Letter: Save out Town recommends Rindge candidates

Thursday, February 22, 2018 9:23AM
Save Our Town shares suggestions

To the editor:

Residents of Rindge, Save Our Town prides itself on finding and recruiting conservative candidates to run for positions for local and state government. This year is no different. We are supporting the following candidates:

Jason Paolino and Holly Koski for planning board. Paolino served for the last three years, and is highly respected among the other planning board members. He has done a great job on the board, while being a valuable member on the Apportionment Committee, fighting for our school taxes. Koski has been an alternate on the planning board for six years. She is at every meeting without fail, and always prepared for what is on the agenda. I have never seen either of the other two candidates (Casey or Anderson) at any meetings.

For the Budget Advisory Committee, there are two clear choices – Cheryl McCabe-Charron and Phil Motta. Both are extremely intelligent candidates with a clear vision for the needs of Rindge.

For Library Trustee, Dr. Roberta Gordenstein. She has been involved with the library for many years, and is a trusted advocate.

Alicia Stenersen for school board. A strong conservative with vast experience.

We have a chance to finally make a big change on the select board. A chance to get another selectman with integrity. Someone that knows how to make tough decisions, in a strong yet respectful way. Someone who is not afraid to speak their mind in trying to find ways to save the tax payer some money. Unlike his opponent, he is willing to work with everyone, and respect everyone he works with. He has served for the past six years on the Budget Advisory Committee. Tom has also served on the planning board. Tom Coneys will be another conservative voice on the board. No drama, just common sense.

Larry Cleveland