Disagreement over permit process in Temple

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Monday, July 03, 2017 9:0AM

The Select Board and members of other town departments are disagreeing over proposed changes to the building permit process.

On Tuesday, Building Inspector Will Wildes and Planning Board member Brian Kullgren both expressed concerns about a proposed revamping of the building permit process. 

Kullgren told the board that he and Wildes wanted to wait until autumn before attempting to make changes, as the summer was a busy time period for both the Planning and Building Inspector Departments.

“My concern is you’re trying to do this way too quickly, and there’s no emergency. I think you’re ramming it home,” said Kullgren.

Selectwoman Gail Cromwell, who has been working on the revision of the process, said she has been working on the adjustments for “months” with the collaboration of the Planning Board Chair, and said that the present permitting process is “not good” and “leads to inaccurate information and lack of information.”

Though Wildes called the proposed adjustments “massive revisions,” Cromwell said in a follow-up interview last week that “The information is not changing, it’s just spread out over more pages, to make sure they’re giving us the information that we want, and not skipping over things that are in fine print.”

Cromwell pointed to a recent building permit for a garage, which lacked a plot plan, as is required by the current permit, but had been approved anyway, as an example. Wildes explained that for some applicants, requiring a plot plan could be prohibitively expensive. However, when he showed the board a plot plan he had generated from a Google Earth image, the board said that could be seen as a viable alternative, or a marking on a lot map secured from the town office. 

Wildes and Kullgren again expressed the idea that the changes were too quick and without sufficient input from the concerned parties. Acting Select Board Chair Bill Ezell said he heard their concerns, but also didn’t want things to keep being delayed and delayed and ultimately never resolved. However, he said, he was willing to allow the issue to be put off until fall, if the issue was indeed taken up again at that time. The board agreed to table the issue for the moment. 


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