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Published: 11/12/2019 2:26:12 PM

“Raw Thoughts” by John Casey, a mindful fusion of literary and photographic art, is out now, published by Adelaide Books.

Casey is from New Hampshire and graduated from Florida State University with a Master of Arts in 1994. Casey’s work has appeared in numerous literary journals, magazines, and online blogs. His first book, “Raw Thoughts,” was released in the summer of 2019 by Adelaide Books (New York, Lisbon) and nominated for the 2019 National Book Award. “Raw Thoughts” is a visceral, compelling, and mindful fusion of literary art and black and white film photography. Casey’s first novel, titled “Devolution” and released in the fall of 2019, is book one of a psychological spy thriller trilogy also published by Adelaide. “Devolution” is nominated for the 2020 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award. “Evolution” will be released in 2020 followed by “Revelation” in 2021. His writing is inspired by the incredible spectrum of people, places and cultures he has experienced throughout his life.


“Raw Thoughts” is comprised of voyeuristic glimpses of the heart and mind that together chart a path from loss and despair to catharsis, introspection to illumination, and from there to happiness and love. Poetry and photography are combined within to form emotional and provocative vignettes (raw thoughts) that exhibit what happens in life with the aim of evoking sentiment and reflection – mindfulness about what can be done to make things better.

Casey will read and discuss his work at the Toadstool Bookshop in Keene on Saturday at 1 p.m. 


The following is an excerpts from “Raw Thoughts”.


So difficult not to stare

He doesn’t deserve to be acknowledged

But I can’t help it

When I see him I think about the wreckage he’s left behind

And I think about

Everyone he’s hurt along the way

He’s taken destruction to a new level

The only thing he’s managed to refine in life is his duplicity

We’d be better off without him

It should end

But somehow, death would be too kind

He sees me looking

Staring back purposefully with those judging eyes

Suddenly, I want to strike him

He needs to be punished for all of it

I scream at him

But he screams as well, startling me

And I punch him in the face with all my strength, furious

He hits me back with equivalent anger

I stagger, overcome and crying

Blood drips to the bathroom floor

And I slump down on the toilet

To think some more

Picking splinters of glass from my hand

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