Democrats seek House seats

Friday, August 10, 2018 3:50PM
To the editor:

Dick Ames, Doug Ley, Craig Thompson and Susan Silverman are pleased to announce their candidacies as Democrats for election to the New Hampshire House. Ames and Ley seek re-election to the two Cheshire District 9 seats, representing Dublin, Harrisville, Jaffrey and Roxbury. Silverman seeks election to one of the two Cheshire District 11 seats, representing Rindge and Fitzwilliam. Thompson seeks election to the single Cheshire District 14 seat, representing the combined six District 9 and 11 towns.

As we enter upon the 2018 electoral campaign, we pledge to continue honoring the New Hampshire traditions of civility, respect and the placing of pragmatic solutions ahead of ideological posturing.

If elected, we will support policy initiatives that build on success and tackle pressing concerns. We will support all reasonable responses to the opioid crisis. We will defend the interests of working people, including the right to organize and collectively bargain and to receive fair and just compensation and benefits for work performed. We will work to build on recent health care changes to create a system providing good affordable health care to all. We will strive for fair and sufficient funding for needed transportation and internet infrastructure, for public education at all levels, for essential social programs and for other essential needs. We will reject downshifting of state costs to local property taxpayers and will work to build a tax system that respects the constitutional mandate that necessary taxation be fair and proportionate. We will advance policies that support technological innovation and the advancement of New Hampshire based businesses. We will seek to position New Hampshire to reap the advantages of efficient and sustainable energy use and to protect our natural environment. We will fight for campaign finance reform, for sensible gun violence protection initiatives, for equal rights and choices for women, and against all forms of unjust and irrational discrimination.

Above all, we will remain committed to our bedrock values of balancing individual and community needs and pursuing solutions through respectful and civil dialogue. To voters in our districts, we hope you will join us and we ask for your support and good-will.

Dick Ames (Jaffrey),
Doug Ley (Jaffrey),
Susan Silverman (Fitzwilliam), Craig
Thompson (Harrisville)