Letter: WLC cuts seen from the eye of a student

Published: 3/23/2020 12:18:19 PM


To the editor:

I am Anabelle S. Bergstrom and I am an 11th grader at Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative High School in Wilton. The SAU63 school system is experiencing several changes because of proposed budget cuts that will be taking place in the district.

The citizens of Wilton and Lyndeborough need to be aware of how these cuts will directly affect the student body from the eyes of a student. At the March 7 town meeting, the voting body voted to deduct $411,444 from the proposed budget. This reduction in the budget means that various cuts will need to be made from many different aspects of our schools.

One of these cuts will be all of middle school athletics. For students coming from the elementary school, they will have no opportunity to explore different sports before high school. This will also affect the already suffering school morale that we are trying to improve.

Another cut that directly affects students is an alternative option if the proposed budget is not passed. Four middle school core classes (science, social studies, english, and math) teachers would have their positions cut. This means that high school core class teachers would need to take on teaching 8th-grade students as well.

As these teachers would need more class periods during the day to teach middle school classes, the number of classes available to high school students will be limited. In such a small school district, there are already a limited number of scheduling opportunities for students. These cuts would further this problem.

In the SAU63 school district, it is of utmost importance that students get the education and opportunities they deserve. I urge the people of Wilton and Lyndeborough to take into consideration the impact on students when voting on cuts for the district.

Anabelle Shirley Bergstrom


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