Letter: Stenersen is not the problem

Published: 12/2/2021 9:39:14 AM

Earlier this year in Rindge, a petition was circulated asking the Planning Board to remove the current planning director, Kirk Stenersen. It contained approximately 70 signatures. That is about 1.1% of the population of Rindge, not exactly a convincing piece of evidence to bring forth to the Planning Board.

Not getting their way, and with such a dismal show of support for the petitioner’s lust to get rid of the planning director, they now have lodged a complaint with the State of New Hampshire’s Office of Professional Licensure and Certification. If they can prove their case to the state, Stenersen could lose his business license.

Save Our Town has been trying to slow down the growth in Rindge for several years. Though we have had our differences with Stenersen in the past, we have found him to remain professional and follow town ordinances and state RSAs. Our position is that it is the town’s planning ordinances that are the culprits of the growth allowed, and that is where our focus should be.

For the record, Stenersen’s position is part-time planning director. He makes $20,000 at this position. His main income is his engineering business, Higher Design. To remove him from his town position is one thing, but to take away his business license would be going too far. One should never seek to take away one’s living. This is a disgusting and petty move by Judy Unger-Clark and Jeff Dickler. The hate and discontent the Dicklers have created between our boards in just the three short years they have been here is reprehensible. What is their end game? Cancel culture at its worst.

Larry Cleveland



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