Letter: Compassion from the Left and Right

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 10:26AM
Compassion from the Left and Right

To the editor:

As a brief response to Brian Somero’s letter in your July 13 edition, I am heartened to read that he and other conservatives have compassion for the poor and needy. It was not conservatives as a group that I posited as hypocritical in my June 30th letter, but rather the POTUS and other Republican leaders who claim to be religious while backing legislation to cut various services to the poor and needy. 

Regarding 2nd Thessalonians, that book is written to the church at Thessalonica, and its reminders are directed to fellow Christians (not the general public). In the Biblical book of Mark, chapter 8, Jesus feeds a general crowd of people without imposing any behavioral requirements.   While there may be a small percentage of government aid recipients that have been guilty of fraud, many of the recipients work as much as they can, and many are disabled or chronically ill. 

Lastly, all the folks I know who might be considered “left” would love to see more people fully employed and able to provide for their every need; it’s good to know that the “left” and “right” agree on something.

Bill Chatfield