Letter: To the Hancock Hospital Auxiliary volunteers

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 8:48PM
To the Hancock Hospital Auxiliary volunteers

To the editor,

It is so very rewarding for the positive response received from the 51 volunteers when asked for their help. One can hardly comprehend but yet so touching to know of the dedication that you all have given to us. We appreciate each of you for volunteering your time to help with all of the telephoning so that as many Hancock residents can be contacted as possible. It would be impossible to put this Bake Sale on and have it as successful without all of your help.

Our special thank you goes out to all of the volunteers as following: Laura Akerley, Adine Aldrich, Kathy Anderson, Jane Billings, Sandy Brooks, Natalie Cass, Deborah Claflin, Linda Coughlan, Polly Curran, Sara Dowse, Edna Drasba, Ann Eng, Gail Fath, Marie Fogg, Lynn Frank, Robin Gregg, Sarah Hale, Cindy Hixon, Sarah Hutchins, Sandy Jackson, Shirley Kane, Gert Kanner, Ellen Kidd, Roberta LaPlante, Sandra Levesque, Diane Loomis, Karen MacQueen, Sonja Mucha, Nancy Musarra, Karen Nigh, Roberta Nylander, Bev Patten, Marcia Pettee, Ethel Piotrowski, Deborah Priest, Karen Primiano, Angela Ramsden, Margaret Ray, Paula Rounds, Betsy Salazar, Debra Thompson, and Ellena Zimmerman.

Doreen Ames, Jan Johnson, Terry Lombardi, Mimi Mason, Karen McCormack, Lorelei Murphy, Marcia Schwartz, Joyce Stevens, Peg McLeod

Hancock Hospital Auxiliary