Letter: Commission bound to disenfranchise voters

Monday, September 04, 2017 6:33PM
Commission bound to disenfranchise our state’s voters

To the editor,

New Hampshire's excellent record of election integrity is being used as prop for the Trump Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, which is going to hold a dog and pony show within a few days right here in the state.

This bogus commission, headed by the worst voter disenfranchiser in the nation, is lusting up for a sound bite or two that will demonstrate that even New Hampshire is a target of voter fraud.

One can expect an appearance by one of the loonies in the legislature who took a picture of a bus on election day that, in itself, proved that there was a massive influx of Bay State voters flowing into New Hampshire in order to skew the vote. Incidentally, the bus was empty.

Or maybe they will focus on one or two incidents where a local election official accidentally said or did something that was outside the rules. Even if they don’t bring in the conspiracy nuts, the very fact that they met in New Hampshire buffs their image.

The whole commission is the precursor of what will eventually become some sort of bogus recommendation that could lead to further disenfranchising millions of voters across the country. It sickens me that New Hampshire, by hosting this commission, is acting like it just fell off the turnip truck.

Ted Leach