Monadnock region state rep. election results

  • Clare Fedolfi, wife of state rep. Jim Fedolfi, campaigns outside the Antrim Town Hall on Tuesday. Staff photo by Nicholas Handy—

  • Antrim resident Don Winchester and Hillsborough County Treasurer candidate William Bryk stand outside the Antrim Town Hall on Tuesday. Staff photo by Nicholas Handy—

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Wednesday, November 07, 2018 11:2PM

Many incumbent state representatives kept their seats after Tuesday’s election, though a few seats flipped from red to blue.

Cheshire District 9

Democrats Douglas Ley and Richard Ames will keep their seats after fighting off Republican Christopher Mazerall. 

Both Ames and Ley received over 500 more votes than Mazerall and will serve their third terms. 

“I'm really excited about our local guys… Doug has been there for years speaking on blue collar issues. Dick works very hard up there,” Jaffrey resident Kevin Hampsey said. 

Cheshire District 11

District 11 will remain red after voters re-elected John Hunt and John O’Day.

Hunt will serve his 17th term, while O’Day will serve his second. 

“The most important thing to me is to keep the New Hampshire advantage,” Hunt said Tuesday. “During the Democratic primary, there was a lot of talk about an income tax. They may not say it outright, but they use all the words and phrases to say they're open to an income tax.”

Cheshire District 14

A four-term Republican has been ousted in a tight race against his Democratic competitor. 

Incumbent Franklin Sterling lost his re-election bid to newcomer Craig Thompson by 121 votes.

“I wanted my kids to see that civility and public service are important, and that they go hand in hand... we all are on the same team,” Thompson said. “… Both sides are trying to govern by division rather than unity. I'd like to see it return to a time where we all can talk to each other, respect each other, and listen to each other."

Hillsborough District 1

Republican Jim Fedolfi and Democrat Marjorie Porter retained their seats, defeating Democrat Richard McNamara and Libertarian Keith Cobbett. 

“He's really thoughtful,” said Fedolfi’s wife Clare in Antrim Tuesday. “He's a Republican and he's conservative in his outlook, but he doesn't just follow the party line.”

Fedolfi will serve his second term and Porter will serve her fifth. 

McNamara, currently a state rep. for Hillsborough’s District 38, lost to Porter by 140 votes. 

Hillsborough District 3

Democrats will retain the state rep. seat vacated by incumbent Jonathan Manley – who did not run for reelection after serving three terms.

Democrat Dan Pickering defeated his Republican challenger Tim Lord by a vote of 1,331 to 1,071. 

Hillsborough District 4

The battle between Democrats and Republicans was tight but Democrats Kermit Williams and Jennifer Bernet prevailed over Jim Kofalt and Ron Shattuck.

Bernet – who received the most votes – was separated by 269 votes from Kofalt, who received the least votes. 

Williams will serve his fourth term after being re-elected. 

Hillsborough District 24

There was little fanfare in Peterborough for the town’s state rep. seats, as incumbent Democrats Ivy Vann and Peter Leishman faced no other declared competition. 

Vann will serve her third term, while Leishman will serve his 10th. 

Hillsborough District 25

Republicans retained control of Hillsborough’s District 25, with incumbent Paul Somero and newcomer Tim Merlino beating out Democrats Laura Lynch and Lisa Beaudoin. 

Somero will serve his second term. 

"I'm just looking to be a voice for our district,” said Somero on Tuesday. “Being a representative you have thousands of bills that come through the state house, and each bill has pros and cons. You have to sort through that."

Hillsborough District 26

Republicans will retain one of their two seats in District 26.

Republican Jack Flanagan is the winner of one of the two seats, with the race for the second seat coming down to the wire. 

Democrat Brett Hall has a five vote lead over incumbent Republican John Lewicke. Democrat Brian Rater also ran. 

Hillsborough District 38

Democrats turned a previously red seat blue in Hillsborough’s District 38. 

Democrats Chris Balch and James Bosman received the most votes, while incumbent Republican John Valera received the least. 

Republican David Bedard trailed his Democrat competitors by 266 votes. 

"I did a lot of background work for Chris Balch and Jim Bosman because I am appalled by John Valera,” Antrim resident Brian Biehl said. “I cant believe people would vote  for him... he  missed 71 percent of his roll call votes."