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Published: 2/27/2019 2:30:41 PM

Here at the Ledger-Transcript, we’re proud of the product we produce. We’re sure most of you out there reading this feel the same way about your own jobs, where you probably work on quality goods or services and charge a fair price for your prodcts.

That’s why it’s so tough for us to see the apparently widespread practice of copying and pasting our articles onto Facebook or taking a screenshot and sharing it on social media.

We believe we are providing a valuable service to our 16 towns, our four school districts and the wonderful people of those communities. And clearly, a lot of you feel the same way. Why else would you run out of your free articles each month and then take to Facebook asking for someone to copy and paste the next article you want to read? If you want to read it, it must be valuable. And if it’s valuable, that means it costs money.

The Ledger-Transcript has a smaller staff in the newsroom than it’s ever had before, as a result of declining revenue in the news business. Yet we still put in the hard work that it takes to cover all the news, sports, arts and community happenings that make our vibrant community so special.

Low pay and long hours - we do this because we are passionate and we think it matters. We drive halfway across the state for the big game or stay at town meeting to the bitter end so the world can find out what happened and what it means to the community.

We understand that it can be frustrating to click on an article with an enticing headline and nice photo and then see that you can’t read it without paying for a subscription. However, that is literally how every employee at the Ledger-Transcript gets paid. Every time you share an article by copy/pasting or by screenshot, that’s one more person who doesn’t need to subscribe. It not only takes money out of our pockets, it hurts us on a personal level. You value the news we produce enough to read it — you want to read it — but you don’t think the journalists who work to bring that news should get paid? Journalists who live in your communities, grew up here, went to school here and came back because it’s a great place to live and has a wonderful newspaper where we can work.

It costs $59 a year to subscribe to the @LedgerTrans online. We are confident we provide $5 worth of content a month. That’s less than Netflix or Hulu or any of the other services you probably pay for each month. Please, consider subscribing next time you see an article you like. Visit www.ledgertranscript.com/Reader-Services for more information.


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