “I know right!” A stranger pops up behind Ashlyn “AHHHH” the girls both scream. “Oh my gosh you scared me!” Ashlyn said! “Sorry my name is Josh.” He says with a smile. The lights turned off it went dark Josh and Ashlyn screamed while Katelyn didn’t feel anything The ghost hit Josh and Ashlyn Katelyn Saw the ghost it was horrifying it had a whitebnight nightgown The ghost took the three kids into a cell look a book Josh says they flipped to the first page “How to get rid of ghost you have to say In the dark skies of this night there will be no more fright chasing you to night then you have to cut a piece of your hair and place it on Skylers grave.” josh,Katelyn,Ashlyn cut there hair placed it on Skylers grave and they all said “In the dark skies of this night there will be no more fright chasing you tonight.” “the cursed was gone”! Ashly says. People say that she’s still creeping out at night waiting for her next victim who knows you might be next.


Spooky House

By Lucienne Gauquier, Jaffrey Grade School, Fifth Grade

Today was Glinda’s Halloween party on 6th Avenue. “Livey? Do you have your costume on?” Mom screamed up from downstairs. “Yes I do!” I screamed back; I came downstairs with a fashion model with an axe in her head costume on. My big sister, Astrid walked down the hall with a clown mask. “Hey Live! What are you supposed to be?” She asked with a snarl. “A fashion model with an axe in her head Jerk-face.” “Hey girls you stop that!” “I’m guessing I’m the one who put the axe in her head?” Astird asked with a smile.

“Hey mom? When are we going to be there?” I asked when we were driving to Glinda’s party. “A few minutes!” She complained at a stop light. Soon we arrived, and a few pumpkin balloons blew in the wind, as they were tied tightly on a white mailbox. I walked in the doorway, that had a carved pumpkin and a few bats, dangling from the roof. Glinda opened the door with a smile of red lipstick. She was a devil. “Hey!” I said hugging her. When I walked in the house, there was only one weird thing. Everyone was dressed as a skeletons’. I looked around, and checked the invite card. “Uh..” I muttered. “Did I dress wrong?” “No! No!” Glinda looked around. “These are just my parents friends! Our party’s downstairs in the basement.” She looked at me frowning, her red devil horns glistened from the chandelier dangling from above. “So?” She asked opening the basement door, then BAM! The door slammed shut, she twirled and looked at the door. “Maybe it’s my parents..” She tried to open the door. “It’s locked you guys! I can’t open it!” She panicked jiggling the door handle, that now fell off, blood leaked through the door, trickling down the wood stairs. Everyone gasped and went up the stairs with a frown. A girl who was dressed up as a cat raised her hand. “What’s that?” she asked pointed to the door that was literally twisting up. A hand reached out for Glinda. We all ran down those stairs, at the speed of lightning. There was another room that was next to the basement so we ran and closed it. Glinda felt around the dark claustrophobic room. I switched on a light that was next to me. “Got it.” Everyone sighed. Then BOOM! The lights went out and somebody shook the door knob. “Stay back” said Glinda. She opened the door, and there, RIGHT THERE was a ghost! Everyone screamed and Glinda slapped him. The ghost with a click of his hand there was a bloody knife, and my group of friends were never seen again! Now who is the ghost that kills people on Halloween? Find that out for yourself!



By Ayden Leblanc, Jaffrey Grade School, Fifth Grade


One halloween night Josh and his friend steve were on there way to Steve’s house to hang out little do they know that in a few hours they will die. Josh said “hey Steve when are we gonna be at your house” “In a few minutes” “ok” ten minutes later :were here: Josh and Steve went to get a snack so they got some chips Steve said “Want to watch a scary movie” “Shur” so they watched jaws half way through the movie the power went out Josh screamed Steve said “Relax the power just went out:”Josh and Steve went and lit up some candles after they lit some candles they went to the celer to fix the power box they brought a flashlight Josh said “It’s dusty down here” then they heard footsteps then Josh seen steve dead on the ground Josh screamed he heard someone say Isee you Josh screamed and ran for the door it was locked in the basement of that house you may see the ghosts of Josh and Steve haunting that house for eternity.


The Home

 By Marley Liles and Tiffany Wilson, Jaffrey Grade School, Fifth Grade

Chapter 1

I was home and mom knocked on the door or I thought it was her and I looked at the door. I saw it was not mom it was a scary person and I was scared.I called mom but he cut the line. I can not call my mom and I got scared and locked the doors.The window to but I forgot the front door so he came in and my sister came in from school and told her to “go to school”“no” she said so she ran. Moll ran to the basement and went in.

Chapter 2

And when she wants to the basement. She fell and hurt herself and then she had something and she fainted she was in alligator ants and the killer came in and killed her and the alligator killed him. The young sister came home and the alligator came up the stairs. Molly ran from the alligator. She run but her ankle started to hurt so she can’t run anymore. Molly’s mom came home and she grabbed Moll and the alligator grabbed her too.

Chapter 3

Molly tried to run but she could not run at all she tried to yell and she heard another alligator coming up the stars. So mom said nope I am out of here. So Molly was all alone.



The Megalomaniac

By Damani Roy, Jaffrey Grade School, Fifth Grade

$%#6 Day. What does that mean? It’s bad luck day of course, and who likes that? It’s pretty scary in the morning. Because it’s scary in the afternoon as well, and what we all do in the town of yurak, is hide. And that’s the worst part, because they always find one townsperson and… I don’t know, who knows? They don’t just come back like it was nothing. Maybe they are skinned! I don’t want to hide anymore. Me and zander are still in are hiding spot. “Hey zander?” I say in a quiet voice. “Yeah zack?” He says as he looks toward me. “Can we get out of here now? Because I just found out that there are two..” “Where did you find that out?!” He says panicking. “My phone, they also can morph into anything they choose!” I say. “Do you know what they are called?” “Yeah actually! They are called M E G A L O M A N I A C S” That leads to where we are right now. And so we wouldn’t use that word we would just call them monsters. We exited the cave and we start to run across the jungle, being careful of the monsters. “Zack where are we going?” Zander says in a scared voice. “We are going to maine!” In case you didn’t know we were close to the edge of the forest of maine. We enter the very start of maine, and we make a den to rest in. “Looks amazing zack I heard there are other people here, but they are african american” He says. “That’s no problem, is it a problem..?” I say questioning slowly. “No no not a problem at all! I just don’t know if they are friendly like our townspeople, who knows if they are kind or not.” “Well we’ll just have to be kind to them, and hope they return the kindness back to us and we could join their club or gang I don’t know what they call it.” I say. “Sounds like a plan,” Zander says. It appears nobody and I mean nobody, is at the tribe and good thing we took are stuff with us. And we walk about 3 miles away from the tribe and set up are home in that new place. “Zack can you go to that tribe and see if anything is in it? I’ll search another tribe very close by that looks abandoned, if it’s okay with you.” He says. “Sure!” We split up to the tribes to find the resources, I find an apple and a couple hatches by also their special shoes they have. We headed back to camp, He found nothing but a pear. The next day he asks “Hey zack?” “Yeah?” I say. “I’m going to get food i’ll be back!” But, He never came back.



The piratesDeath found…Three days before halloween night

By Clay Shirey, Jaffrey Grade School, Fifth Grade

One night jim was walking to the beach so he could find stuff..When all of a sudden his shovel hit something.Then he cleared the sand.When he look at it it was a SKELETON.Then the skeleton started to move.The skeleton had a pirate hat. It also had a sword.Then other skeletons came up out of the ground.Jim started to run.The skeletons started to run after jim.Then jim remembered that someone found a pirate ship near the beach that he just went on.So jim started to run to his house.His mom and dad were not at his house because they were at work.When he got inside he locked all the doors.Then the power went out.He looked out the window and he saw the skeletons biting on the power lines.jim said “What the heck!”.so HE went outside,he came out his bb gun and shot them down then they started to run after him so he ran back inside.Then when he looked out of the window the skeletons were not there.So jim that night could not sleep so he started reading and he looked out the window and he saw the captain skeleton looking through his windows So he just closed his blinds and went to sleep.When he woke up he saw skeletons around him and his mom and dad were not home because they had to go to work early.They all had their knives out and were pointing them at jim.Jim ran.The one that was blocking the doorway,Jim slid through his legs,And ran to The door.At night he stayed in the backyard while he was waiting for his mom and dad to come back.When they got back he told his parents what happened and they did not believe him. So he went to bed.The next day he went to school.When he was at Lunch he forgot his lunch box So he went to his locker opened it up and he got pulled inside. He saw the skeletons and the captain.The captain said ” YOUR ANCESTOR DID THIS.YOU WILL PAY”. THe next time he blinked he was no more.


I’m the one who said

that and that “who” is the captain.



A Halloween Mystery

By Evelyn Townsend, Jaffrey Grade School, Fifth Grade

It was Halloween and Maddison was too busy thinking about trick or treating to focus in science class. Maddison was a tall girl who loved the color purple. She happened to be wearing her favorite outfit today, a purple shirt with a purple fleece that had purple candy shaped buttons, and purple striped leggings. The bell rang and nobody reminded the teacher to pass out homework. Emily speed walked up to Maddison. Emily was all about bending the rules, for instance she would whisper when she was not supposed to and if a teacher caught her she would tell the teacher to get their ears checked. ” Hey Maddy! She called loudly. I heard that class B2 is handing out Halloween candy maps.”

“No thanks Em, I am going to do it all by myself this year!”

“Pfft, I’m not sharing my nerds.”

“You can keep your nerds,” replied Maddison.

Later that day Maddison got off the bus in glee. She ran into her room in joy and unplugged her phone. She texted: “Hey r u gonna go trick or treating with me?”

“No imma go hang out with the kids who get good candy.”

“:/ ok then see ya at school on monday…”

Maddison put on her monkey suit and set off. She got out of school at 4:00 PM so it was about 4:25 PM. She had been walking for a long time when she heard a long series of caterwauling. She started to speed walk as it started to get louder. Maddison broke into a run and dropped her candy. She heard a snicker and looked around to see Her friend Emily.

“I thought you went with the “cool kids” ?”

