Getting to know Jeanne Dietsch and why I support her

Friday, August 10, 2018 4:30PM
To the editor:

Since high school, I have been lucky to be friends with Jeanne Dietsch’s son, Ethan. He is the friendliest person that I’ve ever met and is a real man about town in Peterborough. When we go out to eat at Harlow’s, he goes from table to table greeting everybody he knows – and he knows everybody. But behind this great friend is a great and supportive family. Jeanne Dietsch and her husband, Bill, have had a profound impact on my life, and I know that Jeanne is the person to bring positive change to our state.

As a teenager, what surprised me the most about Jeanne was that she listened to my thoughts and ideas. I’ve shared many meals with them, and along with Bill’s gourmet cooking there was always a healthy variety of politics, arts, current events, and science discussion to digest. Many high schoolers feel like no one listens or cares about their point of view, but Jeanne stood in contrast to this norm. I feel that her greatest strength is her ability to listen to different viewpoints, ideas and issues. She embraces these inputs, considers them, and offers a thoughtful response or suggests action. This aptitude for understanding others is rooted in a deep empathy and caring.

Jeanne has always demonstrated that she not only cares for her family and friends, but for her community, and all people, especially those who are marginalized.

I support Jeanne’s state senate run not because she is a close friend, but because she is the type of balanced, respectful, thoughtful and caring person we need in Concord. I suggest you get to know her, or better yet, stop by for dinner.

David Dutilley

East Hampstead