Letter: Thoughts on gun club dispute

Published: 10/9/2019 1:57:41 PM

Thoughts on gun club dispute

To the editor:

I’ve been following the land dispute between the Rod and Gun Club vs. residents Scott/Bridgette Perry. It’s bizarre to see that many don’t fully understand what this is all about and assume it is an anti-gun issue, when in fact this case has nothing to do with that! Imagine you worked hard and saved to buy a larger piece of property that you knew bordered a gun club, but built your home far enough from the borderline to “buffer” the noise and stray bullets only to find that your neighbor slowly over time just decided to take it over as theirs? I think most people would be furious about this and rightfully so. This world has become far too selfish as it is. Taking a stand against those that feel entitled to take what isn’t theirs who also altered the land to build a pavilion without town permission/permits too...well that fight is admirable and one I would get behind! The Rod and Gun Club should be ashamed of themselves and the courts made the right decision on this one. Homeowners: read up on Adverse Possession and the rule of “OCEAN” and you will find that you too would have fought to get your land back!

Audrey Bagdasarian


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