“I got bored and decided to head to your house, but since you weren’t there I decided to find you.

” Did you make that sound?”

“What sound?”



Shh! a ghost story

Savy and her brother Kyle got an invitation to a mansion. The note wrote, ” Dear humans, you are invited to a mansion for dinner. Come to this, address 695 anonymous avenue - anonymous”

Savy was 16 had nice black wavy hair always wore striped and a dark red hoodie, Kyle was 18, had brown hair and always wore black suits. “I think we should go!” Kyle said excitedly. So they went to Kyle’s car and drove off to the mansion. The mansion was old huge white and bright.

“I-I don’t think we should be here” Savy whispered. “Don’t be silly” Kyle said laughing “it’s so interesting”.


The doors opened. “That’s so cool” Kyle whispered in Savy’s ear. “I guess” Savy said quietly. They walked in the room, it was really bright and there was a beautiful big crystal chandelier. “Hello Kyle” said The Man in a deep voice. “AHHHHH” Kyle screamed and ran out the door. Savy started to cry “KYLE NOOO!” “Savy it’s your chance to escape, what are you doing?” the man chuckled.

The doors closed. “Their locked” she thought “IT WAS A SET UP” she screamed, “YOU’RE TRYING TO KILL ME” she screamed even louder.

” You are correct earthling” he laughed. A week later Savy died of starvation and turned into a ghost a friendly one but a ghost. Her hair turned purple, her skin was gray and her eyes were black. The man grabbed a stitching set and stitched Savy’s lips, they were stitched shut, she couldn’t talk.

New people came, Savy mumbled. “What was that?” one of the girls questioned. “I don’t know Yessica” said the other girl, “me neither Jessica” said Yessica. Savy grabbed scissors and cut the stitches. “YOU NEED TO TURN BACK QUICKLY, BEFORE YOU END UP LIKE ME. Dead.” Savy whispered loudly. The girls turned back, it was too late, the doors were closed and couldn’t open.”SAVY HOW CAN YOU TALK!!!!” The Man said angrily. The twins started crying.”y-you don’t s-scare us” Yessica cried. “You sure?” The Man said in a deep voice. The mans eyes started changing colors. The girls got so scared they fainted.

When they woke up they were ghosts, they saw their original bodies lying on the ground. “Im sorry girls I told you SHH! But you wouldn’t listen” Savy said. The Man sewed their mouths shut and it was permanent, “SHH!” The Man said.



By Haley Taylor, Jaffrey Grade School

Savy and her brother Kyle got an invitation to a mansion. The note wrote, “ Dear humans, you are invited to a mansion for dinner. Come to this, address 695 anonymous avenue - anonymous”

Savy was 16 had nice black wavy hair always wore striped and a dark red hoodie, Kyle was 18, had brown hair and always wore black suits. “I think we should go!” Kyle said excitedly. So they went to Kyle’s car and drove off to the mansion. The mansion was old huge white and bright.

“I-I don’t think we should be here” Savy whispered. “Don’t be silly” Kyle said laughing “it’s so interesting”.

The doors opened. “That's so cool” Kyle whispered in Savy’s ear. “I guess” Savy said quietly. They walked in the room, it was really bright and there was a beautiful big crystal chandelier. “Hello Kyle” said The Man in a deep voice. “AHHHHH” Kyle screamed and ran out the door. Savy started to cry “KYLE NOOO!” “Savy it’s your chance to escape, what are you doing?” the man chuckled.

The doors closed. “Their locked” she thought “IT WAS A SET UP” she screamed, “YOU’RE TRYING TO KILL ME” she screamed even louder.

“ You are correct earthling” he laughed. A week later Savy died of starvation and turned into a ghost a friendly on but a ghost. Her hair turned purple, her skin was gray and her eyes were black. The man grabbed a stitching set and stitched Savy’s lips, they were stitched shut, she couldn’t talk.

New people came, Savy mumbled. “What was that?” one of the girls questioned. “I don’t know Yessica” said the other girl, “me neither Jessica” said Yessica. Savy grabbed scissors and cut the stitches. “YOU NEED TO TURN BACK QUICKLY, BEFORE YOU END UP LIKE ME. Dead.” Savy whispered loudly. The girls turned back, it was too late, the doors were closed and couldn’t open.”SAVY HOW CAN YOU TALK!!!!” The Man said angrily. The twins started crying.”y-you don’t s-scare us” Yessica cried. “You sure?” The Man said in a deep voice. The mans eyes started changing colors. The girls got so scared they fainted.

When they woke up they were ghosts, they saw their original bodies lying on the ground. “Im sorry girls I told you SHH! But you wouldn’t listen” Savy said. The Man sewed their mouths shut and it was permanent, “SHH!” The Man said.

The Unsolved Death

By Scarlett Castiglioni, Jaffrey Grade School

There, on Old Soggy Ln, there live a twelve year old girl. Her name was Lela Gregory. She had bright blond hair and always wore her favorite sweater. It was a red sweater. Her great, great grandmother got it for her when she was a baby. She never went anywhere without it. When she was three years old, her mother died from a heart attack, and her father left her mother when she was born. Lela had a rough beginning, but she tried to make things better. She had a friend, named Janeia. Lela was having a sleepover with her friend, Janeia. Janeia was the same age as Lela. Janeia had dark brown hair, and blue eyes. After about ten minutes, Janeie arrived. They wanted to play some games, so they did. First, they played tag. Then, they watched a movie. It was a scary movie because it was the night of halloween. They played hide and seek together. When Lela was hiding, she got a rip in her sweater. So Lela told Janeia that she was going to go get a new sweater on. Janeia said that she was going to get a snack while Lela is getting changed.

When Lela got down stairs, she called for Janeia. There was no answer. Lela kept on calling for Janeia, but still no answer. First, she checked the bedrooms. She was not in there. Then, she checked the bathroom, but she still was not there. She checked the living room, but Janeia was not there. When she got in the kitchen, she saw Janeia dead on the floor with an ax in her stomach. Lela was frightened. She checked the windows just to make sure that nothing was there. She was not expecting this to happen. She ran as fast as she could to the phone to call for help. There was no answer. Suddenly, she heard a quiet lullaby coming from upstairs. Evrey time she moved, it was getting louder, and louder. it got louder, and louder. She heard footsteps coming from the upstairs. The upstairs floor was creaking, and cracking. There was dust and bits of wood falling from the upstairs floor.The next thing she knew, she’s dead on the ground. Who was the killer? Why did this happen? How did this happen? This is a death that can never be solved.



The Mysterious Shady Figure

By Lola Bergeron, Jaffrey Grade School

One night on Halloween in a town like no other, was the town of Horrorville. There were two trick-or treaters named Mabel and Ella. Ella had 37 pieces of candy, had green eyes and brown hair and Mabel was 9 and had hazel eyes with blond hair and had 40 pieces of candy. Mabel was a witch and Ella was ghost.

They went to the next house but at the door was this shadowy figure, He was tall and skinny and was grayish, they went to the next house. It followed them! This time he wasn’t alone there was a doll with him the doll had button eyes and was about a foot in a half it was wearing all blach even black hair and boots. It was looking down 1 second later looking up, right at them. They were terrified then looked behind them there was about 50 monsters zombies, ghouls, vampires, ghosts and one big foot. They ran for their lives and went to Ella’s house to get help from her parents, but that didn’t help. Her parents were zombies too!

The girls turned around but now there were millions of monsters! All the monsters were weirdly all doing the same thing they all took a step forward and back and all looked one way then the other and all itched the back of their heads, like they were being controlled by something.

Then it hit them the shadowy figure must be controlling all of them. So if we capture the shady figure then every other monster will be gone, but the shady figure. But how? He was smoke and you can’t capture smoke. That’s what they thought. “Look!” Ella yelled.

All the monsters fell for it and looked, that gave them time to run. It was no use though because the monsters kept following them. Then Mabel had an idea and said,

“Maybe we could capture the shady figure in a bottle.”

But how were they going to find a bottle in the middle of nowhere? We then ran into a house to find a bottle, they found one it was green and was shaped like a bear bottle but how do we get the shady figure into the bottle. They went around the house to try to find something else to capture the shady figure, then they saw it, a vacuum!

They ran after the shady figure and found him in a bedroom they got his leg first then the rest of him and sucked him up. They went to see if the other monsters disappeared but they did not, they were so scared they fainted for five minutes, until the monsters woke them up! But the monsters were now just people in costumes. Ella and Mabel had a question, who was that mysterious shady figure... maybe they’ll find out next year on Halloween.


The Doll

By Mabel Bergeron, Jaffrey Grade School

Once there was a girl named Rose, Rose is 10. Rose has a brother named Ethan. Ethan is 17. Their dad died when she was 3. Ethan is much older than Rose but they were close. On Rose’s birthday her mom got her a present and the present was… a doll but this was not an ordinary doll, it was a life size doll that looked exactly like her. The girl liked it either way but her brother was edgy about it.

That night when everyone was asleep the doll took a knife and tried to stab Rose but she missed and got Rose’s stuffed animal from she was a kid. When she woke next to the stabbed stuffed animal and screamed so loud her neighbor came over complaining about it. Then her mother came in and yelled at Rose.

“Why would you do that rose?” asked mom.” It wasn’t me i promise” Rose cried.

“since you lied and ruined something your grounded for 2 weeks young lady”.

“But mom then it’s going to be Halloween”. Rose said angrily because she knew her mother was not going to change her mind . So what and if you act up again you will miss your friends birthdays. After that her mom left the room and slammed the door.That Halloween. It’s Halloween and Rose is still grounded. that night the doll decided to take charge instead of waiting all night and day. The doll decided it was the night to switch souls with the girl, so when she was asleep the doll switch souls. Right after that the mom came in.

“honey i’m sorry. I was too hard on you” she said.

“Why don’t we go trick or treating and you can invite one friend”mom said.

“ok !” the doll said excitedly.

