Sick and tired 

Friday, August 10, 2018 5:16PM
To the editor:

I’m getting sick and tired of the way “news” is being perverted from reality to La Lla Land these days. Tired enough to have to take time to write this letter to the editor. In his letter of a few days ago (“Reason for absence”), Rep. John Valera (Dist. 38) attempts to lend credibility to his argument for failing to represent his constituency by claiming to quote Thomas Jefferson. First, the argument he presented would, if accepted and acted upon by all our elected officials, end all effective government; in short, he only appears to vote for things he considers the business of government, and that ain’t much. Also, Article 8 of the N.H. State Constitution says nothing that he claims it does; it simply talks to the obligation of government to be open, accessible, transparent. Further, the “quote” from Jefferson is false; the claim is that Jefferson said “government is formed for the purpose of protecting our rights.” Nice, but that’s not Jefferson ... that’s Valera. Of course, Jefferson could conceivably have said something like it ... if he’d wanted to. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no evidence that he did. Check your history books; Jefferson, an active and effective politician, certainly knew government served a lot more purposes than simply guarding our rights. With Rep. Valera’s letter we have what I can only style as a lot of BS. We also have an unhealthy dose of that relatively new phenomenon known as “fake news”. People like Valera “quote” whatever they want us to believe. If we are dumb enough to take them at their word, so much the worse for us. On the strength of his letter, together with his clear abrogation of responsibility to the people who elected him thinking that he believed in American government, and not “nearly-no-government”, I think it is clear that he ought not be a representative in District 38, or anywhere else for that matter. Hopefully, time will tell a better story.

Tony D’Ambrosio