Editorial: Every second of your life is time

Published: 2/7/2019 4:02:54 PM

A lot can change in ten years, in five years, or in an instant.

Ten years ago, a group of Conant sports parents got together and formed the Hoops for Hope Committee, which has been raising money and donating it to local families affected by cancer ever since. They’ve raised thousands and thousands of dollars and funneled it all right back into the community.

Five years ago, the Ervin family was doing just fine. Former Franklin Pierce basketball players Ken and Liz were growing their family, the two of them and five kids in Fitzwilliam, a move up to Maine in their near future. Also in their near future — though they didn’t know it yet — was a cancer diagnosis for Liz. She’d fight bravely, for nearly three years, until passing away in September of 2018.

Ken was the speaker at Saturday’s tenth annual Hoops for Hope basketball games at Conant, where the Orioles clashed with Monadnock on the court and came together in unity off it. Ken, a former Husky coach himself, riveted the crowd at halftime as he matter-of-factly told the devastating story of a family torn asunder by cancer and how they’ve come together in its wake. He kept a brave face through it all, while admitting that under that exterior was a hurricane of emotion.

It’s a story all too familiar in our community, illustrated by the Hoops for Hope “Stand Up” ceremony, in which those in the gym who’ve had a loved one affected by cancer write their names on a placard and stand as one. There wasn’t a single soul sitting in the Pratt Auditorium on Saturday during that ceremony, each attendee with a special place in their heart for their friends, family, and loved ones fighting their own battles.

Perhaps Ken Ervin’s most poignant epiphany shared Saturday was that of his daughter Victoria, who turned to him one day at four years old and said “Every second of your life is time.” The observation of a child, as pithy and meaningful as life itself.

Take Victoria’s words to heart as you step out into the world today. Use your time wisely and spend it with those who matter. After all, time is our most precious commodity, and we have less and less of it every day.


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