“Ill invite brittny”the doll said. The doll new brittny had her friend doll and the doll was pretty sure her friend already switched souls,so that’s why she picked brittny. After trick or treating the doll asked if she could have a sleepover. The mom said yes. That night the dolls where lying down and bamm they blacked out. Turns out they were dead because the Ethan saw them switch souls. He thought that his sister would come back but nothing happened. Turns out once you kill the dolls the people who they switched souls with get sucked across the world. That night the brother sat there crying and in his head he said

“I’m going to find my sister no matter what”. Will he find Rose and Brittny? Check back next Halloween.


John’s Ghost

By Merijane Layfield, Jaffrey Grade School

Back in 1876, there was a farmer and his daughter. The farmer was a 64 year oldThey lived together in England in a small with dark brown hair and brown hair and brown eyes. His daughter was named Erica. Erica was a blond 17 year old with hazel eyes. She loved a boy named John. Erica and John loved each other a lot. John was an 18 year old with light brown hair and blue eyes. Erica’s father did not like how much they hung out. One day, Erica’s father sent her to her Aunt Josephine’s house. After a few days, John died mysteriously.

A week or two passed but the farmer still did not tell his daughter, he thought that it would be too heartbreaking. That night on the twenty first, Erica heard a knock on the door! She was so confused and excited. She kept on looking through the tiny crack in the door to see who it was, but couldn’t see anything. She finally chose to open the door. When she did, she realized it was John! Since she had not heard about his horrific death she was under the impression he was here to rescue her and bring her back to the farm.

John was on a black and white horse to chauffeur for Erica, and after only a small bit of riding, Erica realized they were on their way back. Erica reached for his hand to get a better grip, but when she touched his hand just the slightest bit, she was shocked at how cold it was and almost fell off.

“Your hands are as cold as clay! Do you need me to take you to a doctor?” She asked concernedly

“No” Said John, replying briskly. Erica still thought that he was cold so she placed her gray jacket on his back.

More time had passed, and they had only just made it to the farm. Erica went inside, thanking John for the ride, and he followed. She leaned in to give him a goodnight kiss, but just hugged him after smelling his rotten egg like stench. She jokingly told him to take a shower when he got home, and left towards her room. When she went in her room she saw John! Erica started to get a bit scared, so she asked him to leave, but he started awkwardly stalling, grumbling and moaning. She told him she was planning on going to bed soon, more aggressively than she liked, and he should go home. John said that he was trying to find her in the big farm. He said that he had stopped in her room to see if she had been in there, but then she walked in.

After John left she went to check on the horse, but he was not anywhere in sight! Erica must have thought that John was taking him out for his night trot. Nonetheless, she still called for them. Erica’s father thought that she was in trouble so he ran in to the barn to assist her, but when he got to the barn she just kept on laughing and laughing. He thought it was very creepy that she was doing that, so he just started backing away slowly. “What’s so funny Erica?” He asked,

but she didn’t answer. He repeated himself but this time he had said it louder. “WHAT IS SO FUNNY?”

Erica slowly turned around. “You.” She said softly.

The farmer asked her if she had been seeing John. “No, who is John?” She said while laughing.

“YOUR BOYFRIEND!” Said her father.

“I don’t have a boyfriend.” Erica said with a grimace on her face.

“I WILL SHOW YOU HIS GRAVE!” said her father. She did not reply.

They went to the graveyard and saw that the dirt was disturbed. The father recognized a gray jacket. He knew it was Erica’s jacket she had gotten for her 16th birthday from him. “John is dead.” Said the farmer.

“No. He is right here” She said gesturing toward a tall figure next to her. “He is the one who brought me back to the farm.” Erica said.

“AAAHH! How is he alive?”Yelled the farmer.

“You.You set him free” Erica said in a soft voice.

“But how?” Cried the farmer.

Erica ignored him, her father started to run away. He ran as fast as he could all the way to the police station to get some help. When he reached for the door he immediately fell to the ground! After that no one ever saw the farmer and his daughter, but every one who owned the farm the past years have either died mysteriously or ran away because of the noises they heard at night. What happened? Who killed the farmer? no one knows.


The Unknown: A horror story

By Natalya Kavalchuck, Jaffrey Grade School, Fourth Grade


One day a long time ago there was a little girl named Alice.Her house was very strange. At night she would hear footsteps in the attic. But tonight was different … tonight she heard a noise but she thought it was just her dog, but no. She woke up,and saw it peered open and so she went in the attic.When she opened the attic door more so she could get in but it made a loud creak noise that almost woke up her parents.

When she went in she saw spider webs everywhere and in the very faint light she saw figure shaped like a doll. She crawled a little closer and heard a noise “la la la lala la” she felt the hairs on her neck sticking up.Then she found a light so she pulled the string and the light turned on then she could see things around her. Then she saw blood on her hand. She got cut by a jagged piece of wood so she tore a piece of cloth off her dress and wrapped it around the cut.

Then she heard the doorbell so she looked through a small window that had a view of the front door there was a person dressed in all black then the person started banging on the door. Then they picked the door lock and went in the next thing you know that person was in the attic then Alice looked at him. He disappeared and behind her was a doll!

Then the attic door slammed shut and wouldn’t open. Then the doll was slowly going toward her and then the doll said in a faint voice her name “Mary Ann”. The doll was wearing a long black lace dress her hair was in pigtails .She had dirty blond hair it was very long.

Then she was starting to be controlled by the doll she then had a long black lace dress and then she fainted. Then she woke up, and ever since then she was controlled by the doll.

The next day at 1:00 am she started roaming the halls then she started to be brainwashed she couldn’t remember anything then she screamed then she was found dead on the floor holding the doll.


The Glitch

By Haiden Dunshee, Jaffrey Grade School

One night I was on my computer and I was writing a scary story called The Tik Tok Clock click click click it said… YOU WILL DIE!!!! I jumped out of my seat. Then I heard a”knock. Knock, knock, knock” so I went to my bedroom door. I opened the door. No one was there. Before I closed the door I heard a knock again!

I went to my computer and saw a face. It had an evil grin on it I went to the Antivirus app and clicked start. Then I sucked in. I looked at myself and saw… PIXELS! I did not see anything but white. Then in the distance I saw a person I was hoping it was the Antivirus… But it was the same face that was on my computer! Then suddenly I saw a another person. In my head I thought, That has to be the Antivirus. Then there was a battle between the Antivirus and the Glitch. I had no clue who would win. I saw the Glitch on the ground and the Antivirus was badly wounded. The Antivirus brought me to a portal across the computer. I looked back at the Glitch and saw his evil grin again. I smiled at the Antivirus and then I went through the portal.

Next thing I knew I was back in my room and my mom and dad were in my room. Then I saw the same grin from the Glitch on my dad and I will remember this day forever! Maybe there will be a part two?


Killer in the Pumpkin Patch

By Rocco Patterson


One day in town. I went to a Pumpkin Patch. My friend said, “I’M NOT COMING WITH YOU. A KILLER’S OUT THERE!”

I didn’t care. It was probably a joke. It was close to Halloween so I went to the Pumpkin Patch. Soon I was there. I wanted to get a pumpkin. But I saw 4 men all in black. I went up to them and they looked at me and ran. I called the police. Then they ran. I was safe. Then all of a sudden I felt a blade on my back. I turned and saw a man with a pumpkin head and a knife.

But then some gunshots were heard, but I turned around and he was gone. A minute later the police came to me and said the four men all in black were behind them. But they had to kill one and I am now 18 years old. And he never did it again. I woke up in my home until a knock at the door...


The Ghost Of The Jail Cells

By Adah Vitello, Jaffrey Grade School

One scary Halloween night Ashly was walking around her neighborhood in her Halloween costume, (Which was a witch) Ashly was 13 years old. She had long brown hair and brown eyes. She is an only child. Their town was in Fitchburg.

It was 9:00 pm. Her mom and dad were with her. Her dad was funny and he always wore sweat shirts over t-shirts. But this was Halloween, so he was wearing a where’s Waldo costume. Her dad’s name was Carlose. Her mom was a witch also, her mom’s name was Emily, and they stopped at every house on the block. Her mom and dad wanted to scare her, so they went past the old jail cells. The jail cells were at the end of the road. Apparently they were abandoned. They put the new ones somewhere else in town. Ashly kept hearing scary noises. But she ignored them. Then Ashly saw her best friend Gracie. Gracie had short blonde hair with hazel eyes. She was also an only child. They asked their parents if they could go trick or treating on their own. Their parents said “Yes” so they went out on their own.

“We should totally go past those jail cells again!” said Gracie.

“Oh, I don’t know”.... Ashly said nervously.

“Oh come on their so creepy!” said Gracie. “After all, it’s Halloween”.

“Oh alright, let’s go!” So they went back into the cells. When they got there Ashly took one look at the cells and gulped. Before she could say anything about leaving, Gracie chimed in. “Let’s go in”. Gracie took Ashly’s hand, and ran into the jail.

It was dark and damp in the jail. Ashly couldn’t see anything but she knew Gracie was there because she was holding her hand. Gracie whispered, “Maybe we shouldn’t have come here”. “Duh”. Ashly exclaimed. It was silent. The only thing they could hear were their shoes, (Or heels) because Gracie was a princess. Her dress was pink and fluffy. It was down to her ankles, and her crown was shiny and gold, tapping and squeaking on the damp cold ground.

Suddenly they heard something in the distance. It sounded like a faint scream. “Ahhh!” Gracie screamed. “What’s wrong!” Ashly yelled. There was no answer. Ashly couldn’t feel Gracie’s hand in hers anymore. Ashly felt tears in her eyes. Then Ashly heard something. It sounded like Gracie but she was making a sound like she was in the distance. Ashly followed the noise. Then suddenly she tripped over something. Ashly dropped down on all fours and crawled on the damp floor trying to find what she tripped over.

Suddenly she felt something. It was a lamp. She picked it up and felt all over it. Then she felt a switch. Ashly turned the switch until it turned on. “Finally I can see”. Said Ashly. Then she remembered what she was looking for. “Gracie!” she yelled. She moved the lamp around the jail. Then she saw Gracie. She was walking around looking for Ashly. They ran over and hugged each other.



