Viewpoints: Mom of two benefits from MATS

  • Hope Pettegrew

Published: 2/20/2019 11:02:23 AM

A new guest at the Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter in Peterborough is a mother who has two children. She is very grateful to be at MATS, to be in such a safe and wonderful place. Being at the shelter is giving her “time to finish college” which she does online except for one class she needs to attend weekly. She will need to do an internship also and does have a car which helps her get to these sessions. Having a degree will offer her the opportunity to find a job in her chosen field and thereby to better take care of her outstanding bills and her family.

I was very impressed by the solid values that this mother exhibits. She loves cooking for her children because she cares about what they eat and wants the food to be healthy. They all go outside every day and take walks, sometimes long ones. The children love Susan, our Program Manager, so they have to plan an extra five minutes whenever they go out to allow time to stop by her office to see her.

Our guest couldn’t say enough about Susan who is assisting her with budgeting, to find housing, to straighten out her line of credit, to rebuild her self-confidence and is “just very supportive” in many ways. Susan has pointed her in the right direction for whatever assistance she needs including finding help with a court matter regarding a former relationship. Moreover, she added that Susan “is understanding, fair, hard-working and available any time she is needed.”

The family is very appreciative of the wonderful Christmas that was provided by the Peterborough Garden Club. It was totally unexpected, this mother told me, and it made their holiday especially happy. She wishes to thank the Garden Club for all they did.

This woman is someone who has always found it hard to ask for or accept help from others, but clearly, appreciates her time here while she works to get her and her family’s life back on track. I found our guest’s love for her children heartwarming as well as her motivation to “be on with life”. I have no doubt that she will succeed, and we all wish her well, indeed!

Susan told me that MATS has received many wonderful donations recently. We thank those who responded with offers for a bed we requested recently; we were able to acquire a complete set that will help another guest (whom I wrote about a few months ago) who is able to move into her own apartment with her family now. Additionally, we received a wonderful grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, and another person has donated a very good car – everyone at MATS is so grateful for these donations! Thank you to all for these gifts that help MATS continue its mission offering care to our neighbors who are less fortunate.

WISH LIST: gift and gas cards from local stores for our guests to use; Pampers (of various sizes), baby wipes and pull-ups; feminine products. If you wish to donate any of these, please mail what you can to MATS, P.O. Box 3053 in Peterborough. Or you may call the MATS office and leave a message for Susan at 924-5033 where you can leave a message with your name and phone number; she will arrange for a pick-up of non-mailable items. Thank you VERY much!

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