Letter: Letter is unfair to Democrats

Published: 04-11-2024 12:37 PM

Modified: 04-12-2024 10:35 AM

I am writing in response to Charlie Krause’s latest comments (“Democrats aim for total power,” April 4). 

He writes that Democrats don’t believe in “…old fashioned, national Constitution.” He must think those that stormed and vandalized the Capitol, threatened to hang the GOP vice president, and injured dozens of law enforcement officers are Democrats. What?

Krause rails against open borders, but conveniently forgets that Democrats tried to bring the strictest border regulations in our nation’s history that were blocked by the sycophantic speaker of the House just a few short weeks ago. That bill would have given the Border Patrol hundreds of more agents and a raft of additional high-tech border measures. Mike Johnson was following instructions from the presumptive GOP presidential candidate, whether he is in prison or not.

And while there is much to point out that is blatantly wrong with Krause’s letter, I take  umbrage to his “soulless subjects” remarks.  These folks, me included, are all for trying to help addicts overcome addiction, offer fuel assistance to the elderly, support local food banks and finally support Social Security.  We are not all floating in the same socioeconomic pool (analogy intentional) as Krause, but we all owe an obligation to the world to do what we can to help those less fortunate.

It seems to me that it is a relevant point that none of us are really from this part of the world.  We are all immigrants or related to immigrants and our ancestors helped to forge this great nation. Creating an entire stigma around those that don’t look like you is dangerous and ignorant. That really is the apex of the GOP’s platform. That and you don’t have the right to control your own body. That’s sad.

Ed Surprenant


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