Editorial: Ready yourself for Town Meeting

Published: 2/20/2019 10:45:09 AM

Town Meeting season is upon us.

The tried and true time-honored tradition of town voting is less than a month away, and while some (Conant and ConVal hockey parents) are already involved with budget, default budget, proposed projects and possible tax increase or decreases and Keno many in the community have not tuned in yet.

They’ve been busy with work, school, family, church, the latest de-cluttering craze, not to mention getting the kids to basketball practice and swim meets or selling as many Girl Scout cookies as they can.

Town officials and school districts board’s and staff, however, have been working hard for months preparing for March town and annual school meeting.

We here at the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript have also been hard at work, covering budget hearings and deliberative sessions to get our readers the information they need to make informed decisions.

We have also been hard at work planning summaries of each town meeting and annual school meeting that will be first posted online this week and later put into print closer to March Town Meeting.

These summaries will give you the rundown on what is being voted on and why in your town or school district.

The New England town meeting is democracy in action, but if you don’t educate yourself before town or annual school meeting you could be overwhelmed with the numerous warrant articles or not have the time you need to do more research on a proposal to spend more or less of your town or school tax dollars.

So have a say in your town and school district spending and plan to attend town meeting, but first, educate yourself.

Community forums are also a hugely beneficial way to become informed. Because so many people rarely attend budget hearings and deliberative sessions these days we encourage you to write in a letter to the editor or propose a Viewpoints for our Opinion page about issues coming to your town or school meeting. Both are a great way to get a conversation going about these important voting topics.

As always you can reach us at news@ledgertranscript.com.


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