Art walk in Peterborough this weekend

  • Nancy Alexander’s work "Path of Abundance.”

  • Nancy Alexander’s painting "Madison Medicine.”

  • Ed Thomas’ photograph of a swamp in Marlow.

  • Ed Thomas’ “Potatoes.”

Thursday, April 13, 2017 6:53AM

What better way celebrate spring than participating in the first Art Walk in Peterborough?

On Saturday, April 15, from 3 to 5 p.m. Depot Square will host a unique selection of artist works displayed at six locations. From modern photography, to oil masters to abstract, to interpretive art, there is something for everyone to enjoy and appreciate. Start with New England Art Exchange that features paintings by William Preston Phelps, on loan from a number of area art collectors. This grouping of Phelps paintings has never been shown together before.

Upstairs on the second floor, is the DB Alexander Studio. Nancy Alexander is an artist who joyfully continues on her journey of discovery in self-expression. She spent time focused on acoustic guitar and songwriting and has recently returned to her passion of pastel and oil painting along with printmaking at her Depot Square location.

Alexander blends impressionist pastel landscape technique with creating grounds and color fields with monotype. Her mixed media expression is striking to view.

Walk across the driveway to Bowerbird where the featured artist is Colin Finn, a carver, originally from Ireland, now living in Peterborough. He works with locally sourced soapstone and hand carves on a variety of shapes, sizes and subjects.

Follow along the shops to the Peterborough Art Academy and you will find works by Michaela Chelminski, abstract artist and proprietor of the Art Gallery. Chelminski’s paintings reflect her passion for vibrant colors and blending visions from her extensive overseas travel. She paints views of the nature around her with a gifted perspective and elegance.

Continue on to the Waterhouse Restaurant and Bar located a few shops down, on the Nubanusit River. Waterhouse has the privilege of featuring an exclusive gathering of works from the private collection of Stan and Cheryl Fry. These paintings are part of a larger exhibition to be held at the Whistler House Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts. The collection has New England Landscapes from the 20th century with notable artists including, Anthony Thieme, Roy Brown, Charles Curtis Allen and many more. Featured are views of Vermont, White Mountains to Cape Cod.

Finally, across from Waterhouse is the newest gallery, located on the recently renovated third floor offices at Depot Square. Here, three diverse artists have come together for the inaugural show: Photographer Ed Thomas from Westmoreland, expressionist oil painter Dominique Boutand,from Nashua and our very local photographer Linda Greenwood from Peterborough. Together, all three create a visually interesting collection that stimulates thought and presents Beauty, Ideas and Inspiration in very unique styles.