Letter: Reconfiguration is not the only issue

Published: 02-19-2024 11:14 AM

The effort by the ConVal School Board to reconfigure the school district has raised many issues. In response to this, the Dublin Select Board has appointed the Dublin Education Advisory Committee (DEAC) to investigate educational opportunities for the children of Dublin.

Members include myself as the chairman, Andy Hungerford, Andy Freeman, Bill Gurney, Blake Anderson, Blake Minckler, Select Board member Carole Monroe, Jesse Marcum, Jon Sistare and Peter Imhoff. The committee’s first meeting was held on Tuesday, Feb. 13, and the conclusion was reached that reconfiguration, while important, is not the only area for its investigation. The committee will focus on quality of education for the children of Dublin and financial sustainability for the town. Meetings will be held every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in Town Hall.

According to the New Hampshire Department of Education 2023 report, students in the Contoocook Valley District score 51% versus 64% for the state as a whole in reading, and 40% versus 51% in math. Dublin pays in excess of $37,000 per year for each student enrolled in the ConVal system. This amount is greater than any other participating town and more than double that paid by the town with the lowest assessed rate.

All members of the DEAC have pledged that they enter this process with no preconceived ideas as to what the results should be. We strongly encourage the townspeople of Dublin to educate themselves on the issues, whether or not they have children in the ConVal system. Meetings are open to the public, and resident participation will assist the DEAC as it comes to a conclusion as the best possible outcome for the town.

Jay Schechter, chairman

Dublin Education Advisory Committee