Response to Valera

Friday, August 10, 2018 5:15PM
To the editor:

As a candidate for Hillsborough District 38, I read Mr. Valera’s letter to the editor in explanation of his 71 percent absences from N.H. House sessions carefully. What I can gather from it is that Mr. Valera does not believe in government

He runs for election promising to represent the interests of his constituents, but when the conversations, and/or legislation become challenging, he decides that it’s not worth showing up to do the job his constituents elected him to do.

The N.H. House of Representatives needs to make sound decisions on guns, wages, education, the opioid crisis, energy, the environment, Medicaid and more, as a cohesive group. For that to happen, representatives need to show up. Period. No excuses, no whining about the system they chose to participate in with public votes.

Protecting the “money, liberties and properties” of constituents is a good thing to do, but I wonder how Mr. Valera thinks he accomplishes that by not showing up.

Chris Balch,
state representative candidate