Letter: Stats on Sununu

Published: 10/9/2019 11:04:18 AM

To the editor:

If Governor Chris Sununu were a baseball player, he’d be in the Hall of Fame. In the recently-concluded legislative session, he racked up an incredible 57 vetoes — with only two overrides to blemish an almost perfect record of negativity. For you amateur sabermetricians, that’s a batting average of .965 — a full 559 points higher than the immortal Ted Williams’s .406 of 1941.

You can almost see his future plaque in some political Cooperstown: “Chris SuNoNo, Highest Veto Percentage Among all Governors in US History.”

But this isn’t baseball. It’s about denying the electoral wishes of a clear majority of New Hampshire citizens. Yes, it is a part of our checks-and-balances governing system that the executive should have the right to cast a veto. Yet, that same executive also has a responsibility to accede to the will of the electorate. To apply the veto option universally and indiscriminately is an abuse of power. A majority of New Hampshire citizens elected the present party in control of both houses of the legislature — the lawmaking branch of our government. That majority has the right not to be thwarted at every turn by the self-serving vetoes of a partisan governor. Passage of bills that should become law requires only a simple majority of both houses. It shouldn’t take a two-thirds vote to make every single piece of legislation a law of this state. That’s not democracy.

In the next legislative term, let’s hope the governor shows greater responsibility in listening to the majority of Granite Staters and not just to the minority in his own political tribe. I don’t think he’d wish his legacy to be: “I’m the Governor Now — And You’re Not!” We already have a president who cornered that market — and look where that’s getting him.

C’mon, Chris, just play ball with the rest of us.

Daniel Sullivan



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