Choir raises funds for community cause 

  • Two Rivers Community Choir will host a choral concert in benefit of Reality Check, a nonprofit in Jaffrey. Courtesy photo—

  • Two Rivers Community Choir will host a choral concert in benefit of Reality Check, a nonprofit in Jaffrey. Courtesy photo—

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Thursday, April 20, 2017 6:40AM

Songs of hope, solidarity, and strength will ring out at the United Church of Jaffrey this Sunday and again at the Union Congregational Church in Peterborough the following Sunday.

The concert, named Uprising of Hope, was given its title based off of a song the Two Rivers Community Choir will sing during the event. Director Marybeth Hallinan said the group sings an eclectic songs that, hopefully, speak to a specific period of time.

“I’ve had musical friends call me moody, which is fun because really what that means is that I tend to be able to sense the tenor of a situation of a group and pick music that we need,” Hallinan said in an interview in March.

These days, Hallinan said, she is choosing hopeful songs.

During the concert, the choir will sing a song called “If Not Now” by Carrie Newcomer.

“I see sorrow and trouble in this land,

Although there will be struggle we’ll make the change we can,

If not now, tell me when.”

“I take a little bit of a stand, but I don’t think it’s my place to put my personal beliefs into the group,” Hallinan said about song selection in relation to unfolding current events. “But certainly I know whatever side you’re on, nobody can deny that there is a divide.”

To make a difference locally, Hallinan said singer due fees and donations from the choir are directed back into the community. In any given semester, the choir will donate about $1,500 to a local non-profit organization.

“It’s something that not all of us as individuals can do, but as a collective group it’s a really great way to have a vehicle for all this music. So it’s not just a performance, it’s a really a gathering of a community,” Hallinan said.

The proceeds from the spring concert series will benefit Reality Check: Drug and Alcohol Prevention in Jaffrey – a non-profit organization that believes drug and alcohol addiction is a preventable, treatable disease and that recovery is possible.

The choir has donated to a number of causes in the past, including to a local man named Patrick Foley, who is recovering from a severe brain injury that he sustained in a car accident in Florida.

“We need to come together, and music is a vehicle for that,” Hallinan said.

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