You’re Traveling the Wrong Way: Here’s Why

Have you ever arranged for a fun getaway, only to find yourself stressed out fighting traffic and finding parking before you even get there? According to Peter and Peggy Allen of Adventure Limousine and Transportation, the solution is easier than you think.

Arranged transportation eliminates all of the travel headaches, leaving you free to focus on what really matters - relaxing and enjoying yourself. One of the most enjoyable, social and cost effective modes of arranged transportation is daytripping on a coach bus piloted by a knowledgeable tour company.

Stress-Free Travel

In May, there were 19,334 accidents in New York City - that’s almost 645 collisions every day. If you’re inexperienced or uncomfortable driving in the city, the odds of having an accident only increase.

Even if you don’t get in an accident, driving long distance can have a negative effect on your overall well-being. An increasing number of studies detail the negative effects of long commutes, which include increased blood pressure, raised anxiety, and higher levels of exhaustion.

When you’re spending your valuable leisure time, the journey should be as relaxing and enjoyable as your destination.

“Chartering transportation means you don’t have to worry about bad weather, traffic, or the stress of driving,” Peggy says.

Arranging for pick up service ensures that you won’t have to worry about getting home after your trip, either. This enables you to have a few drinks if you wish, knowing that you will have a safe and comfortable ride home.

Cost Efficient

The average cost of parking for a day in New York City is $50 dollars, but you might have to pay as much as $125 depending on what part of the city you visit. Add that to the cost of fuel and the mileage you’ll put on your car, and the price of your vacation soars.

Arranging for a limousine or coach bus to bring you to your destination eliminates all of these expenses. Instead of wasting money on the trip, invest more fully in your vacation. Plus, riding in a coach bus will be a far more enjoyable experience than driving your car.

Comfortable Amenities

Adventure Limousine and Transportation

Adventure’s new coach bus showcases the many benefits of chartered travel. The luxury-crafted coach comes equipped with amenities like WiFi, charging outlets, climate control, and a clean restroom.

Wondering how you’ll pass the hour and a half ride? Peggy recommends kicking back your reclining seat and watching a movie on the TV/DVD units. Or enjoy the view from the panoramic windows while listening to music.

Plus, the deluxe motorcoach has seating for 34 passengers, so you can bring your whole party or make new friends along the way.

“Traveling together on a coach bus is a great way to meet new people,” Peggy explains. “A lot of our passengers become friends during the trip.”

Did you pick up souvenirs from your trip? The coach bus has ample overhead storage space for all of your new purchases.

Fun Destinations

You can travel on coach buses to fun and exciting destinations, like casinos or on day trips to New York, Hampton Beach, and more.

“We drive to four casinos,” Peter says. “The Mohegan Sun, Foxwoods, and the MGM in Springfield as well as the brand new Encore Boston Harbor.”

Plus, casinos usually incentivize coach bus travel with bonus packages and vouchers. According to Peter, some of their casinos provide bonus packages that typically include a free buffet and game play vouchers.

You can also take a coach bus on fun family trips to see the Bronx Zoo, the Hampton Beach, Kittery Outlets, or York Beach. Or, arrange for a limo to take you to a destination of your choosing.

“The day trips are great experiences,” Peggy says. “You have plenty of time to take advantage of outlet shopping, sight-seeing, and award winning restaurants.”

Arranging for chartered transportation can save you money and stress while enhancing the fun and enabling you to start your next vacation early.