Letter: No ID? no problem

Thursday, September 07, 2017 7:10AM
No ID? No problem

To the editor,

I’m not a Trump supporter and sometimes question what he says, but this morning he said something truthful. He said, “This country is going to Hell.”

This reminded me of Election Day. I was in the polls when 3,000 undocumented people came in and asked to vote. They didn’t have ID but they really wanted to vote so we gave them ballots anyway. Perhaps we were wrong to do that, but we weren’t sure, and when in doubt be positive.

We realized we had done the wrong thing when we interviewed them as they were leaving. They said they couldn’t read English and didn’t understand the instructions so they drew pictures on the ballots of the president they wanted. These can’t be used, of course, so we had to discard them.

Now I’m going to tell this to Mr. Trump. He’ll be consoled that things aren’t as bad as he thought because these votes didn’t go to Hillary.

Liz Thomas