Letter: A misinformation campaign in Rindge

Thursday, September 07, 2017 7:10AM
A misinformation campaign

To the editor:

A message dated 3/15/2016 states “Two members of Save Our Town now hold seats as selectmen. We also have members on the Planning Board. I cannot begin to tell you how important this is.” The message is signed – Larry.

We now know how important it is. Two of the people singled out in that letter, Chief Muilenberg and Town Administrator Pitt, are gone. Both were highly qualified and dedicated town employees. Both were the targets of misinformation campaigns.

Public safety is a precious commodity. The resignation of the chief is something that should make Rindge residents take notice. The request for an eighth officer became a whispering misinformation campaign accusing the chief of empire building and wanting 12 officers, not eight. This campaign was led on social media, coincidentally enough, by someone named Larry.

Rindge taxpayers have asked Selectmen Bob Hamilton and Jim Qualey, both members of Save Our Town – a group that holds private meetings to discuss town affairs – if they represent all of Rindge?

It’s a good thing to have representation of various stakeholder groups on the boards. After all we are a better community if we work together. It’s another thing to aspire to total domination.

RSA 41:8 states the selectmen “perform the duties by law prescribed” as well as “manage the town’s prudential affairs.” They are the town’s managers. A good manager supports the work of their employees. A good manager fosters an environment of trust, collaboration and cooperation. A good manager understands the high cost of employee attrition.

If you believe Save Our Town is saving us money you need to look at past budgets and tax rates. The positive financial changes were made before Hamilton and Qualey took office. Now we are at risk of losing the gains we have made.

Maryann Harper