By Natalie Cahoon, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade

As all three of the girls reached the porch Lucy knocked on the door making sure someone wasn’t inside. Elaine soon got bored of Lucy continuously knocking and pushed her to the side and kicked the old door down. Madison tried to flee before Elaine caught hold of her. They walked inside only to find a room filled with dust. There were drawers and cabinets galore, along with a grand fireplace with a deer head hanging from above it. As Elaine and Madison looked in the cabinets Lucy grabbed a nearby chair. Her toes barely touching the chair as she tapped the nose of the deer. Lucy realized her mistake as soon as her finger had ran from the nose of the deer. Her body crashed against the cold floor, awakening a cloud of purple mist.

Madison helped Lucy up quickly as Elaine stared at the purple mess in front of them. A woman about six feet tall had appeared, she was slender and had strong features. Her skin was a tan cream color and her hair was a strong chestnut. The woman looked at the girls and squawked at them for intruding, she picked up a funny looking stick and swung it at the girls. They all suddenly shrunk 10 times smaller, and screeches filled the house. They ran around the floor bumping into each other.

The witch cackled with delight and disappeared. They relaxed themselves and tried to think of what to do. Madison thought of finding the witch, the other two rejected that idea. They decided they wanted a cure and fast. Elaine suggested to look around the house some more, maybe there was a cure right in this room!

The girls agreed on Elaine’s idea and looked around. They saw a huge staircase, they would need to work together in order to climb it. After countless ledges and pulling each other up they made it to the top. The hallway seemed more scary than ever before, the board creaks were even louder now. They found a door at the end of the hallway, a little crack allowed them in. A short woman with cinnamon hair was standing there. They called to her, she picked them up, smiled and blew a pink smoke into their faces. They all awoke in Lucy’s yard, back to their original sizes, they entered Lucy’s home talked about that crazy night.







With The Graves

By Aidan Marony, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade

It was October 30th, only a few hours until Halloween. All the decorations were up around the neighborhood. It is completely silent except for John and his new friend Jacob who he had met a few hours ago when he was decorating for tomorrow. They are planning on fooling around in the graveyard down the road to see if anything unusual happens. They had to go at this hour so their parents don’t get them in trouble.

They are going to the old cemetery when they hear a twig snap in the wood. “WAYA!” Jacob exclaimed as he jumps into John’s arms. “Settle down.” John tries to calm him. Jacob clears his throat, brushes his hoodie off and continued.

They made their way to the rusty metal gate of the burial ground, John pulls on the gate. An ear piercing creak silences the surrounding woods. The boys slowly tiptoe into the grounds. A bat nearly flies straight into them. “See,” John said. ”nothing to be afraid of!” Jacob picks up a rock and throws it into the misty yard, they never hear it hit the frozen ground. A few moments later the rock comes back and hits Jacob on his forehead. “Ouch!” “Shhh!” John slaps Jacob for yelling so loudly.

They became cold when they could make out a hooded figure in the distance. It seems to get bigger and bigger, until it had cornered the boys against the raw, mossy cobble wall. The figure seemed to be ten feet tall, but it was leaving no footsteps on the faded path. The dark character began to rise, the boys hugged each other as tightly as they could. A dark wispy strand started from the face of the humanoid monster, it was connecting to Jacob. Voices were coming from the young boy. It was like the creature was sucking the soul out of poor Jacob. It stops and glares at John. “You have disrespected in God’s acre for the last time!” it screamed as it rushes into the distance.

“Jacob Jacob! Wake up please! Wake up!” John was shaking Jacob as if it would wake him. He picks up Jacob and throws him over his shoulder, he was on his way to the shack in the center of the woods.

When they got to the shack he throws the body inside. He looks inside. “Hello John!” Jacob grins.

First-Class Fright









It was the 31st night of October, on the Boeing plane that the flight attendant that goes by Harrison works on. Harrison was very unhappy with his boss for forcing him to work on Halloween. “We already have too many flight attendants who can’t work that day” Harrison’s boss, Justin, had said “we can’t lose you too, no matter how expendable you may be.” he finished on a rude remark

Harrison had finished handing out snacks and beverages to the normal passengers, and went to his boss to see what he could do next. “Ughh, finally” Harrison’s boss complained “you’re next assignment is to tend to the first-class passengers.” Harrison nodded and headed for first-class, sighing angrily. It was enough to be forced to work on Halloween, he didn’t have to be so snarky about it.

As Harrison arrived at the door nonchalantly leading to first class, he noticed something odd. He couldn’t hear a single voice in the room. Coincidentally, the only sound was an eerie piano tone on the radio inside. Harrison slowly reached for the doorknob and entered.

As Harrison had thought, there were no passengers inside. He looked around the room some more but is was the same always. As Harrison turned to leave, he felt some sort of spirit go through him. He was suddenly in a room the same shape as the first-class area, but all the colors were in a high-contrasted state. Ghosts and other spirits danced, feasted, and partied, but none seemed to notice the presence of Harrison.

Harrison was too scared to stick around, so he dashed for the door, which he couldn’t do very well because of how terrified he was. He tripped and fell multiple times before reaching the door, which he opened just as clumsily.

Once Harrison exited, he was suddenly back in the area where semi-class passengers sat, but the colors were back to normal and all the passengers were there. All the passengers were looking at him as if he were crazy, which made sense because it’s not usual for a flight attendant to be frightened and breathless while on the job.

Once the dust had mostly settled, Harrison put a smile on his face and continued. He had decided not to tell his boss (or anyone for that matter) for obvious reasons. Harrison ultimately felt lucky to work on Halloween.

The Yellow Butterfly

  By Kendall Harris, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade

There was an old legend that told the name of the Yellow Butterfly. The yellow butterfly was an old legend about how there was a man who lived in a cabin who sold grain, and food in the day but turned into an unexpected creature at night…… The old man’s cabin was a pretty popular place to get food but no one stayed for long. One day the old man had a heart attack and died. There was a prince who was desperate to get a job so he could marry his princess. The prince was not allowed to marry the princess because he was poor and had nothing to give to her. So after the old man Kevin died prince Tyler worked there. When he told his soon to be wife she did not agree she told him to be careful. After they had talked it out he had decided to stay. One night after a great day he had been getting ready to go to bed and put a lock on his door just incase. When he had heard a noise coming from the outside of his door it sounded like someone trying to unlock his door like shuffling around and stuff. He decided to sleep it off and the next day everything seemed fine the food was selling nicely until the night…… as the days went by the shuffling got closer and closer until one night the door BLASTED open and in came OLD MAN KEVIN but he looked different like a vampire Tyler grabbed out a knife and stabbed Kevin in the chest. Then he took Kevin back to the graveyard and buried him and as soon as he was about to lock the coffin when a little yellow butterfly flew out of his mouth. He didn’t know what to think and ran to his girlfriend’s house and tried to wake her up but couldn’t until a little yellow butterfly flew into her mouth and that was when he understood it he tried to get it out but before he knew it his soon to be wife was sinking her fangs into his neck…...

Midnight Snack

 By Nathan Lee, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade

“It was quiet in the guinea pig’s cage. Too quiet. So quiet that you could hear the furnace on the other side of the basement. The basement was split into two parts. Imagine it like the internet. There is the fun side with social media and video games, and then there is the dark internet with scammers that want to steal your money. The side of the basement they lived in was on the finished carpeted side that was filled with toys. (The social media and video games side.) The other side was concrete and dark. (The dark internet with scammers side.) Their humans were the only ones brave enough to go on that side. And even they didn’t go there too often. The reason nobody goes there is because of the evil vegetables that want to kill you!” “Butterscotch, stop jabbering. We didn’t ask for a monologue. Stop making it sound so scary!” screamed Maybelle. “But it is!” Said Butterscotch. Butterscotch was the drama queen of the three little guinea pigs. Maybelle was the strict hardcore guinea pig. I have not mentioned Shortcake yet but she was the scaredy cat of the group. Shortcake squealed. “What if it is that bad!” “What if the evil vegetables that want to kill us are real!” What if- What if-!) “Butterscotch is just full of baloney.” Said Maybelle. “There are no such things as killer veggies.” But-But! “Just go to sleep Shortcake.” While Shortcake was sleeping she had a dream about Veggies trying to eat her instead of her eating them like a normal guinea pig would. Shortcake woke up at 12:00 sharp to Butterscotch shaking her. “Wake up! Wake up!” Shortcake woke up looking very groggy. “What do you want?” she said rudely. “Wake up!” “There are strange bumping noises coming from the dark side of the basement!” When shortcake heard this she jumped up. “Aaaaaa!” She exclaimed. “We have to get Butterscotch!” “Shortcake, didn’t you notice that Butterscotch isn’t in her cage?” Maybelle asked. “Aaaa!” Squealed Shortcake Loudly. “They have Butterscotch! Let’s save her!” Said Maybelle. They made a piggie pyramid and jumped out of the cage. They ran to the dark side of the basement. They heard the noises again. They ran to the fridge where the noises were coming from. They saw butterscotch and gasped.

“Isn’t it OK to have a midnight snack? Butterscotch asked.”

Entity D-307

By Damien Allen, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade

If you read my first journal then you already know what happened. You know the whole wendigo thing that by the way i’m still traumatized about. Anyway me and Dustin are having a sleepover tonight at my house. You know to celebrate him getting out of the hospital. His arm is in a cast but he said he’s ok.(1 hour later) ok Dustin so are you ready for the best sleepover ever. YEAH! Guess what my dad let me borrow. What? his old ps3 so we could play games all night. NICE! And also I got a 6 pack of mountain dew and a huge bag of gummy bears. Holy crap! AJ you really went full send on this. Hey its celebration of you getting out of the hospital. (10 minutes later) hey boys! Dinner. Well be down in a minute! No ice cream if you come down later. FINE! Remember boys don’t stay up past 11:30 and don’t go out of the house. Why? I heard people are just randomly disappearing from our neighborhood. What!? Yeah so dont go outside. Can we go upstairs. Sure I’ll bring ice cream up later. Thanks mom. AJ and dustin hooked up the ps3. AJ asked Dustin hey call of duty? HECK YES!!! They kept playing Call of duty they looked out the window to see the stars they heard there was a meteor shower tonight. But AJ saw something in the bush it was just a black figure with red eyes. He called Dustin. YEAH!! He yelled from the hallway. He looked away then looked back; but then it was gone. What did you need. Nothing, ok then i’ll go back to using the bathroom. Ok, he went to his bed and grabbed his phone to look at the time 12:00 he turned back around that thing was in his room head tilted to the side looking straight at him with a blank stare. DUSTIN!!! The thing phased through the window. AJ? Whats up. AJ’s face looked like it was drained of blood. Nothing. Ok? Later that night he actually had a bad dream but it was something else. It was flashbacks from the cabin in the woods and the figure was there. It was just standing there then the dream just ended. He had no clue what happened he was in awe.

