Letter: Fellow customer saved the day

Published: 04-09-2024 12:39 PM

I have an eyesight problem, not a bad one, but without the medicine I take for it I would have a big problem.

I get the prescription from a local pharmacy, and Medicare pays for most of it. When I ran out of my medication, I went to the pharmacy to get more. Several people were waiting to speak with one of the women workers, so I waited, and when my turn came I learned that since the medication is ordered by my doctor, it comes at certain times, and the time wouldn’t come for eight days. 

What to do?  I felt rather frightened, as I can hardly see without it and I probably showed my fear, because the woman I’d been talking to offered me a single little bottle of it to use until I could get the prescribed ones. It was extremely expensive. I was frightened. Where would I get the money?  But the woman told me that all was well, I could go. 

What? “Yes,” she said, “take the little bottle and you can go. One of the men who was waiting behind you paid for it.” I was shocked! And the man was gone! How could I thank him? But I thank him now; it was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me, and I hope he reads this. I am extremely grateful and I cannot thank him enough. 

Elizabeth Thomas