Scott Bendell opens acupuncture office in Hancock

  • The acupuncture table in Scott Bendell’s office Rowan Wilson—Staff Photo

  • Scott Bendell standing by his acupuncture table Rowan Wilson—Staff Photo

  • Scott Bendell, owner of Blue Sky Crane Healing Arts in Hancock. Rowan Wilson—Staff Photo

  • Scott Bendell holds a mala, a necklace of 108 beads traditionally used for counting mantras. Rowan Wilson—Staff Photo

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Published: 6/24/2022 2:19:04 PM
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Scott Bendell carried out a tray with a teapot and two tiny cups. He set a timer on his watch and explained that it’s important not to steep green tea too long. It becomes more of a toxin then, and loses its beneficial properties.

Bendell said his wife had a dream they should move from New Jersey to New Hampshire, so they did. Then one day, they were driving through Hancock when Bendell saw the sign advertising an office for rent on Forest Road. He didn’t know much about the town, but he had a strong sense that he needed to be there and to rent that office. 

“It was one of those things where you trust your intuition,” he said.

Bendell opened his business, Blue Sky Crane Healing Arts, in the Hancock Professional Center shortly after. Now that he’s settled in, he’s ready to learn about the community. This means he has to understand people’s energy and what he can offer.

The timer beeped and Bendell poured the green tea into the cups. 

“This can be a medicine,” Bendell said. “There’s medicine in everything.”

When Bendell went to get his undergraduate degree, he decided to go into engineering. 

“When people go to school, they never know what they want to do until later,” he said with a laugh.

During those years, he was “feeling a spiritual development occurring.” But engineering just didn’t feel right. He decided to drop out. He had been interested in martial arts and Asian culture and was seeking a way to connect to life on a deeper level. He started looking into acupuncture schools and enrolled in New England School of Acupuncture.

“It just felt like where I was supposed to be,” Bendell said. 

He has traveled to China, and now he is happy to be in New England, around nature, and starting Blue Sky Crane Healing Arts. He is offering acupuncture out of his Hancock office and sacred arts classes. On June 17, he hosted a free workshop on “Self healing with acupressure and facial reflexology” with Kristen Tagalakis, owner of Innerwisdom Beauty next door. 

“When you put in a needle, there’s an energetic transfer from practitioner to patient,” Bendell explained. “I’m putting my mind, my intention, my concentration into it.”

“When somebody comes in, they have an imbalance on some level,” he said. This means one of the meridians, or lines of energy in the body, is out of whack.

“Those imbalances create stagnant energy,” he said, which can result in pain, often in the joints. “So the goal of acupuncture is to free up the stagnant energy and recreate a new balance within the body. This triggers the body’s ability to self-heal. The body and mind are always seeking balance.”

And he said acupuncture can offer a little push so the body will seek a new state of balance, a way to heal itself.

“This has been my passion for 30 years,” he said, and internal arts and acupuncture have influenced everything for Bendell.

“These arts aren’t meant to be practiced. They’re meant to be lived every day. I’m trying to live my art,” he said. “From these practices I've become much more able to communicate my feelings, I've become more direct and less fearful. I'm more open to making changes, I'm more in tune with nature,  and also have become very grateful for things in my life, and in general, even if things aren't going well, I still feel peaceful and more positive.”

As he learns what the community needs, Bendell will adapt his classes.

“Everywhere you go a different energy is involved,” he said. “I’ve learned a lot of things over the years. I have a wide variety to teach.”

Bendell hopes that his business can offer a space of love and compassion for people to explore their true selves. 

“I would like to see people find happiness within themselves and realize they have their own infinite potential,” he said.

Bendell is offering acupuncture sessions by appointment and is teaching qigong for beginners Saturdays from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.. He also teaches a meditation class Saturdays from noon to 1 p.m. More information about Bendell and Blue Sky Crane Healing Arts can be found on his website,


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