The End

The Old Spooky Brick House

By Adam Connor, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade

One time in the city of Katchadoria. There were two kids named Matt and Alexandria. And on halloween night violet dared Matt and Alexandria to go in the old spooky brick house so they did. Matt Brought his cat pepperony with him to keep them both safe. Then When Matt gets to the house Alexandria Rings the doorbell and the door opens up by itself. Alexandrea says maybe we Shouldn’t of taken the dare. Matt says don’t be silly, we have to take the Dare. It will be fun. So they went inside Matt saw a supposedly kitchen and a living room with a stained couch. When he got in the living room the next thing he!! It felt like matt jumped out of his clothes. his scared expression changed into an angry glare. “Why did you do that violet!!” matt screamed. Violet said it was all part of the plan. Matt let pepperony down. violet said “didn’t You bring Alexandra with you”. “Yeah” said Matt. well she disappeared… Matt’s face turned as purple as a blueberry. “Are you joking?” No. Well let’s go find her but when they got to the kitchen Matt in violet Heard a Voice say welcome Matthew Timothy Simonson and Violet James satterlee. Matt and violet said “who said that?” and pepperony hissed. Then he saw a ghostly figure coming towards them. Matt and violet’s faces turned a ghostly shade of purple The ghost said ” your friend is hiding under the couch” then violet said thank you. And went to get Alexandria. When they got Alexandria they said we had to leave and go home because it was 11:56… violet looked at her watch. So they left but before they left Matt picked up pepperony said bye to the ghost girl who said “come back soon”. Fixed up the house the way it was before they got there. And left through the front door.

The Dead


By Alia Dodge, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade

A scary story does not have to be on Halloween It can be anytime. July 1, 2019, there was a girl named Adeline who was a friend of the village chief Joe. Adeline always did her best to prove that she was worthy of chief instead of Joe but Joe did’nt care. He was too busy to pay atention to Adeline. So one day Adeline and her friends Weslely, and Teronce went to the temple of the gods to prove they were worthy of Joe. When they got inside Adeline pulled out a lantnern and said”If you want the god’ glory you need to work for it!” she said as she slowly walked down the beaten path. With Adeline’s lantern being the only light source they needed to savor the oil. After 10 mintues of intense walking they took a break at the bench of the gods. Wesely and Adeline looked around and Westly said” This place is dark… But wait where is Teronce?Teronce?Teronce? Then out of nowhere a hand reached out and grabbed Adeline the creature slowly lunged for Westly and he ran so fast holding on to Teronce as he ran out of there. That was the most terrifying time for me still 20 years later! YAAAA it’s been 20 years! It was a mummy who kidnapped Adeline... In the past, after Adeline was capured I became chief of the Egyptians Wesley Boinet Amaitor! Ruler of the throne! Joe felt bad for Adeline so he asked me and Teronce to go into the temple to find her and we did. We walked into the temple confidentally, no light, no anything. Then the dead ran towards us and grabbed us and brought us to there secret death layer and took us as prisoners. Then we saw Adeline as a staute! But from out of nowhere Adeline turned back into her real self and she was dead… Her eyes were bright red beaming at us! Ohhhh it was scary. Then Adeline said”You, me, and Teronce, shall become thee dead whawhaaha”. Westey and

Teronce were never heard of again… REST IN PEACE WAHHAWAAHA!!!!!!!!! “Death is a good feeling…”

George The Moose: Halloween

 By Joseph Hodgen, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade

Welcome back it’s George the moose With the daily weather. Today the weather will be a high of a 72 and a 4% chance of precipitation And it will be in mostly Cloudy thats today’s weather bye. time to go home… (20 minutes later.) Finally I’m home. Now where are my keys? Oh found them (click click) hello house, hello said a strange voice. who’s there ( suddenly the lights start to flicker)then his friends blub blub the fish and pepperoni the cat and tj the human to arrive. (suddenly the door slams be hide them and locks them in the house)bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuub! said blub blub the fish became don’t freak out, It’s kind of hard to not freak out when we are stuck in a haunted house. Said tj the human oh c’mon it’s not haunted, well how did the slam shut and lock us in this house? asked tj ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm answer unknown. (suddenly wesley the ghost appears) skksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksks said pepperoni the cat. QUIET I NEED TO THINK! Ok ok you don’t have to yell said everyone. sorry ( then joey the ghost comes raging in with a crowbar and all most hits tj in the head then he disappears) aaaaaaaahhhhhhh! what was that said tj totally not a ghost. You told me this place was not haunted said tj. Sorry, ok guys we need to figure out how to get out of here asap. Ok blub blub you go right pepperoni you go left and me and tj will go up stairs ok gooooooooooo. Lets go tj, why do I half to go with you asked tj. Ummm because joey the ghost hates you. Ok fine said tj, ok let’s go which room should we go in first, umm the bathroom said tj ok lets go (as soon as they walk into the bathroom joey the ghost knocks tj out with a crow bar then drops the crowbar and disappears) yes a crowbar we can use it to break the window and get out (smash)GUYS! Meet me in the kitchen (2 min later) what sad everyone we can get out yay (then they all jump out the window)(5hours later tj wakes up and jumps out the window into a hole that goes to the center of the earth)

The end

The Kidnap

By Cayden Sullivan, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade

I was lying in bed when I heard a noise. Footsteps it sounded like, I was confused… My name is Jude and this is my worst nightmare. I live in a town called Kernel, Kentucky. It’s a great place with decent food places and a walmart. I have 6 best friends. There names are Matt, Dawn, Lily, Grace, Greg, and Aiden. Matt is the toughest out of us he has dark brown hair and dark green eyes. Dawn is the nice friendly one. She has strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I might have a little crush on her. The next is Lily she’s kinda a jerk she shoves people of lot and says rude things about people she has red hair and brown eyes. Grace is super sassy she bosses people around and screams when she doesn’t get her way. She has blue hair and bright green eyes. Greg is the smart one. He’s a nerd and he has long dark chocolate brown hair and teal eyes. Aiden, he’s super athletic like me. He loves to play football me i’m more a soccer fan but aiden has freckles and blonde hair. So this is where the action starts in this story. I was lying in bed but then I heard footsteps I thought oh my parents went to go to the bathroom or get a drink. but I was wrong because I saw a dark figure enter my room it was holding something but what then I heard a scream. HELP! The voice sounded familiar it sounded like Dawn! I heard other people with Dawn. All my friends were put in something but what? It was a bag that was holding my friends. Go away! I yelled. Why should I young one? Let my friends alone I said. Never he yelled at me. Why are you doing this I cried. for revenge he yelled. What did we ever do to you in the first place. Because you bullied my daughter. Then I realized he is Amiyah’s dad. Can I tell you something kid. Your about to die!

The Cemetery

 By Nora Bond, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade

Hi my name is Amanda and this is how my spooky day began. Amanda, Hunter, breakfast is ready says mom. ‘Coming mom’. Once I get downstairs for breakfast I saw the most disgusting food of all it was oatmeal ‘mom why would you do this to me you know that I hate oatmeal’ you will be fine, it’s just food Your not going to die. Where is hunter said mom do you mind getting him out of bed, it’s time to go. Fine I said Hunter wake up it’s time to go. “Im getting up’. After me and Hunter got to school I said bye and caught up with my friend her name was chloe. Since it was almost halloween she asked her mom to see if we could spend the night at a cemetery and try to contact with the dead. I said that my mom said that I could go with her on Saturday and that I could sleep over her house until Sunday. Great said cloe what day it is, it’s friday I say so the day is almost over do you what to start our list of things to do at the cemetery. Once I get to chloes house we start our planning in her room. This was our list

1. Get to the cemetery

2. Sit by a grave

3. Close our eyes

4. Contact the dead.

That Saturday night I walked to chloe’s house as she was just leaving to go to the cemetery. Once we got there we both sat down on a grave but as we got started I felt as if something had grabbed me and pulled me down into the grave.

Help HELP I kept on shouting but it seems that chloe was crying and left the cemetery. It seemed like a few days in there but I finally got out of that grave and told myself, how did this happen.

I left but as I was leaving I saw a poster that said missing girl dead at a cemetery. was that girl me? Once I reached home I walked in but my mom and brother were crying and so was chloe they didn’t seem to see me. I realized someone must have killed me in the cemetery. I will find out who did it. That was the night I found out I had died.

The NOT-FUN House

 By Donnie Hardwick, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade

Jim and his best friends Bobby and Joe were at the fairgrounds. They only had nine dollars and every good ride cost ten dollars. There was an abandoned fun house that looked like it had not been used in years. There was also a kiddie ride for three year olds. But Bobby was desperate for entertainment so he blew his three bucks on the kiddie ride. The Kiddie ride seemed pretty lame. So they Went over to the Funhouse but it was hard to read the sign, so they did not go into it because they didn’t know how much it cost. Then a cloaked man quickly stepped out of a corner and said “$2” and they had $6 so they split it.they gave The man in the cloak the crinkled dollar bills. he opened up the door with the rusty old door knob. they stepped inside but the door closed behind them. At that point they were starting to get a bit scared. They decided that they would go through through the House of mirrors. Once they got into the house of mirrors there were three different paths. Bobby thought they should split up but Jim and Joe thought they should stick together. As they made their way through, Jim realized that they were getting even more lost every step they took. Then Jim realized that there was a lever just a few feet in front of them. Bobby pulled the lever back. Then the floor under them gave way, then they fell. Once they recovered they realized that they were in a chamber there was a glowing green light in one of the corners. When they were looking around, the floor above them opened again and this time the man in the cloak came down with a bloody axe he crazily tried to hit them with the axe but they skillfully dodged the blade of the axe then Joe saw a button Joe pressed the button. Then the ceiling above them opened up and a rotten old rope ladder fell they desperately climbed up the ladder to safety. But it was dark. When they got up and as if someone had turned on a light, it was bright. And they were in front of the fun house, they looked where the man was but there was just a pile of cloak and bones.


