Support for Dietsch

Friday, August 10, 2018 5:24PM
To the editor:

I am writing in support of Jeanne Dietsch’s candidacy for the Senate seat in SD9. Jeanne’s business acumen and her active involvement in promoting business growth, a cleaner environment, and quality public education here in New Hampshire qualify her to take on the task of promoting these values at the state level. Senate District 9 covers Bedford, Dublin, Fitzwilliam, Greenfield, Hancock, Jaffrey, Lyndeborough, Mont Vernon, New Boston, Peterborough, Richmond, Sharon, Temple and Troy. Jeanne lives in Peterborough, but has been canvassing and meeting with citizens across every town in our district for well over a year in order to get feedback and to ensure that constituents get to know her. And Jeanne really listens; she takes good ideas and makes them part of her platform. Her history of engagement with our community demonstrates her work ethic, and having seen the effort she has put into her campaign, I can only imagine how hard she will work for us once elected. As our Senator, Jeanne will get things done. Jeanne understands that issues facing our state are connected, i.e., good public schools attract young families, young families fill job vacancies and purchase homes, availability of educated workers attract new businesses to our state, new types of businesses generate more/better jobs for N.H. citizens, better jobs attract more talent to our state. We can’t solve our problems by taking an axe to only one issue. If elected, Jeanne will work passionately to address multiple issues that affect us. Jeanne is strong, smart and she cares deeply about SD9 and the future of N.H. I hope you will join me in supporting her candidacy.

Cathy Lanigan