Lies, big lies and statistics

Friday, August 10, 2018 4:35PM
To the editor:

Mark Twain once said there are three kinds of lies, “Lies, Big Lies and Statistics.” I’d add to that unnamed sources. I had written a letter about illegal immigration based totally on my own personal experience, what I had seen with my own eyes. No smart, Ivy-League graduate interviewed me then interpreted what I said. A writer disagreed with my “facts,” while citing unnamed statistics, unnamed research and without citing the source of his “facts.” Actually, my letter was about my personal observations based on almost 20 years experience working in Child Protection which included going into high-crime areas and drug houses. It was also based on eight years of work in a secure facility for people who had been court-ordered into treatment and whose substance abuse caused a risk to themselves and the community. Some of the people had been in jail and some were HIV positive or had Hepatitis. I’m not sure which side of history that puts me on as the writer states but it would challenge his assumption that my position on immigration was motivated by fear. As for my blaming the Democrats, when I left the Democratic Party on a dead run, I declared myself an Independent. However, to the best of my knowledge I know of no Republican demanding that ICE be abolished, who advocated open borders, free college, abortion on demand, late-term abortion etc. I did see one woman, during an anti-ICE demonstration in Calif., carrying a sign demanding the police be abolished too. I figured she was a Republican who had stocks in companies that manufacture assault rifles. Smart business decision.

And it’s waiting for the other shoe to fall. Some people used to wrap themselves in the flag to question the patriotism of those who disagreed with them. We’ve moved beyond that. Now we appear to be in the more compassionate than thou phase. Apparently if someone wants secure borders, thinks people who dislike our immigration policy should work to change it and not attack the Americans who do the tough and dangerous job that ICE does must lack compassion and need to be lectured on tolerance by a person living in a state that is 94 percent white. Problem is if being morally superior solved problems, I’d be first in line. It doesn’t.

Diana Starr Daniels