By Samuel Couturier, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade


Hello passengers said the pilot We are about to take off please find your seat. there were only 2 on the plane Nic and his friend Zeph. I’m excited said Nic yeah me to said Zeph the plane took off Nic was wearing a black hat Zeph had a black sweatshirt. The flight attendants brought out sandwiches yum said zeph. As night fell the passengers were getting ready for bed there was a thump WHAT IS THAT ON THE WING yelled Nic as they looked out the window there was a black figure on the wing with red glowing eyes hahaha it laughed as it disappeared. Are those snakes said Zeph as snakes filled the plane run said Nic thay ran as fast as they could. Quick said Nic we need to find my bag they searched for the bag found it said Zeph great said Nic. Nic reached in a pulled out a can of snake repellent. Sssssss as nic sprayed the snakes they died one by one until the last one was dead. Alright said Nic that should be the last one that was hard work said Zeph lets get some sleep said Nic ok said Zeph. In the morning they ate breakfast. we should figure out what that monster wanted said Zeph. Yeah said Nic let’s have a steak out tonight said Zeph yeah said Nic. So that night they stayed up waiting for the monster. I’ll be right back said Nic as he ran to the bathroom. (crash) what was that said Nic as he ran out of the bathroom only to find the monster had cornered Zeph. Nic punched the monster in the stomach the monster poofed away.

Are you ok said Nic yeah said Zeph let’s go said Nic they walked to the cot. (Yawn) yawned Zeph good night he said good night said Nic. In the morning they woke up to a crashing in the pilot room they ran quickly to the room they found the monster standing over the pilot and the pilot unconscious. Nic jumped into the copilot seat get us out of here Nic said Zeph. Crash this plane said the Monster. I-I don’t know what to do.






Doot Doot

 By Remy Kekuewa-Colon, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade


Karen and Kyle. Two theory finders. They are from a big town with a lot of myths and theories. However Karen and Kyle want to go and roam the museum to find the Doot Doot Skeleton. Many of the people call the skeleton “Spooktober Skeleton” and it may not be the only skeleton. Karen and Kyle tell their parents that they are going to “trick-or-treat” together.

They both went to the Meme de Museum in the center of town and went to look for Doot Doot. At first they couldn’t find the skeleton. It was just an empty, erie, and overall creepy museum. Then Kyle heard a small trumpet doot. DOOT! This time it was louder than before.

Karen got worried and wanted to see the manager of the museum, so she can have a word. But Kyle was more into this. He grabbed a rock to throw at the skeleton. Soon Karen and Kyle got closer and warmer to the whispering trumpet noise. They were so excited to see Doot Doot. Well, not really. As for the darkness lurked around throughout the creepy museum.

However the noise was gone for a few minutes. But then they heard a different noise. A noise of a lanky skinny skeletons feet making an echoing clicking noise in the museum. They sounded like some spooky scary skeletons. Karen started crying because the manager wasn’t here but Kyle started yelling because he said she needed to be quiet. Kyle was like your typical Kyle and Karen was like your typical Karen.

A pair that would’ve never been predicted. Anyways, as soon they saw the face. Then the skeleton stared at them for five silent seconds. Then it started running for them! “Reeeee!” screamed Kyle as he was running like Naruto from Doot Doot. Karen grabbed her phone and asked, “May I speak to the manager of the museum.”

Luckily they both got out. But this is a lifetime memory to remember how Karen and Kyle got to see the one and only Doot Doot and his antique trumpet. They got to tell the world. But only they really knew about Doot Doot.

The Ride of Doom

 By Clara Wilsher, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade

“Yes!” yelled Lily. It was now 7:00 and Lily and her best friend Tiffany were about to ride the Hallowsoarous. After waiting in a long line, they finally made it to the front. After paying, they got on the roller coaster. As the Hallowsourous started it’s long journey up, Lily and Tiffany could hardly sit still! But before they knew it, the ride was almost over! As the Hallowsourous went around the last turn, Tiffany’s seat belt came loose and she almost fell out! “Ahhhh!”she yelled. Desperate to not fall, she grabbed onto Lily which made Lily’s seat belt snap, and they both fell out!“Ouch!” yelled Lily,“Tiffany get off me!” “Sorry” said Tiffany as she climbed off Lily. “Where are we?” asked Lily when Tiffany got off her. Once they looked around though, it turned out that they had landed in a big ravine! As Lily and Tiffany tried to decide what to do, they didn’t hear the monsters creeping towards them...”Ughhh” said Tiffany as she opened her eyes. “Where am I?” She looked to her right and saw Lily unconscious.” Ahhhhh, wake up!” She shouted, scared that her best friend might be dead. Much to her reassurement though, Lily opened her eyes. After Lily and Tiffany looked around, they found out that they were locked in a cage. As they tried to figure out what had happened, they heard their lock click open. “Ahhhh!” Screamed Lily and Tiffany as a monster looked right at them and licked his hungrily. As Lily and Tiffany tried to find a way out, the monster was coming closer. Exasperated, Lily screamed as loud as she could, almost wailing. To her surprise, the monster ran away! Lily realized this was because of their ghost costumes! Lily and Tiffany used this to their advantage, scaring monsters that got in their way.Then, Tiffany and Lily realized they didn’t have a way to get out of the ravine! But just then they heard a helicopter, and their parents voices! Lily and Tiffany started yelling. The helicopter started flying towards them, and dropped a ladder down. As soon as Lily and Tiffany got into the helicopter, Lily ran to her dad and Tiffany to her mom. “What happened?” Asked Lily’s father. “Oh, nothing” replied Tiffany and Lily, as they winked at each other. It was their halloween secret.

The Garage

  By Savannah McCarthy, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade

The two twins Jimmy, Timmy, and their dog tyrone were going for a walk in the woods when they heard a sawing sound coming from a close garage so they went to see what it was. The second they got there Timmy started to throw up and Jimmy was crying… ” ITS HORRIFYING” said Jimmy “MY EYES” said Timmy. They looked up to the cat faces peering down at them. They both screamed together and ran home. The next day Jimmy and Timmy went back to the garage with tyrone and started looking at the animal skins more when the heard a door creak and they saw a fuzzy faced man come out with nine cats one on each shoulder and the rest rubbing against his legs. Jimmy said he looked like it had been three hundred years since he has showered.

That night Jimmy and Timmys mom only saw tyrone sleeping on Jimmys bed and Jimmy and Timmy were not home and she knew something was wrong the second she heard a terrifying scream that sounded like Timmys. She grabbed tyrone’s leash and hooked it onto his collar and sprinted to the garage quickly, were they had told her they would be going to she yelled ” TIMMY ARE YOU OK HONEY” Timmy replies “im good” “ok” she said. So she started to go home when she heard a smokey smell and then she realized she forgot the cookies in the oven so she dashed home and there it was the house burnt to pieces she was crying well the fire department was taking out the fire when she heard a low voice “is this your house ma’am” yes, yes it is and now it is gone she thought in her head but she didn’t talk she just kept crying and nodding “do you have any kids” yes they are hanging out in a garage right now down the road. Jimmy and Timmy came home and saw the terrible problem.

The next day they all woke up with at least on cat next to them and old man jenkins nicelymaking coffee and pancakes thirty minutes later they all were full like a cow and hung out at the park with tyrone well mom and jankin were cleaning the house roughly. Also the all got ice cream that night and went to sleep happy.

Scary Story

By Olivia Michaels, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade

One Halloween night in the town of Smithsville it changed forever. It all started when 12 year old Jianna Wells was about to go trick-or-treating with her best friend, Callia Joll. Callia and Jianna have been best friends since Kindergarten. The girls have been friends for almost 8 years and nothing could break them apart. As Jianna set out to get Iliana she saw many spooky outfits, worn by kids young and old.

About five minutes later Jianna finally reached Callia’s house. She rang the doorbell.

“Come in!” Callia’s mom yelled through the door.

Jianna walked in. Callia ran down the stairs.

“Jianna!” She yelled.

“Hi!” Jianna replied excitedly.

“Like my costume?” Callia asked.

“Yeah,” Jianna said. Callia was a spooky headless horseman, and Jianna was a nightmarish cat.

“Ready to go?” Jianna asked.

“Yep!” Callia responded with a twinkle in her eye.

Jianna could tell that Callia was excited. Callia loved halloween.

“Let’s go then!” Jianna said excitedly.

As the two friends set out, they came across a spooky old mansion. Callia’s mom said that the old mansion once belonged to the richest man, Ignatious Callman. Callman had the most money you could ever imagine. Some say he had millions, other said he had billions!

“Hey Callia, should we look in the house?” Jianna prompted.

“Um… I don’t know,” Callia answered

“Oh don’t be silly! Let’s go!” Jianna urged.

The girls started to walk to the house. Callia and Jianna were both nervous but they did not want to show it.

As they were about to reach the enormous double doors, Jianna stopped.

“Are you sure we wanna do this?” She asked.

“It’ll be ok,” Callia answered in a nervous voice.

Jianna tugged the big doors. It opened

“Ready to go?” Callia asked.



“You bet,” Jianna replied.

As the girls walked in the first thing they saw was a strange floating man. He was walking in such a straight line, it looked like he was patrolling. He turned and looked straight at them. He was in ragged clothes that looked terrible. He started to float towards them. The girls tried to run but they were frozen. He screamed. That’s what broke the girls. They ran and ran and ran. They didn’t stop until they saw other trick or treaters. But the ghost followed them. Kids far and wide screamed. From that day on, Smithsville was never the same.

