New owner for Gaia’s Blessing in Peterborough

  • Jeni Archer is the new owner and operator of Gaia’s Blessing in Peterborough. Staff photo by Ben Conant

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Published: 8/24/2020 1:02:30 PM

There’s a new owner of Gaia’s Blessing in Peterborough and it’s almost as if Jeni Archer was destined to be its caretaker.

“I had always wanted to be a witch with my own shop, ever since I was a little kid,” Archer said.

She moved to Peterborough in December 2018 from Texas with her wife and children and was immediately drawn to the “amazing, magikal shop.” She was a customer for a while and knew it was for sale., but the timing wasn’t right when it first went on the market. Although as her children grew into teenagers and didn’t require as much from the longtime stay-at-home mom, she decided to inquire about the business.

“It all worked out at the right time,” Archer said.

The former owner Michelle Lewis “was looking for a person with the right energy to keep it on the same path,” Archer said.

Archer has always felt a strong connection to the natural world and people in general and wants to use the business as a way to help people with growth and healing.

“I always wanted to just help people,” Archer said. “And this store has anything that can help people move forward in their life.”

At the store, located at 1 Summer St. in Peterborough, patrons will still find all the wonderful healing crystals, jewelry, CarlyGirl oils, CBD products, and glassware they’ve been accustomed to, along with expanded options for herbs, divination tools, and spellwork supplies to appeal to those on a pagan spiritual path.

“It’s what she had a vision for and what I had a vision for and a way to push it forward,” Archer said.

She wants to help educate people about witches, many of who were seen as the wise women of a community.

“They were the people you went to when you were ill, went to when you were sad,” Archer said. “So I want to educate people to be less afraid of the word.”

Archer remembers having these deep connections and feelings when she was very young, but at that age it was hard to understand and they got pushed down for many years until what she calls a spiritual awakening in her 30s. Those feelings came rushing back and she was reminded that she is “this glorious being.”

“I always knew I was different, but I’m weird in so many other ways I just thought it was another different,” she said.

But it kept leading her back to what she truly believed was her purpose – to help others.

Archer said she reworked the back part of the store so she could conduct tarot readings, and host energy healing and intuitive counseling sessions after hours by appointment.

Archer has added Monthly Wild Workshops and quarterly book clubs to the activities offered at the shop with safety precautions to deal with COVID-19. When the world goes back to normal, Archer plans to host community events that will provide an even closer look at what the store offers and instructional tarot classes.

She just wants people to realize their is room for growth and healing.

“The life you live in is just so gorgeous,” Archer said.

Archer said buying a business during a global pandemic isn’t the first wild idea she’s had.

“I moved my whole family here on a whim,” Archer said, after getting a feeling that something big was coming (she can’t say if it was coronavirus) and feeling safe in Peterborough. “And then I bought the business during a pandemic.”

But Archer believes everything lined up at just the right time in her life to fulfill that childhood dream.

Gaia’s Blessing is open Tuesday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information on services and events, visit


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