Lack of maturity

Friday, August 10, 2018 4:22PM
To the editor:

After the North Korean meeting with the leader and the inflated resultant “positives,” the G-7 debacle, and the European NATO fiasco accomplishing alienation of our allies, it should be clear, even to his base, that this president is not emotionally fit nor mature enough to perform duties of the office.

The Helsinki Putin Summit was disgraceful and clearly showed Putin is a professional bully, while Trump, although a bully, is an amateur. Trump’s weak attempt to correct comments and lack of courage in confronting Putin was an embarrassment and waste of a teachable moment and opportunity, and an insult to our intelligence.

The past year of turnover, disarray, and lack of cohesion in our government result from weak leadership. Our president is a divider and has no concept of teamwork or team building.

His base touts his accomplishments (e.g. economic recovery, employment rates, the tax cuts etc.) The economic recovery with employment rates were under way from the efforts of prior administrations. The financial sectors actions in the areas of poor lending practices, derivative manipulations and factoring of sub-prime worthless mortgages was the primary cause of the financial crisis jeopardizing stock markets worldwide.

Trump and his peer’s efforts in reversing legislation (Dodd-Frank) will risk future repeats of financial mismanagement. The tax cuts are for the rich, as cuts for average taxpayer expire in 5 years while breaks for the rich continue. The deficit created will probably be funded through social security and Medicare cuts.

The tariffs will haunt our own industries. Ask a soy bean farmer or any company that uses steel in quantity.

One can only wonder what mismanagement and chaos his remaining term will bring. Time for a Trump bipartisan censure and severe sanctions placed on Russia. Impeachment will be in our future, if the current trends continue.

Paul J. McGrath