Maybe Just A Dream


By Ema Richardson, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade


Elly sanders was five years old when she got her first cat lilypad she loved her so much until it died 2 weeks ago she had gotten lost and a neighbor said she was dead in there yard since then elly has not been her happy cheerful self. Elly was pretty sad she kept thinking that this is not really happening and then elly was interrupted by a loud scream that sounded like her sister she ran into her room her sister was standing on a chair in her room marabelle was ellie’s older sister and maribelle did not get scared easy marabelle what’s wrong I saw lilypad she was just sitting there on my bed oh come on that’s impossible she is dead you’re just messing with me then out of the corner of her eye elly saw a black figure dash across the room elly ran after it and then so did marrable they chased it down the stairs and out the door and down the street until they reached they a long path that there mother and father said never to go down when they had moved here come on said elly mom and dad told us never to go down there come on its was lilypad don’t you want to take her back home but but mrs crown told us that she was dead in her yard 2 weeks ago it probably was not her marrable the cat had a white stripe on its tail it had to be her (lilypad had a thick white stripe )elly it could have been any other cat with a stripe well i think it was lilypad and I am going to get her so you can stay here if you want but i’m going ! elly wait i’ll come elly and maribelle ran down the street to find an old house with what looked like a sematary in the back elly ran into the house and opened a door and there was lilypad sitting on the table with about 24 other cats sitting around her elly tried to pick lily pad up but she scratched her maybe we should leave her said marabelle ok elly responded when they got home lily pad was sitting on the table mom how is lily pad here i thought she died where would you get a thought like that her mother responded elly was confused but kept quiet.

A Strange Pizzeria

 By Jaz Surprenant, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade

Night 1: I never thought I would be saying this, but I got a job at a strange pizzeria called “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria” on night shift. strangely, when I got there, three out of the four were missing leaving Freddy, + all the lights were off and the only things that worked were freddy and the cameras. When I got to the office, something was wrong, freddy was gone!?! I ran outside to see if a robber was there, but then I went inside to go to the office to see Freddy standing in the hallway, I ran to get the emergency taser in the back I turned around and Freddy was right behind me, I tazed him and yeeted myself out of the place. -Zeen Hendersin

Night 2: I dug into the branch of pizzarias, turns out 5 children went missing last week, which made this all a lot creepier, I came in to see freddy on stage but tonight I was tasked to repair Bonnie, I went in parts and service an sat down a handyman voice turned on and said “It looks like someone left some souvenirs on Bonnie, lets remove them” I tugged a Bonnie hat out of his mouth then opened his chest, there was a Bonnie watch, but also a pair of Nike shoes, I also figured out Bonnie’s guitar was out of tune, so I did, how i did it was open his mouth with the remote and taped a button, which told me what strings i needed to tune, but this wasn’t too hard.

-Zeen Hendersin

Night 2.5: On the way home, I’ve found a missing child poster, it was a small child with a game boy, Bonnie hat, Bonnie watch, and a pair of Nike shoes, it was a match, it had to be. The last repairman quit because he found other items matching another missing child, we’ve found evidence for two of the missing children, Frits Smith, and Tyke Fredrick. -Zeen Hendersin

The Cursed Laugh

By Henry Chamberlin, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade


“Klink, klink, klink, was the noise the little rocks Percy was kicking made, as they rolled down the sidewalk and into the gutter.”Uhhh,” groaned Percy to his best friend Joe.”I’m so sick of just standing around kicking rocks and playing basball. “We should do something that’s really exciting, like explore a haunted house or something.”

“True, “agreed Joe, sounding quite wishful. “But there’s not anything exciting here in this old town except that stuiped legend of the clown laugh or whatever that is.”

“Cursed laugh.” corrected Percy. “And you know what, I think we should find out what that thing means. “It’s not like we have anything better to do now.”

“Too true.” Agreed Joe, let’s go!’

So the pair of boys set off to the only person that could know, Mr. Willfred. Percy looked up at the old, run down cottage with the rusty gate creaking on its hinges in that fresh, air. As the boys walked up the crooked path of the old house, the old gate squealed in the wind and Joe jumped back frightened.

“You OK, man?” asked Percy worriedly.

“I’m good, just the gate scared me for a sec”.

“Okay”, replied Percy. So Joe walked up to the brown door and grabbed hold of the big, brass knocker, and boom, boom, boom.

”Come on in,” replied a voice from inside. Joe and Percy walked causley in. There was a nice brown fire place in the center of the room , and sitting in a chair in the middle of the room was a very old man.”What do you kids want?”, grumbled the old man sourly.

”We, uh, just wanted to know something about the cursed laugh, because we are bored and there’s nothing else to do, please tell us. Please!!!!!!!”

”Oh, not that again but fine, i guess you deserve to know”.A long time ago, like a night just this, i was walking down the street, when I suddenly looked up and saw the most terrifying thing in the whole world .A laugh was spewing from the mouth of an old doll, like a crazy madman. I ran as fast as I could and…”

“What happened next?” urged Percy excitedly.

”Are you sure you want to know,?”

“Yes please!”

“Okay…””but i did’ not run fast enough, and now i have the laugh, and i’m coming for only YOU!!

Trouble in the Arctic

 By Riley Heider, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade

“Wake up you useless brats!” Sarah, the owner of the orphanage said before slamming the door. Emerald, Lexi, and storm awoke with a start. They got out of bed and heard a strange humming sound. Storm went to open the door and realized there was a portal in there room! Emerald broke out in a run for it.

“STOP!” Lexi cried.

“We don’t know where that leads!”

“Plus we need to be prepared.” said storm.

” let’s bring coats, a flashlight a portable tent, a camera, and some money” says Lexi.

They excitedly went around the room collecting the things they would need for their little outing.

“ready?”Emerald said.

“Ready!” the others Chorused back to her.



They stepped through the portal and entered a world of light.Then they heard a loud roar. They heard a woman’s voice and a man’s voice.

There was another loud roar and then a giant beast came stomping out of a nearby cave. He did not see the girls.

” is that a yeti! ” Emerald Whispered.

” I think so.” Lexi whispered back.

“It’s not safe for people to be there.”storm said.

“We need to get them out of there.”Emerald agreed.

“So we run in and run out through the portal.” lexi said.

“Got it.” emerald agreed.

” On three;one...two...Three!”

All three girls ran into the cave screaming

“Quick Ms. and Mr. through the portal!” storm cried.

The woman and the man ran to the portal not questioning their saviors sanity or their age.Storm and Emerald ran to the portal but Lexi hung behind.

“Lexi come on!” storm yelled.

Lexi pulled out her camera and snapped a picture of the yeti and ran to the portal.Up until now no one realized that the portal had been growing smaller. Lexi barely fit. once they were all through they sat on the floor in shock.

“Who are you kids?” The woman asked.

“I’m Lexi, this is Emerald, and that’s storm.”

“We used to have three daughters named that before we got captured that had those names!” the man gasped in surprise.

“I bet we were those kids!” Storm exclaimed.

“And I bet we would make a lot of money of this picture of the yeti.”said lexi.

“Then let’s go do that girls.”

And with that the girls and their parents left the orphanage to their new life.

Spooky Story

 By Brielle Proctor, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade

“Hi” my name is Katie and its Halloween morning I am at school turns out that there is still school on halloween. School is so boring I’m in block nine right now it’s taking forever. Finally I get to go home with Jane and Emily, every year they come to my house to get ready in are costumes. We went home and got ready all of us are deer for halloween. Mom was getting my little brother colby ready, for halloween. Every year we go trick or treating with my brother and my parents but this year mom said we could go on our own this year because were in sixth grade.

We were getting candy from every house in the neighborhood. it was the last house on the block and we went to go knock on the door but we saw a sign that said follow me in big letters. There was an arrow pointing to a trail of candy. We followed the trail until it stopped all of a sudden there was a sign that said down we were confused until the floor dropped from underneath us. We fell on top of each other, outta no were they started to hear voices and they looked up to find three witches and a big black pot that said spirit punch. “HELP” Jane said the witches had Jane and was gonna throw her in the pot no we yelled then Emily remembered she had water in her bag. We carefully unscrew the lid and through the water on to the witches and they melted. We were looking for an exit then we heard a loud BOOM what was that we said. “Hi” a voice said “hello who are you I said “my name is Lindsey and this is Rachel we fell through a trap door and know were stuck down here”. We split up to look for an exit Jane found a hole that leads outside that we could all fit in. We climbed through the hole and it lead out to a graveyard we started running to the end bit I tripped and everyone else fell on top of me. A voice said “get out” and a strong wind blew us right out of the graveyard. We quickly ran back to my house. My mom called their mom and we had a sleepover.

The Graveyard Nightmare

 By Mae Hagelberg, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade


Honor, Jack, Connor and Emma decided to go to the Christiansen graveyard and mansion on Halloween night. Just before school ended on Halloween Jack shouted, making the teacher mad, can we go yet! As soon as the bell rang they shot out the door. They went to Emma’s house because she had a shed in her backyard. They started getting into their costumes. At 6, they went to the graveyard. Their parents thought they were trick or treating together not going to the Christiansen house. Everyone but Connor started to question whether we should even go in. but he reassured them all. They pushed open the gates and walked into the graveyard. The wind was blowing hard, so hard Emma almost blew out of the graveyard! When they made their way to the mansion, they went to grab the door handle, and the door swung open and sucked them in! The next thing they knew they were sitting on a sofa in a dark room with only a little light peeking through the boards on the windows. They sat there looking around the room, they saw nothing but they did hear this, “why are you here, children.” “We thought we should stop by and wish you a happy Halloween.” “I hate children.” said the ghost. Then Jack got flung against the wall. “What’s your problem dude?” said Connor. Just then all the doors flung shut and locked. “Oh no! We’re doomed” said Honor. “We’re not doomed” said Emma. “We just have to find a way out.” “If there is one” said Honor. “Stop Honor!” Everyone yelled.  Then the door flung open so they all ran out of the house. The wind had stopped. They ran towards the gate but when they got there, it was stuck! So they ran for the back gate, when ghosts started showing up! And then zombies! The all ran into the front gate and it broke open. The zombies and ghosts did not hesitate to follow. They ran and ran until they got to a church. And they were so tired they locked all the doors and fell asleep. The next thing Honor knew her Mom woke her up at home. Honor asked her mom where Emma, Connor, and Jack were. They were all at their houses. She called them and mysteriously they all had the same dream.

