Effective sustainability leader

Friday, August 10, 2018 4:26PM
To the editor:

Jeanne Dietsch has been one of the most effective leaders of innovative sustainability in our region. Sustainability requires creating innovative social, environmental and economic performance.

Jeanne and I have worked together in many boards, committees and events.

Within the Economic Development Authority, Jeanne has developed strategic plans to attract young workers, support new businesses and maintain Monadnock quality of life. In addition she has effectively led local and state effort to expand broadband and cell service.

As leader of the Community Conversations run in the Monadnock Center for History and Culture, Jeanne has created many effective innovations in community life. This includes creating the MAxT Makerspace to support technical and arts training and new business incubation, starting the program for welcoming new residents, creating other committees to innovate nonprofit collaboration and new learning efforts.

Another example of Jeanne’s effective leadership is restarting the annual Greenerborough Sustainability Fair to attract new residents and inform them about the many sustainability innovations in our region.

Jeanne’s community leadership has continued for many years after retiring from the successful robotics business she founded here.

I strongly support voting for Jeanne to join the State Senate to continue her valuable leadership of social, environmental and economic innovations in our lives.

James Kelly