Warwick Mills gets federal prison contract

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 9:43AM

Warwick Mills of New Ipswich recently announced a contract to supply around 38,000 pairs of Alpha Plus Gloves to the Federal Bureau of prisons. The gloves are designed to keep law enforcement officers safe from the threat of injury from needles, knives and other threats that they encounter daily guarding the nation's prison population. Warwick Mills is working with Integrio Technologies of Herndon, Virginia in the endeavour. Warwick expects to hire supervisors, electrical techs, and entry level assembly positions to manage this increase in production.

“It is great to see law enforcement officers enhancing their protection on the job with our cutting edge products,” said Tim Graves, segment manager at Warwick Mills. “We are so excited to be hiring new employees and adding new equipment to handle this new business at our New Hampshire facility.” For more information, please call 291-1000.