Letter: The ball is in your court, Gov. Sununu

Published: 9/10/2019 12:07:18 PM

To the editor:

Our Governor would have you believe Democrats have passed “extreme bills” this session. He vetoed a record 53 bills (for context, the previous record was 15.) However, examining the vetoed bills, it is clear that it is the Governor who is guilty of being extreme.

Net metering keeps coming back, passing the House and the Senate, because the PEOPLE want it. Firearms legislation continues unchanged when research demonstrates that expanding background checks does not impact law-abiding owners, but will help keep guns out of the wrong hands. 34 of the 53 bills the Governor vetoed passed the House on voice votes – an indication that the bills have support from both parties.

He spoke on only two of them - the budget bills. He did not have staff members attend meetings and work cooperatively with committees during the months it takes for a bill to be recommended to become law.

In the 2018 election, voters elected a split government, which requires all parties to work cooperatively to pass meaningful legislation.

The Governor has not done that. Instead he has chosen an obstructive path, allowing the legislature to work in good faith only to have their work ignored and sabotaged with a stroke of his red pen. And then, perhaps the ultimate insult to that work, our Governor arrogantly raffles off his vetoes at a rally.

This is no way to run a government. I ask the Governor to remember that we are ALL elected officials. We ALL have constituents who sent us to office because they believed we would represent them.

This is not a popularity game, it is the future, the hopes, dreams, and the true representation of the New Hampshire people. 

Rep. Chris Balch 


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