Letter: Climate crisis is a fraud

Published: 1/8/2020 9:14:55 AM
Modified: 1/8/2020 9:14:21 AM


To the editor:

One of your readers thinks you shouldn’t vote for Messner for U.S. Senate because Messner “...questions the science linking human activities to global warming.” I disagree.


First of all, the reader states: “...the atmosphere’s heat absorption is due entirely to its trace gases, mainly carbon-dioxide (CO2) and water vapor.” Wrong. Heat is absorbed by our atmosphere near the surface of the Earth not only by thermal radiation emanating from that surface, which is what he is talking about, but by direct contact with the surface, which heats not just “trace” but all constituent gases.


Secondly, he didn’t mention another oracle of heat transfer science: Balfour Stewart, who determined, essentially, that substances that absorb heat by radiation likewise emit heat just as readily. While CO2 near the surface may absorb radiant energy from the Earth, it also re-radiates about half towards space, which alarmists downplay.


Alarmists point to large proportionate increases in CO2 as concerning but CO2 is a minor component of our atmosphere and doubling, for instance, an insignificant number can still yield an insignificant number. CO2 is currently only some 410 parts-per-million of our atmosphere. Water vapor, which absorbs radiant energy across a broader spectrum of Earth’s emissions, significantly overlapping CO2, ranges up to some 36,600 ppm, swamping any significance of CO2 most places most of the time. Due to that overlap, much of what CO2 might absorb, would be absorbed by water vapor even if there were no CO2.


The lead proponents of the climate “crisis” have something to gain by deceiving the public with their pseudo-science. For some it’s money. For others, it’s political power. Messner is right to campaign against this fraud and so too Trump.

Ross Wilkinson


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