Community Conversations: What is the purpose of these hubs and spokes?

Published: 3/1/2019 1:49:23 PM

Positive collaboration in our community is critical. In recent years there have been valuable results created by collaboration between town committees, businesses, and nonprofits. This includes creating the MAxT Makerspace to attract and train workers and entrepreneurs, starting the programs to welcome new residents in the town, creating new committees such as a network of nonprofits, and education management.

We now recognize that our country and community face great challenges to our sustainability. This includes aging and retirement of baby boomers and a need to solve environmental challenges. The challenges are best addressed from the bottom up, not by the politics and policies of the federal government.

A hub and spoke process is now being implemented in Peterborough and our region to implement necessary changes to address our substantial sustainability challenges. The process creates multiple committees (called spokes) and a central committee (hub) of representatives of the committees. The process is designed to create collaboration and communication, which are necessary to address major challenges to our social, environmental and financial strength.

One of the spokes of which I am a member is a group of leaders from nonprofit organizations in our region. This is an essential part of the collaboration process required to creatively address our sustainability challenges.

By being in the spoke and connected through the Hub, the Monadnock Center for History and Culture is now creating training and exhibits on energy’s history and future to start in November. The MAxT Makerspace is adding a training program on effective management of renewable energy as part of its monthly repair café. Mariposa is attracting immigrants to our community and training students and adults to understand sustainability needs and opportunities. Cornucopia trains students in regenerative farming and supports creation of a new shared kitchen to support local agriculture.

The hub and spokes are essential to creating 100 percent renewable energy and critical social and economic changes in our local community.

James Kelly is retired after working as a strategic consultant around the world. He is a member of numerous nonprofit and town committees in the Monadnock Region.

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