Over in Rindge: Taylor Ratcliffe – Making memories in Rindge

  • Taylor Ratcliffe

Published: 12/8/2022 11:52:15 AM

Perhaps, one day, they’ll go on to tell their grandchildren about Christmastime over in Rindge … .

“When I was a child, the whole town would gather, every December, early in the month, on the town common for the annual tree-lighting. The nighttime green would be brimming with school-age kids charged with the electricity of our wintry moonlit reunion. Parents, grandparents and caregivers would use the glow of the wreath-adorned lampposts to cheerfully greet friends and neighbors from town, while also looking out into the crowd to put eyes on us kids every now and again.

There was caroling led by the Rindge Memorial School Chorus. The townspeople would all circle around as we would sing merry songs about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and demands for figgy pudding. Proud parents and family members would hold up what we called “smartphones” back then to snap a photo or take a video in hopes of capturing and holding that treasured moment forever. We sang these joyful songs under clouded moonlight with all we had to give, secretly hoping to be rewarded after with hot chocolate and a Christmas cookie from the nearby table of treats.

Of course, the greatest treat of all was when Santa Claus, the man in red himself, would appear in the clock tower of our great Rindge Meetinghouse! I think he must have quietly flown his sleigh up to the roof while we were warming up with cocoa. I remember, even with him up so high, seeing a twinkle in his eye and a rosy glow in his cheeks as he gave the crowd a jolly wave.

The magic would then continue, with the exciting moment the town Christmas tree would come alive with twinkling lights. We would all look on at the handsome tree and count down ‘Ten, nine, eight, seven ...’ to that final moment in the darkness when the lights would switch on with a shimmering sparkle. Then we’d all cheer for the start of the Christmas season.

There wouldn’t be a moment to spare before our entire sky would be illuminated with a magnificent show of colorful fireworks. I can remember looking up into the wintry night sky, my friends and I still for the first time of the evening, feeling the magic of the season and the joy of our community gathering. They’re Christmas memories I’ll never forget.”

Thank you to the Rindge Recreation Department, and all others involved, for another magical and cheer-filled tree-lighting event. The Rindge RAMS presented Citizen of the Year awards to Ronald Osimo and Trent O’Neil, and the Rindge Memorial School Chorus, led by Kristi Delago, sang carols. Cheers to making Christmas memories!

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