Scary Story

By Jack Phelps, Great Brook School, Sixth Grade

The ​dark​ walls of the old prison lit up with fear as lighting shot to the ground. Mold tickled up the ​old​ cement walls. Most of the walls had fallen from an escape gone wrong. The only thing that was left from the old building was some ​rickety​, ancient window frames and piles of bricks. Back in the early 40’s some escapees blew up the foundations and crushed themselves and almost everybody in the prison as the walls collapsed in on them. Some prisoners managed to escape, but failed as they were soon caught only a mile from the crime scene.

The moon through the clouds as it watched me and my brother, Jake Kelly walk through the rubbage. Most of the body’s of the old prisoners had been removed and ​buried​ in a graveyard that they built behind the broken, torn up prison, but some were left unfound. The only reason that we were there on that perticular night is because our older step brother, Mark dared us to. On a normal day I’d say no, but since me and Jake may have accidently got in trouble with school, he decided to black mail us. He won’t tell mom if we spend the night here.

“Let’s just walk to the nearest house andcall home,” I said.

“No, let’s keep going,” Jake replied.

We through all of the rubble and got to the other side not wanting to hurry for our deaths. I knew that I wasn’t gonna die, but something about this place didn’t settle well with me. Their was a grave yard made just for the people that died in the building. For some reason I listened to Jake and followed him into the cemetary. I felt like every grave was starring back at me and the hairs on my neck started creeping up. I stopped dead still in front of 2 small grave stones with long grass growing up the sides of it.

“Jake, come here,” I wispered.

He ​quickly​ walked over to me and looked at the grave. He covered his face and frowned.


“No, no, no, why,” he cried. “Why!” The graves read:

Jake Kelly ​1636 - 1647

Joe Kelly 1634 - 1647.

They were dead…

The Stormy Night

By Elias Quackenbush, South Meadow School, Fifth Grade


One day I was about to go in my back yard until I heard a storm was rushing through so I still went in my back yard because I didn’t think much of it.

It was my worst decision of my life .

So I went in my back yard and the storm was getting louder and louder until it was so loud I had to go inside.

I was going inside but the door would not budge and the weirdest part was that this door didn’t have a lock!

I was wandering what it was that didn’t make the door budge?

So I looked at the door and I saw a wooden plank blocking the door. I went over to the other door and tried to open it but that door didn’t budge either.

That door had a lock, but I didn’t lock it.

I was extremely scared!

Then I heard a noise... it sounded something like a wooden branch break and leaves snap.

Today was halloween, so I thought it was a trick or treater.

I turned around and it was not a trick or treater, it was, it was….. AHHHHH!!!


Dear Mary

By Donte Ek, Jaffrey Grade School

There was a little boy that was mischievous. His name was Josh, and he was four foot, eight inches and was ten years old. When he saw the old school that was in his town named “Harrison High School” he snuck in with a sly grin on his face. He had to climb and hop over a fence that was much taller than him.

He walked to the door while giggling. He went to open the door and saw that the school had graffiti all over it. It all said “LEAVE” or “GET OUT NOW”. The graffiti oddly dripped. He eventually got to this classroom that had a chalkboard. He went to one of the desks. Surprisingly there was something in one of them!

He looked at the paper and it said “Dear Mary,”. He didn’t bother to read the rest so he left it on the ground, but there was no continuation anyway. He opened the door and went into the hallway. He saw a pale woman across the hall. She wasn’t smiling, she had long black hair, she had eyes that were completely black, and an old outfit on. The woman smiled and suddenly started moving without even walking or running.

Josh ran as fast as he could. The woman started zipping across the hall, chasing Josh down. It was around 12:00 PM and Josh thought he was safe while hiding under the teacher’s desk. The woman started saying “Where are you?” and “You won’t escape Mary’s wrath.” Eventually she appeared out of nowhere and jumped at Josh. Josh immediately pushed over the teacher’s desk and ran after the exit. The exit was locked.

The pale woman was standing over Josh she opened her mouth wide screaming. It was 8:00 AM, and Sunlight was streaking and it struck the Pale Woman. The Pale Woman faded while screaming “Mary will have her revenge!” she said screaming at the top of her lungs. The exit unlocked and Josh burst out of there.

The next day a boy named William went missing in the old school. Josh realized it was his friend. He called the cops and they investigated the school. Apparently a girl who was around seventeen passed away from a natural disaster in the school. After that there were no more reports of the Pale Woman again.


By Arianna Lozano, Jaffrey Grade School

One morning Ryan Lugsur went out and rode his bike to the cornfield and got some corn. It was a normal day He passed the lake, then the park, past the grocery store and to the cornfield…well so he thought. A little bit later, on his way home, he realized there was an unusual house. He was sure that the house was not there before. He went in the house he explored a little it seemed pretty normal at first Then he saw it There was a black eyed woman staring at him from the inside of a room he panicked and immediately ran down the stairs and opened the main door he didn’t even think about grabbing his bike and just ran off.

When he got home all he could think of was that woman he had seen in the room of that house I think she was wearing a nightgown he thought. Who was she? where is she from? was she...dead? That creeped him out a lot. He didn’t know what else to think, then he forgot about it and went to bed.

He woke up in the middle of the night and he saw a very strange woman in the corner of his room. He thought he was in a dream, then she approached him and sat down on the floor. Then he knew it was real. He could not move. It felt like something was holding him down. Then he heard her singing a lullaby. He started breathing heavily and thought he woke thought he was dreaming too...No. Five days later the police found him buried in the cornfield with a little piece of paper with a lullaby lyrics on it. It was confusing - his death is still unsolved. The same thing keeps on happening over and over and over again. And the woman’s lullabies are still heard.





One Good Day Turns Into a Bad Day

By Aiden Murphy, Jaffrey Grade School

My best friend came over for a sleepover and my mom brought in the newspaper. We read it and there was a circus coming to town. It said where it was going to be so we decided to ride our bikes in the dark there. When we got there the circus was empty and then we found a note. If you really want a scare come days from now in the dark. At four in the morning we went back to the house and the next morning we dropped him off at his house, so my best friend did it and the next day at school he never showed up. The teacher told me that he went missing? There was a ton of copies at the school and once I pieced it together I ran out of the school and went to the circus. When I got there I didn’t know where to start, so I went into the dressing room I never came out.

Fun House Virus

 By Aria O’Brien, Jaffrey Grade School

Have you ever been to a carnival or a festival? Or played on an electronic and have it glitch or bug? I bet at least one of these happened to you once in your life.

It was October 31st. Halloween! Aria and her friends, Donte and Evelyn were eating their food in the cafeteria, super excited because there was a carnival near and Aria’s mom was taking them to it! Aria squealed happily. “I’ve never really been to a carnival before!” Donte and Evelyn looked at her with a surprised look.

“You’ve never been to a carnival?” Evelyn asked, still looking at her with a confused expression.

“Well, I’ve been to one but that’s it.” Aria answered, looking down at her food.

It was Halloween so the lunch people made bat-shaped pancakes and apples that they cut and shaped like pumpkins. “Oh.” Donte said as he looked back at his food and continued eating.

After school, they all made their way to Aria’s house, where they would wait for her mom. They all piled into the car and drove to the carnival. There was a lot of people. They walked around with Aria’s mom and found the fun house. It was computer themed. “GUYS, LOOK!” Aria exclaimed as she pointed to the fun house in excitement, bouncing on her toes. She thought she saw a strange figure head inside.”It’s a-” Evelyn began.

“FUN HOUSE!?” Donte exclaimed, with kind of scared tone.

“Can we go inside?” Aria asked her mom, still bouncing on her toes happily. Her mom nodded, starting to walk towards the fun house. Aria and Evelyn began running towards it happily, and Donte was going to stay with Aria’s mom, outside, while Aria and Evelyn went inside.

They were confused when they found a broken mirror on the ground as they entered. “Uh-Oh.” Aria said, sounding troubled.

“What?” Evelyn asked, still looking down at the mirror.

“Breaking a mirror means bad luck.” Aria answered.

They were both very confused and surprised. A glitchy voice said “HeLLO tHeRe!” Aria and Evelyn just looked at him, confused and slightly scared.

“Who and what are you?” Evelyn asked with a very confused tone.

“I’m MaLWaRe!” he answered. “A vIrUs!”

Aria and Evelyn just bolted out the door, not knowing what would happen. At least they escaped the virus. Or did they…?

Pale Luna

By Connor Tremblay, Jaffrey Grade Schoo

“Pale Luna smiles wide!” That was inside an old video game from the days with the floppy disc. Games would usually come on them. You would plug them into your computer and play. Some unknown developer decided they wanted to make a game too. It was called “Pale Luna.”

In the game you have to input a command and move, and collect items to help you on the way. To use the items you would input a command as well. No one could get past the first two levels, and every time they didn’t use the right tools or didn’t take the right paths a message would appear saying “Pale Luna smiles wide!” It was weird that it said that.

They would have to reboot their computer and try again. So a man went far into the game and beat it. It said “Congratulations” in a mysterious voice, quite creepy. The score looked weird, and high for a game like that. It turns out they were lines of latitude and longitude. Coordinates to a spot in the rainforest, which was an entire ocean away.

So he wrote it down it and traveled to the exact coordinates. The trails looked like the games paths but he didn’t think much of it. He soon found a spot that seemed to have been dug up and replaced, so he took out a digging shovel that he brought. He thought he was going to find buried treasure or something from the developer, but he was wrong. Very wrong.

He sat there in horror, he saw the skull of someone. It had little worms on it, making it look more disgusting. It looked like it was smiling. Then he remembered the messages. “Pale luna smiles wide”, “Reap your reward”, and the input “use rope.” Then the game would say “you have already used this item” when he didn’t.

The tools - rope and shovel. The trails - east, west, north, and south. It was a confession of a murder, he had told the country’s police and went back home. The game was deleted off of the internet.

The developer was never found, every trace was gone. The man sat and thought about it. And never wanted to see the game again. It turns out the girl had gone missing, and that was her. He kept thinking about the words “Pale Luna smiles wide!”


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