Former ‘Andy’s Kid’ shares screen with stars in Greta Gerwig’s ‘Little Women’

  • Wilton native Taylor Jorgensen played the role of Seb in the TV movie "Frenzy" released in 2018. Courtesy photo—

  • Wilton native Taylor Jorgensen played the role of Rob in the TV movie "Shadows of the Dead" released in 2016. Courtesy photo—

  • Wilton native Taylor Jorgensen played the role of a Moffat Ball Dancer in Oscar nominated "Little Women". Courtesy photo

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Published: 1/22/2020 8:39:43 PM

Ever since Taylor Jorgensen took the stage for the first time in the Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative performance of “Guys and Dolls” in the eighth grade as Rusty Charlie, he knew acting was something he wanted to pursue.

It didn’t matter that he likely had a better chance of building a career in just about any other field. He wanted to act and that meant doing everything humanly possible to turn his dream into a reality.

“Everyone tells you how hard it is to make a career out of acting and they’re right,” Jorgensen said. “It’s daunting, but at the same time I feel I have somewhat of a natural ability.”

Since moving to California less than a year after graduating from Keene State College in 2015 he has seen the highs and lows of trying to make it as a professional actor. The change in scenery initiated by his older brother Thomas, who was also pursuing a career in the industry as a writer/director.

“I really wanted to make a go of it,” Jorgensen said.

But simply making the move wasn’t going to immediately turn into a successful acting career.

“That’s where the similarities with the movies end,” Jorgensen said. “Things just don’t happen. It’s tough to find an angle for work, so the first few months was about figuring things out, the professional rhythm of the city. It’s certainly a continuous uphill battle.”

The highest of the highs can actually be seen on the screen of Jorgensen’s hometown movie house, the Wilton Town Hall Theatre and the Peterborough Community Theatre over the next week, where Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women.” is playing. He doesn’t play a big part as a Moffat Ball Dancer. Jorgensen is in just one scene as one of four couples dancing in a small ballroom with one of the couples made up of stars of the film, Emma Watson and Timothée Chalamet.

“There are definitely extreme highs and extreme lows, especially when you’re starting out,” Jorgensen said.

The opportunity came about thanks to Alex Davis, a close college friend from Keene State. Davis was hired as the assistant choreographer and was in charge of securing dancers for the film. Davis told Jorgensen he should fly back to Boston for a movie, without actually telling him the title. Jorgensen didn’t really have the money to fly back and forth, but when Davis called a week later and told him it was for “Little Women”, Jorgensen knew he couldn’t pass up the chance.

“It was incredibly exciting to be a part of this project,” Jorgensen said.

It was shot in a historic home off Boston Common with the scene consisting of two days of rehearsals and one day for filming in December of 2018, but being part of an Oscar-nominated film is something not even he could have predicted this early in his career.

While it unfortunately hasn’t directly led to more work, Jorgensen knows it can make a difference – regardless of the part size.

“It looks great on the resume. Hopefully it will catch an eye,” he said.

Since wrapping his part in “Little Women” Jorgensen has been cast as one of the feature roles in “From the Depths” which he is hopeful will be picked up by the Syfy Channel. That would make his third film on the network after his first break after moving to California came with the role of Rob in “Shadows of the Dead,” followed up by “Frenzy,” where he got to live in Thailand for a month during filming. In between, Jorgensen has been a part of a number of short films, but most of those have been unpaid or for very little pay.

“You find these little artistic venues where you can stay active,” Jorgensen said. “They pay you in experience, but it doesn’t pay the rent.”

In order to live, Jorgensen has done a lot of production coordinating work to stay close to the industry while still getting his name out there and taking auditions when they come up. With pilot season around the corner, he’s hopeful something on screen will come his way soon.

Jorgensen spent four years at Keene State, where he majored in theater and dance with a specialization in acting. He did a little bit of everything from on stage work to a feature length horror film. While he’d still love to perform for a live audience, Jorgensen felt that film was a more advantageous avenue. At Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative Middle/High school, he was a part of every production after his “Guys and Dolls” premiere and spent each summer in high school with Andy’s Summer Playhouse, an experience that left a lasting impression on him.

“The kids are treated like professionals,” Jorgensen said. “And for a young actor, it was big to be respected like that and to have a voice.”

Jorgensen isn’t sure what the future will hold for his career, but the plan is to keep pursuing opportunities and see what falls into place. Because he never knows when another “Little Women” might fall into his lap.

“Selling yourself is huge out here. No one’s going to make your career for you,” Jorgensen said.

“Little Women” will be showing at the Wilton Town Hall Theatre and the Peterborough Community Theatre through Thursday, Jan. 30.

It will be shown in Wilton every evening at 7:30 p.m. and on Sunday at 2 p.m.

 Sh   ow times in Peterborough include: Thursday and  Friday at 7 p.m. and Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday at 2:30 and 7 p.m.

“Little Women” is rated PG and has a run time of 2 hours and 15 minutes.


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