‘Beautiful Slop’ at Local’s Cafe

  • Jason Ricci and JJ Appleton will play in Wilton on Oct. 5. Courtesy

Friday, September 28, 2018 3:43PM

Award winning harmonica player Jason Ricci and songwriter/guitarist JJ Appleton will perform at Nelson’s Candies Local’s Cafe on Oct. 5. 

The duo teamed up to create a new album, entitled “Beautiful Slop,” that will be out on Oct. 26. They describe it as “10 recordings dripping with raw grit, groove, acoustic soul and sweat.”

Ricci, a harmonica legend and winner of the 2018 Blues Award for best instrumentalist/harmonica, melds his “Sonny Terry on speed” style with beautiful melodic flowing riffs that consistently bring a smile or tear throughout the record. Appleton’s original songs and unique takes on some very unusual covers shows the duo’s penchant for keeping people guessing as to what they’ll do next.

Tickets to the show cost $30.