Wilton woman’s journey to the Grammys

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    Wilton resident Snatam Kaur was nominated for Best New Age album of 2018 for her latest album "Beloved." Staff photo by Rachel Vitello—

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    Wilton resident Snatam Kaur was nominated for a Grammy award for Best New Age album of 2018 for her latest album "Beloved." Staff photo by Rachel Vitello

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Published: 3/13/2019 9:26:36 PM

This year’s Grammy Awards featured Wilton resident Snatam Kaur. Kaur was nominated for Best New Age album of 2018 for her latest album Beloved. She also performed her song Darashan Maago at the Grammy’s on Feb. 10.

While Kaur’s music is categorized as New Age by those at the Grammy’s, she defines it slightly differently. “The way I look at it is, our music is used in yoga and meditation classes for people wanting to de-stress. It’s used for people from all walks of life,” Kaur said. “The origin of the music is from India, the Sikh religion. Our music is a mixture of Indian music and Western music.”

Kaur grew up in the Sikh lifestyle, which is how she came to have her career in music today.

“I grew up learning that type of music. My mother studied with a teacher from India, a Sikh musician, and then I also had an opportunity to study with him as well. It was just a part of our household. My father was also practicing a lot of music in the house. It just was a natural fit for me,” Kaur said.

In her teenage years, Kaur came to learn that the chants she had learned early in her life could help her de-stress. When she later became a certified yoga teacher, she again found the music to be helpful in allowing everyone involved to let go of tension and relax.

It was in 2000 that Kaur got her first opportunity to record an album, Amrit Vela. Her first tour followed in 2004, which was sponsored by a company that gave ten percent of their profits to organizations working for peace. In return, Kaur gave out their awards in public venues at her concert. After three years, the sponsorship had run its course, but Kaur had enough of a fan following to continue on her own.

“It was a major blessing. I would make albums, people would hear the music and love it and would invite me to come and play, or we just connected with people. A lot of the music spread through the Kundalini [Yoga] community worldwide. The music just grew from there,” Kaur said.

Kaur’s career continues to grow today. Through her Grammy nomination and performance, she was able to meet many other musicians and become inspired by their work ethic.

“It was really eye-opening to be in a room with that many incredible musicians who are working in their art,” Kaur said. “It was inspiring for me to see how other people are devoting themselves to their music and their craft.”

Kaur said performing at the Grammy’s was a nerve-wracking, but incredible experience. Once she began performing, Kaur said she was able to let go and enjoy the experience.

With Kaur’s success in the music industry and future opportunities that lie ahead, New Hampshire is not the first place many would think to grow and prosper in that career field. For Kaur, however, it is the perfect home.

“I was really attracted [to New Hampshire] by the nature,” Kaur said. “It’s been really supportive for me as a touring musician. I go out on tour twice a year and the tours are really intense and I come back and have a quiet place to rejuvenate.”

Kaur and her family are also members of the Wilton Community Farm, her daughter attends a local school and they are involved with the small Kundalini community in the area.

“We have a local music gathering at our house. I teach people how to feel more comfortable singing and I teach the traditional Sikh music. Then we have a potluck afterwards. I do a daily yoga practice, but my teaching energy is more in music right now,” Kaur said.

Kaur will be heading back out on tour again soon, this time across Europe during May. Kaur said she is most excited for the places she not yet visited, like Tel Aviv and Paris. Local residents can also experience Kaur’s music and yoga teachings. Visit snatamkaur.com and go to the Local Events tab for a calendar of all events and classes in the southern New Hampshire region.

“I’m just continuing to write music,” Kaur said. “I feel the Grammy experience was inspiring to me. It gave me a little more permission to dive in and devote myself more to what I’m doing.”


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