UPDATED: Wilton Town Meeting Results

  • Wilton Town Hall Staff photo by Ashley Saari

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Thursday, February 21, 2019 6:10PM
Tuesday’s election results394 voters, out of the town’s 2,803 registered voters, cast ballots Tuesday, including 11 new voters.Tuesday’s Voting Results:Cemetery Trustee

(3-year term)

Steve Elliott* – 302

Planning Board

(1-year term, two positions)

Karen Walker – 303

Pamela Clemens – 316Planning Board

(3-year term, two positions)

Todd Clough – 315

W. Bart Hunter* – 318

Select Board

(3-year term)

Kellie-Sue Boissonnault* – 289

Sewer Commission

(3-year term)

Chris D Carter* – 353

Town Clerk/Tax Collector

(3-year term)

Jane K Farrell* – 371


(1-year term)

“DJ” Garcia Jr – 279

William Chalmers* – 91

Trustee of Trust Funds

(3-year term)

Virginia Day – 351

Water Commission

(3-year term)

Kermit Williams* – 313

Both zoning amendments overwhelmingly passed:

The adoption of a new zoning chapter – Section 7A Downtown Commercial District – PASSED 302 to 73

An amendment to Section 5 regarding the Residential District PASSED 312 to 63

Town Meeting continued Thursday, March 14, at 7 p.m., here are the results:

■The $4.85 million proposed operating budget PASSED by voice vote

■$29,000 for a lease payment on the highway department dump truck PASSED by voice vote

■$8,942 on a lease payment for a police cruiser for the police department PASSED by voice vote

■$160,000 to purchase a 6-wheel truck for the highway departmentPASSED by voice vote

■$45,500 to purchase police cruiser PASSED by voice vote

■$11,130 to purchase a lawnmower to mow cemeteries and town-owned recreation properties PASSED by voice vote

■$1.4 million for the reconstruction of King Brook Road Bridge PASSED by voice vote

■$300,000 to be added to the bridges capital reservePASSED by voice vote

■$50,000 to be added to the fire equipment capital reserve PASSED by voice vote

■$50,000 for the purchase of air packs for the fire department. AMENDED to $75,000, PASSED by voice vote

■$41,422 to replace the town’s current street lights with LED street lightsPASSED by voice vote

■$5,600 to increase the Select Board’s annual stipend FAILED in 100-30 ballot vote

■$6,252 to increase the Town Clerk/Tax Collector salary PASSED in 83-35 ballot vote

■$30,000  for document scanning and imaging to preserve town records PASSED by voice vote

■To modify elderly tax exemption PASSED by voice vote

■To increase the tax credit for service-connected total disability to $4,000. PASSED by voice vote

■To adopt RSA 79-F to allow land under farm structures to be taxed at current use rates. PASSED by voice vote

■To extend the length of time a rehabilitated structure can apply for Chapter 79-E tax relief incentive from three years to five PASSED by voice vote

■To adopt a policy to have all meetings of the boards, committees and commissions held in the Wilton Town Hall to be live streamed FAILED by voice vote

■To designate West End Highway as a scenic road TABLED

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