Supreme Court process unseemly

Friday, July 20, 2018 3:38PM
Supreme Court process unseemly

To the editor:

Before he is done with us, Neil Gorsuch will do a lot of damage to the disadvantaged in his quest to aid and abet the very wealthy. But Gorsuch was, at his hearing and in public utterances, outwardly dignified. He said nothing at the hearing – by way of disguising his how radically reactionary are his leanings – but he behaved well.

Now comes Brett Kavanaugh, and right off the bat he comes before the public to disgrace himself. With no real need to do or say anything, Kavanaugh (no doubt thrust out to the microphones by the “real” Donald Trump) claims that never before has a President done his due diligence, his research, so diligently as has Trump in finding his way to the choice of ... Kavanaugh.

I trust that even those who are so mysteriously in thrall to the gigantic child Trump must know this claim to be patently untrue. Surely everyone knows that Trump did nothing by way of research; he does not read anything longer than a tweet and he does not feel the need for close study of serious matters. What he did was take a handoff from the arch-reactionary Federalist Society and, God knows, go eenie-meanie.

So Kavanaugh grovels. He flatters. And in so doing, he flatters himself, for if this was the most intensely researched choice of all time, well then it must have yielded the most worthy candidate ever. Talk about dignity! But this is what the Trump ascendancy has done to our sad, sagging nation: it has made a reality TV show of even the Supreme Court process, with the rollout, the fanfare, and then the phony patter.

Well at least he is not – so far as we know – a likely criminal, as are so many others dangling from Trump’s coattails. It would be so embarrassing if Trump had to pardon a Supreme Court justice ...

Larry Duberstein